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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

“Authentica” a Journey Spiritual Craft charms and pendants- brings a piece of Holy Land to you

Authentica holy land spiritual craft in Manila

I went to this marketing presentation in Rockwell and we just talked about Jesus Christ and how God can help us in many ways. At first I just told my wife that I’ll be attending this event about Jesus Christ, we just don’t know what the product is about and we’re not also familiar with the company, I did some Google search and then I learned that the company – Energy Gold PH is the local distributor of this Authentica accessories (it says on the packaging) and these are made from the Holy Land by an artist named Oren Sagi who founded Journey Spiritual Crafts.

Its not just an ordinary display charm or accessories for the ladies, the big catch here is that the product is hand crafted by the artist and each kind of content inside the small glass flask is a soil, water or oil that is from the Holy Land.

Its such a big deal when I learned – Holy Land, it’s the most visited pilgrimage site ever for Christians and devotees of Jesus Christ. It’s a place where Jesus roam around—live and then died. Lots of historical events happened and all are recorded in our Holy Bible.

Its one of the many places that I want to visit, but I don’t have the right budget to do a pilgrimage visit or tour,but these Journey Spiritual Craft items made me feel that the Holy Land is near to my heart and spirit. It’s a memorabilia about Jesus and also about my faith with God.

For people it will help them realize that they are not alone and also remind them to talk to God. Its just a soil…or dirt from the Holy Land that is carefully selected and cleaned by the artist, the water is from the holy Jordan river and the oil is from the Galilee olives that received the same process 2000 years ago to turn it into oil….its just a content from the Holy Land…for us…Catholics and Christians, it’s a big deal already, because we know how important the Holy Land in our religious beliefs.

Authentica holy land spiritual craft in Manila

These Holy Land spiritual craft got lots of versions, there’s this display charm, they also have a pendant for necklace, both contains soil, water and oil from the Holy land, they also have the travelers’ prayer in a small bottle pendant, and a cross package that contains heavy load of Holy Land soil.

Authentica holy land spiritual craft in Manila

Just showing you the size of these crafts.

Authentica holy land spiritual craft in Manila

Its around PHP400++ for the pendants while the packed display charm is around PHP1,400 – PHP2000+

You can buy these products in National Bookstore and also in Lazada

You can also order and buy directly from Energy Gold PH

here are the websites:

Journey Spiritual Crafts - http://journeyspiritualcraft.com/#

Lazada - http://www.lazada.com.ph/authentica/

Authentica holy land spiritual craft in Manila

The Journey Spiritual Crafts is a good item as your memorabilia, collection or as gifts to your friends and loved ones.

Also a good gift this coming Christmas 2015.

Authentica holy land spiritual craft in Manila

Here’s the earthly soil from the Holy Land in a small bottle pendant
My wife wears it now.

Authentica holy land spiritual craft in Manila

And here’s the cross package with heavy loads of rock and soil from the Holy Land.

Authentica holy land spiritual craft in Manila

It also contains the holy water from Jordan river.

Authentica holy land spiritual craft in Manila

close up look

Authentica holy land spiritual craft in Manila

close up look

“These products also integrate classic and sophisticated hand-made designs to their jewelries and displays – successfully mixing fashion with devotion,” says Jadeeyah Abang, EnergyGold Corp.’s Vice President.

To know more about Journey’s spiritual crafts and souvenirs, you may log on to www.journeyspiritualcraft.com or visit the official Journey Spiritual Craft Facebook page www.facebook.com/JourneySpiritualCraft 

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