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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scenes from The Hobbit SM MOA Imax screening last night

The Hobbit SM MOA Imax screening The Hobbit SM MOA Imax screening
Tolkien movies are the awesome and always a year ender movie and we thought that LOTR is closed but this new movie takes you back before LOTR began and we learned about the unexpected long journey of a wizard, 13 dwarves and a hobbit. Last night’s SM MOA IMAX press screening is a much awaited movie event for vip guest ,media and movie fans. It was like watching LOTR for the first time because everyone are excited to transported back to Middle Earth and open a new window of imagination.

The Hobbit SM MOA Imax screening The Hobbit SM MOA Imax screening
Movie goers are not just normal people, but they are Tolkien fans, here we met the Hi-5 members based in Australia, Stevie and Tim, they are big celebrities for kids who are a fan of Hi-5. I did an unexpected fan boying that night and told him that I missed the press con later that afternoon and I’m happy that I met them again. They gave a short video message to my son and we are so excited to see them perform live at SM MOA Centerstage this Sat.

Also spotted our fellow toy collector buddy and also a big Tolkien fan, Glen cosplaying as Legolas.

The Hobbit SM MOA Imax screening The Hobbit SM MOA Imax screening
Members of the Tolkien fan group and costume fanatics from the New World Alliance sci fi and fantasy fans are also there wearing their self made dwarf costumes, its so cool to see them and it was a time for us to memorize their names hahaha I hope they come in with name plates next time.

The Hobbit SM MOA Imax screening
Kids and fans of Tolkiens never miss a chance to have a photo op

The Hobbit SM MOA Imax screening
Here’s Gandalf!!

The Hobbit SM MOA Imax screening
hahhaaha here’s my crossed eye self wearing the IMAX 3D glasses, its our first time to experience a Peter Jackson--- Tolkien movie in full 3D…its awesome and the 3D effects are quite okay.

The Hobbit SM MOA Imax screening
Thanks to Sionee and Jay from Warner Bros Philippine for the never ending movie invites!!

The Hobbit is now showing Dec 13, 2012 in all Philippine theaters (and also during Christmas holidays in IMAX )

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