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Monday, March 25, 2013

Savory - SM City Bacoor (dinner after our work)

Savory - SM City Bacoor
Me and my wife celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary last week and our celebration started two days before the anniversary. I was busy the whole week and didn't got the time to arrange a special celebration for us, but my wife did manage everything and she reserved a lunch date in a hotel for Saturday.
Before the big day, she invited me to have dinner here in Savory in SM City Bacoor, we went there last Friday after our work.

Savory - SM City Bacoor
I'm so hungry that afternoon and because I'm taking C-lium again for my body and I started to diet again and I started to remove sugar and fast food slowly in my tummy, but going to mall always tempt me to eat. Our food fest is special, that's why I remove the dieting again hahahah.

Savory - SM City Bacoor
I want to eat in a nice resto that day, and my taste buds are looking for more tasty meals, I'm glad Savory is here near us.

Savory - SM City Bacoor
Before we order our food, I'm so tempted to order everything after I saw these food photos glued into their interiors. All photos are very appetizing.

Savory - SM City Bacoor
why is is that they always serve Pepsi and not Coca Cola ?

Savory - SM City Bacoor
It was graduation night last Friday and we saw lots of families eating dinner here with their graduates.

Savory - SM City Bacoor
here's our food of the night
Yangchow fried rice - I super miss this!!!

Savory - SM City Bacoor
Lo han chai
its a veggies and tofu cooked like a chopseuy, my wife ordered this and I super enjoy eating those mushrooms, tofu, sea cucumber and jelly fish.

Savory - SM City Bacoor
Lumpia shanghai
The best lumpia shanghai here in SM Bacoor!!!

Savory - SM City Bacoor
Spicy Gambas
I ordered this, taste okay, but I got disappointed, didn't expected that the shrimps will be around 8pcs only. I should have look for camarons instead of gambas.

Savory - SM City Bacoor
Dblcam iOS app
hahahahah, I prank my wife with this new app that I installed in my iPhone 4s, its a camera app that can take photos using the front and back camera of the iphone, it can't take photos simultaneously but it can take photos one after the other camera.  She got surprised to see this and I told her its a new camera app.

Read my next blog post for our grand lunch date at The Peninsula Manila

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