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Brigada: Adventures in Marogondon, Cavite

I was a guest and co-host for this segment of Brigada to feature Maragondon as the next travel and adventure destination near Manila. Go watch and discover what the town can offer for tourism.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

PREVIEW: "Evolution" exhibit by class 2016 of Philippine School of Interior Design to open this Sept 30 in Greenfield District


Featured today in my blog today is a preview of the interior design works of the graduating students from advanced class 2016 of Philippine School of Interior Design, featuring the theme "Evolution", a showcase of interior design fusion with the style and art of the past, present and future. Each class/group created a design space of different styles and design: Tropical, Filipino, Japanese, Mediterranean, Chinese, Moorish, Victorian and Baroque. Also they've fuse these design together with the style of iconic designers.

Today is the 49th year of Philippine School of Interior Design, (PSID), inline with the celebration, they put up an exhibit that is breath taking and very inspiring.

PSID Evolution Poster (CMYK)

Evolution exhibit is set to open this Sept 30-Oct 31, 2016, from 10am-8pm at G/F Square Building, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City.
Entrance is FREE

The Evolution exhibit is a good place to appreciate interior design that are set up and made by young graduating students of PSID.

Also a good place to hunt for young designers who you can hire or maybe buy their designs and fixture creations.

I really appreciate the design of these students because some of them created a fixture and art deco that looks so expensive but in the end you'll know that making it is so cheap. Visuals and theatrics of the design space will make you wow due to its modern style and functionality.


Sorry, I dont have a video for this event to inspire more.
But I've learned from these young interior designers that the color of the year is "rose gold".
Hmm that's why most smartphones always use rose gold as their casing color. Adding rose gold to your interiors displays a much lux effect and feel.


There up to 24 design space that are available for viewing, we went to the press preview and I noticed that some of the fixtures are not yet complete. The students told us that they are on a finishing touch and will be ready before Sept 30.

The most surprising part here is that, there are already buyers of their fixtures. So some of the exhibited fixtures are sold and reserved

So if you like one set of furniture, then inquire if you can buy or order a new one.

Here's a walk through of the exhibit

























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