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Brigada: Adventures in Marogondon, Cavite

I was a guest and co-host for this segment of Brigada to feature Maragondon as the next travel and adventure destination near Manila. Go watch and discover what the town can offer for tourism.

Monday, May 18, 2015

ASUS ZenFone 2 with 4GB RAM, 5.5" FHD IPS+ screen, 64-bit Intel processor and 13MP camera f/2.0 launched in the PH (SRP PHP7.9k-14.9k)


Asus launched their ZenFone 2 last Saturday here at “Experience 2Morrow “ event in World Trade Center, Manila, Philippines. Their launched was dubbed as the biggest and largest tech event ever because of its regional launch in South East Asia, the new ZenFone 2 was launched first in Indonesia and then followed by here in the Philippines and then in the USA after 2 days.

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen was there to unveil the new flagship smartphone of Asus and he shared to us lots of great news about Asus reign through out the region.

Mr. Shen shared to us that the first gen of Asus ZenFone became the no. 1 in Taiwan last year, then their ZenFone has sold 35,000 units in a single day in India, then in the 4th Quarter of 2014 ZenFone was on top 3 in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia), then was no. 1 in Voice Share in Russia , then sold 10,000 units in Brazil for one day, in China units were sold out via online order for 1 hour in 8 straight week, it also became no. 1 in Japan in the SIM-Free market, and also was the top 3 foreign brand here in the Philippines.

Asus ZenFone has sold 1.5 Million units in 2014 Q4 and in over all they sold and shipped 10 Million units worldwide.

Congratulations to Asus for reaching their target and because of that, they will release the new version of Asus ZenFone.

And here’s ZenFone 2

zenfone 2

ZenFone 2 is the new flagship smartphone of Asus, the new design is much more sleek, stylish and with an ergonomic arc body design that can give an easy grip. The tech inside the ZenFone 2 is much more better than its predecessor, this time ZenFone now runs in a 64-bit Intel Atom Z2580 processor with 4GB RAM, as they say this is the first ever smartphone to have a 4GB memory, it is also a LTE-A ready device and carries a 13MP PixelMaster camera that performs awesome in low light condition.

The screen also built with a 5.5 inches FHD IPS+ screen that covers 72% of the body of the phone. The much exciting feature is that ZenFone 2 is powered by Bootmaster, a fast charging tech that can reach the 3000mAh battery in full charge in within 39 minutes.


Asus ZenFone 2 is launched in 4 different kinds with different specs

ZenFone ZE500CL (SRP: PHP 7,995)
CPU : Intel Multi-Core Z25601.6 GHz w/ Hyper-Threading technology
IOS : Android 5.0, Lollipop
LTE ready
Screen: 5 inches HD IPS
Battery: 2500mAh, Irremovable polymer battery
Memory: LPDDR2 2GB RAM
Storage : 16G Micro SD Card Support (Up to 64GB)
Single SIM: Micro SIM Connector
Front Camera: 2MP Front Camera
Main Camera: 8MP Auto-focus Camera

ZenFone ZE551ML --- ver 1 (SRP: PHP 9,995)
CPU: 64-bit Intel Atom Z3560 Quad Core Processor (Running at 1.8GHz)
IOS: Brand-new ASUS ZenUI with Android 5.0 Lollipop
LTE Ready
Screen: 5.5 inches FHD IPS+
Battery: 3000mAh lithium-polymer (can support with 18W BoostMaster fast-Charging adapter) but comes with a 7W Adapter (non BoostMaster charger)
Memory: LPDDR3 2GB RAM
Storage: 16GB
Camera: 5MP front camera, 13MP rear camera

ZenFone ZE551ML – ver 2 (SRP: PHP PHP 13,995)CPU: 64-bit Intel Atom Z3580 Quad Core Processor (Running at 2.3GHz)
IOS: Brand-new ASUS ZenUI with Android 5.0 Lollipop
LTE Ready
Screen: 5.5 inches FHD IPS+
Battery: 3000mAh lithium-polymer 18W Adapter with BoostMaster fast-Charging technology
Memory: LPDDR3 4GB RAM
Storage: 32GB
Camera: 5MP front camera, 13MP rear camera

ZenFone ZE551ML – ver 3 (SRP: PHP PHP 14,995)
CPU: 64-bit Intel Atom Z3580 Quad Core Processor (Running at 2.3GHz)
IOS: Brand-new ASUS ZenUI with Android 5.0 Lollipop
LTE Ready
Screen: 5.5 inches FHD IPS+
Battery: 3000mAh lithium-polymer 18W Adapter with BoostMaster fast-Charging technology
Memory: LPDDR3 4GB RAM
Storage: 64GB
Camera: 5MP front camera, 13MP rear camera


During the presentation, they unveiled that the ZenFone 2 is the world’s 1st smartphone with 4GB memory. Now users can fully enjoy the use of apps and especially apps that requires more memory. They also shared a note that their ZenFone 2 is a perfect gadget for mobile gaming.


The BoostMaster fast charging tech is one of the apple of our eye, why? because we need this fast charging tech to us heavy users of tech. Here they showed a data that their ZenFone 2 is much more faster to charge vs. a Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Plus they use a much bigger battery mAh vs. other models. Good job Asus!


Others don’t like the curve design, maybe because they got a bigger hand, but for me I like the ergonomic curve design because its much easier to carry this phone using your one hand. With this design, the grip is easy and also its easy to slid this to my pocket


I also like the brushed-metal finish of the cover case. It looks more classy.


Asus finally used more screen this time vs. other models. The ZenFone 2 occupies a 72% screen to body ratio. Here they compare that their screen occupies more vs. an iPhone 6 plus


Here’s the most exciting part for the ZenFone 2. At the product demo presentation, they introduced to us the PixelMaster camera 2.0, their own camera tech that enhances the performance of the camera. ZenFone 2 can do Super HDR, it’s a backlight performance that captures a better image with low light and harsh available light.


It’s a see to believe kind of thing, as they compared and did a demo live of shooting a subject with against the light environment. Here we saw that the ZenFone 2 performs better than the flagship phones of LG, Sony, Apple, Samsung and many more.


The best tech also comes with a Panoramic selfie
Yes..a Panoramic selfie. You can now use the panoramic mode in taking selfie if you are in a large group. But I like more the wide angle selfie feature of ZenFone 2.


Add on stuffs for the ZenFone 2 was introduce. Now you can add this LolliFlash for selfie in dark environment. Its an add on mini flash with LED bulbs.

Now you can do more selfie in the dark or low light conditions.


Another add on is the ZenFlash. It’s a rear camera flash add on that is good in long range photo shoot with zero red eye.


We went crazy when we learned about the pricing of these add ons.
The View Flip Cover Deluxe – PHP 995
ZenPower power bank – PHP 795
Lolliflash – PHP 495
ZenFlash – PHP 995

This add ons will be available soon in the market

omg..I really want that Lolliflash.

Here are some photos from the launch event






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