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Monday, September 07, 2015

Jasmin Curtis-Smith to play lead role for TV5 My Fair Lady tv series

TV5 My Fair Lady press con

After the success of  a"Wattpad" mini series on TV5, Jasmin Curtis-Smith is back again on Tv5 for a lead role of a Filipino adaptation of 2009 hit Koreanovola "My Fair Lady"

My Fair Lady will challenge Jasmine to play bratinella Audrey Tiuseco, the richest “it” girl in the Philippines. Audrey is the heiress of Tiuseco Land, a continuously growing corporation with a diverse business profile that includes farming, agricultural technology, and now venturing into shopping and lifestyle. Her life will be changed after meeting two boys who will work for her in the mansion.

TV5 My Fair Lady press con

Jasmin said that she sees her self in the character of Audrey, but not too bratinella, just a little only she sad, and her role as the leading character to the Koreanovela make her realize how awful to be a brat.

TV5 My Fair Lady press con

TV5’s adaptation of “My Fair Lady” will air weekdays at 9:30pm for 30-minutes

TV5 My Fair Lady press con

According to Wilma Galvante, TV5 entertainment head, they adapt the Korean Novela series to Filipino version because they know already that there’s a success behind it, there’s an effective formula already and the Filipino adaptation of these Korean tv series was followed after the success of TV5 Baker King series, another adaptation from the Korean Novela series.

TV5 My Fair Lady press con

Jasmin said that she wants to be recognize and appreciated by her own name. We know that she is known as the younger sister of Anne Curtis-Smith, to her she want to show everyone that she can follow the success and foot step of her sister.

TV5 My Fair Lady press con

Jasmin will be joined by two lead male actors for My Fair Lady. Luis Alandy and Vin Abrenica.

TV5 My Fair Lady press con

My Fair Lady cast --- Jorros Gamboa took a selfie with Vin, Yayo Aguila and Chanel Morales.

More cast includes Eddie Garcia, DJ Durano, Jenny Miller, Katrina Legaspi and the return of actress Marjorie Barretto to television. The show will premiere September 14, 2015, Monday exclusively on TV5.

TV5 My Fair Lady press con

Vin Abrenica, another actor who is known because of his older brother Aljur Abrenica.
Same thing with Jasmin, they want to be known under their mandle and now from the shadow of their older sibling.

TV5 My Fair Lady press con

At the end of the press con…. Jasmin was surprised when she was visited by Senator Grace Poe’s son --- Brian Poe Llamanzares, The present media at the presscon scrambled when Brian shows up as a surprise to Jasmin. Brian did a formal invite to ask Jasmin out and also reveals that he wants to court Jasmin. The two are both single and the funny thing..they met here for the first time.

Brian revealed to us that he is a big fan of Anne Curtis, when he learned that Anne has a younger sister, he start to have a crush on her after he saw a billboard of Jasmin near Ateneo

Good luck to you both love birds hehehehe.

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