Azrael Vs. PNP,MRT,VRB

Pirated CD and DATA CD confiscating in MRT / LRT

PNP = Philippine National Police
MRT - Metro Rail Transit
VRB - Video Regulatory Board

it was a fucking headache when this incident occur, it remains in my head and until now super fresh. I was having a good day sunny day sunday that time Feb 6, 2005. Having a sked with my band to have a recording at home of our original songs, and I am sick, super sick that time, all I Have to do is make my self stable to do all this work in one day,

And then my bandmate RG arrived and we are setting up for the recording when my friend txted me and told me that the CD she supposed to deliver and return to me that day has been confiscated by the PNP in Legarda MRT Station, at first I thought it was a joke, until I decided to txt her and tell her if she is serious. and then BAM!!! she is serious.

The PNP and VRB are having this operation in confiscating pirated media cd-vcd-dvd in that area, they have blocked the entrance of the Legarda station and proceed a massive search to all passengers entering the station.

My friend was there to ride the train going to my place in Santolan MRT station. She got my Data CD composed of files, images and docus, and Original Anime CD and DVD, and some personalized CD for my personal use, files that are downloaded from the net and Jrock videos for personal use.

all of it are confiscated and all left are the original cds.
she narrated all the story tru txting, that time I was worried, and then I decided to let go all the CDs but it comes to my mind that those stuff are already in my archives for the past 5 years already, so in my mind I decided to react and complain and decided to recover all my materials.

coz I was informed by my friend that my mp3 data cds are confiscated too, I was having a highblood that time coz those are data cds and not pirated stuff, I know it is considered pirated coz its not legitimate or original, but its my personal items and they have no right in taking that from me.

so I decided to go to Legarda Station and confront the PNP and VRB of their stupid operation. I told my friend to try to convinced the PNP and VRB to recover back the CD's but she said that they wouldn't listen and they will charge my friend "illegel posession of pirated Cds" - what the fuck is this????... is there a law ? can they put to jail a kid who only have data and music files? thi is not right !!

So me, Ryan Orosoc and RG Guanzon went to Santolan MRT station to take a ride there, and began our investigation of that operation, we talk first to the security guard, confirming if there is an operation and then they said that there is an opeation effective last week, but the PNP are the one responsible for the operation. Then later that the MRT security guard officer (wearing the barong uniform and not the full uniform) directed us to a on duty PNP officer.

We narrated the story as calm as we are and then after that explanation the content of the CD, coz its very important, we will use that in an upcoming internation event - AnimeXplosion 2005 for next week.

The PNP officer understood us and then he directed us to the MRT Administration. we talk to them and narrated the whole story and told that our friend is still in Legarda, and told her not to leave until the CDs are recovered back.

The PNP officer didnt leave us that time and he help us on the situation, we then gave advice that their operation is not acceptable for us commuters who also depends on using CD as a PRIVATE DATA STORAGE DEVICE.

the Santolan MRT administration radioed the Legarda station administration confirming about the operation and then they replied that they confiscated lots of pirated cds. and then we told them our complains and then the Officer in charge in Legarda said that our friend was there, and then they confirm her name and then we told them all about our CDs.

we told them that we are not happy on their operation and we told them that we will publicize this stupid operation, Then after an hour of negotiation, they returned all our CDs to our friend and they let her in inside Legarda station.

At first the PNP officer told us that the PNP is the only authorized personel who can confiscate the pirated stuff, security guards are not authorized to continue the operation. then they told me that BOLD VCD-DVD or X-rated pirated videos are only confiscated,

But later on they confirmed with us again that the operation has upgraded and all pirated cds are now can be confiscated. thus the operation continues, the data cd that they didnt know the content are confiscated as well.

We tried to get the name of the PNP officer who confiscated our stuff, but the MRT admin didnt cooperated with that, instead they covered up their mistakes.

And we demand a proper document or note about the seizure of the pirated cds to all commuters, and we want this to be publicized immediately..but they say in the end they dont have any docu or note about it.

they just let the PNP and VRB do their job in their stations.


after the incident we wait the arrival of my friend, then got all the cds. and went home. and made an online email warning to all about the operation.

some of the people i know trusted me on my post, but some people got mad and told that it was a fake and its just like a SPAM email notice.

i stopped for a while and let them spill their lungs out and tried to destroy my credibility. i didnt wasted my time in arguing to these losers, and hope for that they encounter the same incident.

im glad that some of my friends forwarded my email..
and i cant believed that my email spread like a virus and until now it spread from mailing list, friendster, blogs, LJ and etc.

I received some private email saying thank you's for the warning.
some of them emailed me saying it was a fake, but later on say sorry for they are convinced based on others experience.

Too bad for some of the people who got their CDs confiscated, there is this student failed his grade for the confiscation of his project cd for school. and another student got his CD confiscated also full of data files for his ART project.

This operation has to stop.

and the only way to avoid this and stop this is to spread this information and warn all our e-media data users.


geez..i feel like a god for a moment....
damn!!! i forgot to put the URL of my blog..
maybe next time...if someone makes war with me..i can send a massive email killing those bitches ahahahahha!!

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