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Brigada: Adventures in Marogondon, Cavite

I was a guest and co-host for this segment of Brigada to feature Maragondon as the next travel and adventure destination near Manila. Go watch and discover what the town can offer for tourism.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

A photo gallery of goodies from Dapitan Arcade

Lace shared to me that there’s this area in Dapitan that sells good home decors and accessories, and also some Christmas ornaments and decors, I told her that I know Dapitan st. in Manila because I go there during my elementary years when I was studying in UST, I walked and ride the bicycle surfing the start and end of Dapitan st. there are times that I’ve been searching for the house of grade school crush and also the house of my best friend, but as time goes by, during my college years, I go here with my barkada at night just to meet some tropa to do band rehearsals and eat good tapsilog.

Okay wait.nawala na sa story yung Dapitan Arcade..Okay, she learned about Dapitan Arcade after she saw a tv feature by Kris Aquino, she told me that the home decors are neatly cheap and affordable, I told her that we should shop somewhere else and maybe Baclaran or Divisoria is a good place to shop for home decors, but she doesn’t like to go there, and then after a few days, her wish came true….. we attended a meeting somewhere in QC and then the idea came up that we go to Dapitan Arcade after her meeting…so I pump up my iPhone4s and check the Foursquare and its map and saw the location of Dapitan Arcade, I told her that its near to our location and it’s a few minutes drive away via Quezon Ave.

It rained that day but it didn’t stop us in visiting Dapitan Arcade. I lived in Manila in half of my life and I didn’t know about this Dapitan Arcade, but the place is familiar for me, its one of the places that I avoided during my youngling years, because I thought that it is a wet and dry market hahaha.


Dapitan Arcade
in Dapitan st. corner Kanlaon st. Quezon City, Metro Manila

Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/v/dapitan-arcade/4e3d12a7d22d102e853c7ca6

We went here because Lace wants to buy some new home decors for her room.

I will just dump the photos below for you to see how interesting it is here in Dapitan Arcade.

Metallic wire for decors…..some are muffin or cup cake tray and holder

Christmas ornaments in every stores

We haven’t entered the main heart of Dapitan Arcade, this is just the side of the arcade hub
which is a bit crowded by people and the walkway are so narrow

Santa Claus..

sorry for the blur photos….I’m using my iPhone4s that day in taking photos, I don’t want to use my camera because some store owners a bit shy and don’t like their stuff being photographed.

inside Dapitan Arcade, they have two narrow cluster of stores, the girl in blue dress is my wife Lace.

another Santa Claus…. it was Christmas season when we went here

She spotted something interesting item for her room

Jewelry boxes

figurines and statues


Chinese ornaments and lucky charms

wall decors

kitchen wares are also available here in Dapitan Arcade

Buddah head!! it’s a big big big head sculpture

lots of items, sculptures, display wares made from resin


fake flowers

my view inside Dapitan Arcade

best place to buy Santa Claus figurines

Also a great place to buy figurines and towns for your town and city collection


more wooden statues

bust and replica statues are also available here

Catholic stuff

flower vases and other decors

the sign says “no smoking” because some items are flammable.


more store up stairs.

but its just around 2 stores

at the 2nd floor of Dapitan Arcade

more ornaments

for your village and town collection

snowman army building

hello mr. frosty!

mini statue of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presly

Metal sculptures

here’s the scene outside Dapitan Arcade

problem is that when it rains…they let the items get wet

colorful lights and decors for your home.

Hope you like my blog post about Dapitan Arcade, I’m not sure if ever we will go back there again, maybe our next visit is on Nov 2014 to shop for Christmas decors for our home.

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