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Monday, March 21, 2016

The Diabetes Store opens in BF Homes Paranaque

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

The Diabetes Store, the first of its kind opened recently in BF Homes in Paranaque City, the store is to service people with diabetes and also share information to everyone the cause of it and how to avoid it.

Its really hard to find a store that sells all kinds of goods that are for the diabetic. All I know is that food intake with sugar should be avoided, because too much is bad and if you have diabetes, you will have a high risk of getting health complications and then death. But there are some food that are available that uses alternative to sugar, these food are non-sugar, some uses stevia plant to add sweet flavor. But these food are so rare and hard to find.

The Diabetes Store is now open to cater all your needs, from food, health care, diabetes management and control and also to provide education

the store can service you to:
Check – to check your blood sugar
Control – They also sell medicines too
Consume – Food products are available and prepared for persons with diabetes
Care – Patient assessment, exercise 101, and food management
Counsel – education modules are available and counsel session for diabetic patients

Free Assessment
The Diabetes Store invites you to have a free assessment, the initial patient assessment includes brief patient interview, blood check, body check, diet check and discussion of the result. A follow up assessment is also conducted for you to determine progress of a patient’s diabetes management

Diabetes Education Modules
For a price of PHP 300, you can get one module class and one on on counseling conducted by trained diabetes educators. There are 14 modules in 4 categories: Check, Control, Consume and Care.

Meal Nutrition Planning
The store also offers meals that are designed by Registered Nutritionist Dietitian. The food and meals were created based on daily caloric requirement and other health conditions. The 1 week meal plan is priced at PHP 1000, the 2 week meal plan is priced at PHP 1800 and the 1 month meal plan is priced at PHP 3000.

Onsite Diagnostic Test
The Diabetes Store also have these diagnostic test, just visit the store and let them check your blood sugar levels. For Glucose Test - PHP 50, the Lipid Profile test – PHP 600, and the HBA1C test is PHP 800.

Free membership
The Diabetes Store gives you a free membership when you purchase PHP3000 worth of items or services in a single receipt. The benefit of the membership will give you 5% discount on all TBS items and services, Free educational module, free initial glucose test, welcome gift, exclusive promo offerings, phone calls for check up, invitation to cooking demos, receive diabetic friendly recipes, access online forum and receive hands outs of the modules. (you can also buy your membership for a fee of PHP500/ year)

Here are some items that are available at The Diabetes Store
GlucoLab Meter (glucose meter)
GluNEO Lite Meter (glucose meter)
GlucoLab Strips
GluNEO Lite Strips
Omrom HEM 7130 blood pressure monitor
Secure Blood Lancets sharps/needles
BD Ultrafine Lancets shaprs/needeles
Sharps container
BD Insulin Syringe
Insulin Pen
Apidra Solostar insulin
Insuman Vial Comb 30 insulin
Insuman Via Rapid insulin
Insuman cartridges insulin
Mixtard HM Vial insulin
Insulatard HM Vial insulin
Trajenta Duo oral medicine

Other items
Bunionette Protector
Heel protector
Comfortable insole
Full length insole
Anti shock gel insole
Diabetic socks
TBS Diabetes socks
BioFresh foot cream
Diaderm cream
My tag

Food available at The Diabetes Store
Coco Sugar sweetener
Coco Syrup
Green Stevia
Sweet and Fit Stevia
Coco Jam spread
Nutrive Benecol beverage
Del Monte Tipco beverage
Vita Coco beverage
Easiyo Yogurt Maker
Easiyo Yogurt powder
Fog City ice cream
Diabetasol Drink
Diabetasol cookies
Fitbar power bar
Quest Bar
Roasted Almonds
Silvered almonds
Shelled walnuts
Whole pecan nut
Shelled pistachios
Cauli-Broc chicharon
Kale mix chips
Salad Snacker
Soya chips
Soya sticks
Soya cookies
Green tea mints
Unsweeted chocolates
Roasted Cocoa nibs
Dark Chocolate
Rico Corn Rice
Ready to eat meals
Meal Measure Plate

Visit the store at
198 J. Elizalde St. BF Homes Paranaque City
Tel: (02) 801-8553

Facebook and Instagram – www.facebook.com/TheDiabetesStore

website – www.thediabetesstore.com.ph

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

(photo via PR contact)


The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

My glucose test shows – 149
The Diabetes Educator, Ms. Aly

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

Ma. Cecille Anonuevo-Cruz, MD shares to us the cost of diabetes care. It’s a shocking reveal that it is very expensive to maintain health when you have diabetes.

Watch a video about the Tips for diabetic and non diabetic people
And price ranges of The Diabetes Store

I also learned that I should do this in order to prevent to have type 2 diabetes
1. Choosing to eat healthier food
2. Increasing physical activity
3. Learning more

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

Jose Ramon Syquia Felix, General manager of The Diabetes Store

I learned from Mr. Felix that the TBS store might open up soon a 2nd branch somewhere in the Northern area, but the plan will start at the end of 2016.

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

Aly, the store personnel and resident diabetes educator

The Diabetes Store in BF Paranaque

Thanks everyone for reading my blog post about The Diabetes Store
Pls take note that we should take care of our health

For any concerns or comments, pls post your reactions below at the comment section.

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