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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Eraserheads concert - The Final Set - live streaming

The people of will be doing a live video streaming of the concert
they will be using camera phones and a HSUPA connection in delivering video feeds of the concert.

thanks to JimAyson for the tip

Eheads concert venue view today at 5pm

Eheads venue view from san miguel park bridge. Many people are already standing here trying to watch it for free even they are behind the stage.the dome on the left is an aircon area for the band and crew.eheads music being played all over sm moa.

Im at eheads venue today

Eheads already here at 147pm.and i saw lots fans are waiting and stayed in a nearby cafe. I saw my gate for the media pass holder. The gate guards n bouncers said that gates will be opened maybe 3pm or here in cyberzone ecom center enjoying free aircon. Theres a booth here selling eheads cd dvd and a fruitcake eheads shirt priced at p400.

Eraserheads concert - the Final Set - mission for a blog coverage

photos from Day Cabuhat's album

the mission
I just got a big call from MTV Philippines this late evening and they just informed me about my media pass for the big event and concert. I jumped for joy and did that pumping Jim Carrey impression and shouted a big yes! and my friends who were with me during our dinner are happy and very supportive on my jump for joy and maybe bring on the tears after seeing myself onfront of the stage. Big thanks to MTV Philippines and Smart for the goodies, I just got a big problem weeks ago for not acquiring my own ticket and money just became a big conflict in buying my own ticket, but then after those praying moments.... the gate opened and listened to my big prayers. and boom! I'm a media man for the concert.

They gave an update and instructed me that media people should only take photos in the first 3 songs of Eraserheads and after the 3 songs we can now proceed to any audience section of our choice. And I just got an idea that I might position myself in the VIP area and hopefully take more photos in my location and get the advantage of the media pass, but I'm not sure if they will honor the media pass badge in the VIP, but hmm I think they will.

for the blog coverage
I will be posting updates in my plurk, here in my blog and in multiply. I'm still fixing my phplurk account and it seems to be so wonky today. But I might power up my Smart enabled Sony Ericsson W670i in taking photos and short videos and post it in my multiply blog. I will be doing a lot of video blogs and journal ( just like Rorschach in Watchmen) and capture everything that I can see in the concert. Also I will be recording the whole concert using my Creative Zen, but if ever I get a great timing I might use my Sony Ericsson W670i. My Olympus SP 500 UZ will be my partner for this concert event, this camera brought lots of picture of the Eheads concert 2008 in newspaper, online websites, blogs, and magazine. I'm hoping that I can do it again and take better photos for everyone.

After party event
I have tickets to the after party, but I just don't know what will be the highlight of it. Maybe a big celebration with fans, friends and the Eraserheads in one venue. If ever I get a chance, I might do an interview with everyone in it. I call this coverage my super blog coverage of the Eraserheads concert - The Final Set. I'm excited and I know you are excited too.

So better follow me and watch my updates at
Facebook Photo upload via MMS

follow and watch my blogs above for live blog updates of the concert.


Friday, March 06, 2009

Eraserheads concert - the Final Set - the venue and update

The venue

photo source

Tomorrow will be the big day as the ultraelectromagneticpop band of the Philippines will rise once more after the 2008 Reunion concert, and yes they are back and the photo showing here is the venue at SM Mall of Asia grounds.

As I look on the photo, it seems that the venue is so small and not that big like in the Fort open grounds. But it maybe an eye image trick because the photo is in bird's eye view. Also I just got lucky that I got a free 2 GOLD tickets of the concert and 2 after party ticket, and also I will be getting my media pass tomorrow for a biggest blog coverage. I will be posting a coverage via mobile, will be posted here in my blog and in my multiply network.

I just got my energy back in posting updates, I almost felt sad already because my pay check is not yet cleared and I was about to use it in buying my vip ticket. but glad that there's a good grace coming for me.

also, this afternoon, I read an update via plurk that the band is there today in the venue doing a lot of sound check, they even played Superproxy song ( i think) in tribute to their friend Francis Magalona

I might drop by there tonight to check it out and post an update.I just want to do a little tradition that I did from last years' reunion concert.

visit my blog for all eheads concert updates

Asia's Songbird Live at Eastwood Mall Open Park on March 13, 2009

Romance continues to fill the air at Eastwood City. The season of love carries on until March, with a much anticipated concert comeback of Asia’s songbird Regine Velasquez at the Eastwood Mall Open Park on March 13, 2009.

The free concert is part of Regine’s mall tours for her latest album, Low-Key which got a platinum award last February. The one night performance is Eastwood Mall’s way of showing its continuous effort of promoting world-class OPM artists this 2009.

“If last year we had Daughtry and Mandy Moore, this year, the people can expect lots of our local artists performing at Eastwood,” said Kevin L. Tan, head of Megaworld Corporation’s commercial division. “For the past couple of months, we have worked hard to improve our facilities and improve our development to international standards, fit for our world-class local artists to perform at,” Tan added.

The audience will truly appreciate Regine’s enchanting voice amidst the intimate and scenic backdrop of the new Eastwood Mall Open Park. The concert stage will be located right at the heart of the park’s lush greenery and right beside water landscapes as ambient lights illuminate the park. Regine’s crystal clear voice plus this romantic setting only means one thing: love is still in the Eastwood City air.

Catch this rare performance at the Eastwood Mall Open Park, Eastwood City, Libis. Concert starts at 7pm. For ticket reservations, contact 687-6770 to 74 and look for Joan, call the Eastwood Mall concierge at 709-1893, or text 0918-8-EWCITY. Or buy Regine’s “Low Key” album from the Eastwood Mall concierge to get VIP seats.

bloggers commentary
looks like me and the Eastwood City bloggers will be here to watch the concert and do a blog coverage. If you want to be part of the Eastwood City bloggers, feel free to post comments and show interested :)

PERYA: A Whimsical Fashion Gala ( tonight at 8PM)


Take a ride down memory lane. Reminisce glory days of ‘perya’ in a spectacular show by fast rising fashion designer Happy Andrada, all set on Friday, March 6, 2009, 8 pm,
at the A-Venue Hall, Makati Avenue, Makati City.

With ‘perya’ as its theme, this upcoming big event will certainly delight people of all ages. ‘Perya’, a distinct part of Philippine folk culture, is the Filipino slang for ‘small carnivals’ set up during fiestas all over the country. For many generations, trips to a ‘perya’ with family and friends provided social interaction full of fun and frolic. Now, get ready to witness ‘perya’ transformed into an extraordinary fashion extravaganza.

Perya: A Whimsical Fashion Gala and Benefit Show” will feature Happy Andrada’s 50-piece couture avant-garde collection that is crafted with quality, theatric and wearable. The vibrant and colorful collection will showcase an assorted array of characters: ‘Serena’ (Mermaid), ‘Babaeng Gagamba’ (Spider Woman), and many more.

Happy Andrada, a fashion design graduate from Lasalle College International, creates clothes from street wear to bridal gowns with a touch of punk at her two shops F*ART Fashion Art (in Quezon City ) and One Beauty Center (in San Juan ). Happy has done over 40 fashion shows to date.

To make “Perya: A Whimsical Fashion Gala and Benefit Show” an exciting event to remember, Happy will collaborate with young and creative wizards who also excel in their fields. They are as follows: Paolo Icasas (art), Dennis Celestial (accessories) , Hat Momma (hats), Maverick by Design (L.E.D bags), Schu (shoes), Darrel Pobre (photography) , Electronica Manila (music), Happy Days (graphic art), I.N.K. Illustrador Ng Kabataan (art), Lomo Manila (vintage photography) , Ony Carcamo (ventriloquist) , COSPLAY.PH, Musicality (dance group from Miriam College), PIDO (set design and event styling), BaiCapture (photo booth), and the De La Salle University Pops Orchestra .

Perya: A Whimsical Fashion Gala and Benefit Show” will be hosted by Ms. Issa Litton and directed by Gerry Katigbak. A portion of the sales will go directly to the following charities: Bethany Homes Orphanage (for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children from 0-12 years old, Hands On Manila (a non-profit organization that links service-ready foundations and service –ready volunteers for different community projects within Metro Manila area) and VIDES (Volunteers International for Development, Education and Services).

Tickets are available at F*ART Fashion Art ( Quezon City ), One Beauty Center (San Juan) and Peppered Cherry (Serendra, Taguig). For more details, pls. visit online www.peryagala. com or contact 412-7311


Come one Come all
To a show that will thrill and enthrall!
Open bar for everybody!
Be ready to shake your booty as we bring the spectacular event of the year!

F*ART Fashion Art Productions co presented by GSM, Hedgren, Pagoda Philippines, Family Brand, and Pido

In Cooperation With

UP JMA, Bai Capture, Slimmer's World, Yoshinoya, The Make Up Forum, One Beauty Center, La Salle College International, Fly Shades, Schu, Cross, Maybelline, Lazer Extreme, One Team Productions and Ideal Events


PERYA, A Whimsical Fashion Gala and Benefit Show by Happy Andrada
A fusion of fashion, art, photography & Lomography
on March 6 at A. Venue Events Hall, 8pm.

Celebrate a whimsical night directed by Mr. Gerry Katigbak
with the designs of artists Paolo Icasas, Dennis Celestial and Darrel Pobre, Ink Manila, Lomo Manila, Shoes by Schu, Hat Momma, Maverick by Design, and POPS orchestra.


PERYA is also brought to you our Media Sponsors:
YoCard, Yehey!, Stella, ROgue, 2nd Avenue, MOD, Manila Bulletin, ClicktheCity. com, Lifestyle NEtwork,, Fudge Magazine, Jam 88.3, Cosplay, Bounce, Animax, StyleBible.Ph and 10.

TICKETS are P 300 and P500. See you there!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Watchmen movie is hallelujah - a mobile movie review

Watchmen is hallelujah. .mobile blog post review. . .

Just got out of the still having a hang over. The movie is long at around 2 and half hour. Im expecting a big change in the ending but glad they sticked to the comic book. Expect alot of nudity back n sideview. Dr manhattan front is unedited. Glad the censors didnt mind the frontal nudity.

The movie is not a movie.its a comic book with strong hidden messages. Not sure if every one can get the main idea of the story.

The most shocking scene in comics didnt failed to be cinematized, it shocked me big time and i enjoyed it.

The movie will make a fan glued to its seat and expect alot of the next dramatic scene. For the non comics reader good luck in watching. Ahehe. The cut scene is not that bad but i know the dvd will be more kick ass, more reviews of watchmen movie will be posted as i arrived home.

Fudge Magazine is giving free premiere tickets to Watchmen movie

this is your big chance! read the updates below.

FUDGE FREEBIES -- one day only (March 5, 2009)
Manila, Phils.

Hi guys,
We're giving out several pairs of tickets to the special advanced screening of WATCHMEN, courtesy of UIP, for THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 2009... 6PM AT GATEWAY CINEMA.

This giveaway is for new fans that sign up to Fudge magazine's fan page on FACEBOOK.

Just click the link below... or open Facebook and search Fudge magazine (click on the Products page, not the Groups page). Click the "Become a Fan" button beside the photo and post as a note answering why should we take you and a friend to the special advanced screening. The cleverest (or most desperate) posting might just be your, er, ticket to the Watchmen screening.

Will do the picking today, same day, March 5 at noon... and we should be in touch with you (or whoever we've chosen) via your Facebook page (unless of course you wanna post your cellphone number or land line to make communications easy!) soon thereafter for details on how you'll get the tickets. Only those who signed up as fans are eligible to "win" the tickets.

This is just the first of what we hope to be a lot more Fudge Freebies this year (from advance screenings to movie or TV merchandise) so then you'll realize it's not so bad to be totally FUDGED!

Fudge magazine FEB/MAR 09 issue still available in stores, with Watchmen and Bamboo on alternate covers

Interview with the girls of Playboy Philippines March 2009

I just got in time for an interview at Sulo Hotel with Playboy Philippines magazine issue of March 2009 cover girl Sara Polverini and Playmate Jessie Medina. I arrived late and caught them on the table signing the last magazine and preparing their stuff and leave the event. It was great to know that Playboy Philippines are still game and let me do an interview, take some photo and video with the Playboy Philippines girls for March 2009.

I just found out that Sara Polverini is a former child actress, I know many of you heard of "Ang TV", now into modeling on these days, but she's still willing to accept an acting role if ever there's an offer, while Jessie Medina is a model and active in print ads for car magazines and also car shows.

check out my video interview below.

I learned also that Playboy Philippines is a magazine for men's lifestyle and classy style, I finally understand that the magazine content is more on the artistic photos, articles and updates of men's classy lifestyle. I now know that they are not leveling up with other men's magazine. But its a tough fight for Playboy Philippines to explain the tone down photo content, but I'm glad to see that people and readers are slowly accepting it.

more pics below after the jump! Playboy Philippines magazine March 2009 is now available in all stores.

more photos in my album at Playboy Philippines magazine - March 2009 press launching @ Sulo Hotel

Island Cove Adventure for bloggers starts tomorrow!

March 5, 2009 will be the biggest summer blockbuster adventure for bloggers, so I may say that Survivor, Fearless Factor, Amazing Race and Eat Bulaga's Bulagaan won't have big match for this adventure hahaha. Thanks to and Island Cove for organizing this one of kind adventure getaway that is perfect for our summer.

Tomorrow, me and Lace will go to Island Cove, and its a 15 min. drive from her house here in Cavite, while other bloggers in Manila will have a meet up at 6:00AM at the Fort, the meet everyone in the venue at around 9AM. I think we will be having a tour in the area and then some adventure games, swimming and maybe a food fest ahhahaa.

you may log on to and see the bloggers roster and our winning factor in the site. Bloggerventurers get ready to rumble!!!

On Thursday, March 5, 2009, thirty-seven bloggerventurers will dash and splash in a whole day of sun-soaked, energized expedition to the shores of adventure!

Equipped with gears of maneuvers and strategies, these participants will embark on their mission to many Island Cove recreation offerings and diversion destinations that await them in this sportacular day!

Watch how these teams of courage trek the challenges in their pursuit to be the DETOUR: the Island Cove Adventure Winner!

Exciting prizes await the adventure seekers, for special task completions!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

One headshot, One vision, One youth, One photo shoot
Me and Lace in the photo post process of " Globe One Youth Project Headshot"

Globe invited us to join this photo shoot activity called "Globe One Youth Project Headshot", and the headshot photo project is about to promote the unity of all Pinoy Youth. Its a free photoshoot for everyone, all you need to do is visit their website and register online, they need more than 2,000 headshot photo for the project, and there will be another shoot this March 6, 2009 in Q.C., scroll down and read more below to get more details on the event.

thanks to Yoj, Ian and Charo of Globe for inviting us, and also to Niccolo Cosme for a great chat and photo session at Capones bar in A.Venue Hall.

more photos in my album at Globe One Youth and Headshot Clinic photo shoot
Be part of the new Project Headshot Series!

The team behind the successful Project Headshot Clinic has a new advocacy. Headed by visionary photographer, Niccolo Cosme, the new series aims to promote unity of the Pinoy Youth. Through each participant's headshot photo, they recognize that they belong to one barkada, sharing the same hopes, dreams and aspirations of oneness.

This timely advocacy will gather different youths across the country -- gathering high school and college students and young professionals from Baguio to Davao.

You can be one of almost 2,000 youth advocates that we are taking photos of for free. Together, let us send the message of unity - one headshot at a time.

photo shoot with fashion photographer Niccolo Cosme

We are inviting every Filipino youth/barkada to join Headshot Clinic One Youth.

This advocacy is made possible by visionary photographer Niccolo Cosme and his team, with the support of Globe Telecoms.

Headshot Clinic One Youth aims to promote Oneness among Filipino Youth through their headshots.

Here are the details of the shoot:

Date: March 06, 2009 (Friday)

Venue: My Place Dorm-Hotel

22 Fabian Dela Rosa St. Loyola Heights Quezon City

(near KFC and Pancake House Katipunan)

Time: 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM

*If you are not available on this date, please still sign-up so we can send you updates for our next leg.

Here are a few things to remember for the shoot:

1. Only the photo shoot will be provided for free.
2. While the organizers looked for a venue convenient to needs of the participants, the participants will be responsible for their own attire/clothing, make-up, transportation and food.
3. Each event will cater to 240 students for one whole day. It is expected as a matter of policy and courtesy that participants arrive on time.
4. Your headshots will be taken for free. We hope that you can be patient in waiting for the release of the final photos.
5. Remember the advocacy of the project. For a good photograph, while guided by Niccolo during the shoot, we still encourage you to be creative in your pose, attire or gestures. Represent the youth and your messages in the best way that you can.

Please register at

Walk-in participants are also welcome. However, please be reminded that we encourage you to pre-register in order to reserve your slots.

Call 7181311 to 12 for more questions

Or visit the Headshot Clinic Site

The Project Headshot Clinic Team

Claudine Barretto is back and joins the cast of "May Bukas Pa"


Claudine Barretto is back and joins the cast of "May Bukas Pa", and thanks to our friend Flowel for passing this message to us. Its a big all star power cast again in our primetime bida show.

This is a good news for Claudine Barretto fans, the Optimum teleserye Queen is back in the primetime scene and has joined the cast of ABS CBN's teleserye "May Bukas Pa", after the success of the teleserye "Iisa Pa Lamang".

March 5 will be the first taping day and she will play the role of Julia, a woman who grew up with full of bitterness in her heart.As she cross paths with Santino, her perception about life wil begin to alter. "I really watch May Bukas Pa,I love the program and I adore Santino. Kaya I'm so excited to be working with Santino (Zaijian Jaranilla) and the whole cast ", Claudine shares to us that she is an avid viewer of May Bukas P and she got an interest to join and accepted the role offered.

Catch Claudine Barretto as she breathes life to the character of Julia in May Bukas pa, weeknights after TV Patrol on ABS-CBn Primetime Bida.

For more updates, log on to

Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

I've heard of this website Tnomeralc Web Design Toys while ago in Starbucks, and I'm writing to help a friend. And saw the website is a great tool in web designs and developments, and the good part of is that you can get it or download it for free.

Claremont Design did a great job in developing this Tnomeralc Web Design Toys, and you can get one at LA Toy Store.

I might try this and post an update soon on Claremont Design + LA Toy Store

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Beauty and Fashion bloggers night with

This is my first time to attend in an all girls..for girls bloggers event, and because I shoot photos for Lace's Style and Relax blog, my presence is needed and I'm hearing witnessing the launching of the first ever make up online store in the Philippines. Ms. Tamera Marie Szijarto, is a former Ms. Philippines-Earth 2004 and now the owns and run Rare and hard to find make ups and girlie things and cosmetics like Neutrogena and Benefit, all are available for purchase anywhere in the Philippines, all you have to do is log in and purchase any item with your credit card or paypal. They ship the item anywhere in Philippines and also in SE Asia.
to know more about the site, visit Style and Relax for the blog feature.

more photos in my album at beauty and fashion bloggers night with

Be a volunteer and help us spread the charity virus, be a Kaibigan ng PCSO member

photo by Edelweiza

PCSO in its 75th anniversary, formally launched their new project in volunteerism and charity works and it was called Kaibigan ng PCSO (Friends of PCSO), and because of that our country is having a major shortage of medical professionals and medicine in the time of crisis, PCSO is here to help again and put the balance of life and health to those who need medical and health attention. In their event, they launched a sign up volunteerism for everyone, and volunteers who signed up will have their own PCSO Health Card and will be put up in the priority list for those who seek financial assistance in hospitalization and medical support. Volunteers for charity work will be called and assigned to the designated area that you prefer and the program of "unity in volunteerism" will help many lives in many sectors of our country.

I officially joined the program, and as blogger, I am here to invite everyone to take a short step and help our fellow Filipinos in this charity project of PCSO, all you have to do is visit their website at and download the registration form and submit it to them in order to join the Kaibigan ng PCSO. ( Read more my story below)

our video on stage

and part 2 of the video, thanks to Nicely, Sire and Edlweiza for the video.

Kaibigan ng PCSO is a program that will be pursued through the leadership of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) to systematize and rationalize the sourcing of volunteer individuals and organizations in partnership with the private sector to advance the charity agency’s health mandate. By establishing sustainable networks and linkages that will continuously recruit medical and health volunteers as well as generate additional resources, the program will be able to expand the reach of PCSO services that immediately address health concerns of needy Filipinos.

The program envisions that through this mode of intervention on a nationwide scale the corporate responsibility ethic of private corporations and companies will be enhanced, particularly with regard to health issues. It likewise seeks to promote the volunteerism spirit inherent in every Filipino.

Kaibigan ng PCSO recognizes the varying capabilities of individuals, groups, and corporate entities in the public and private sector in rendering vital volunteer work that meets the immediate health needs of the poor. It also gives importance to the value of individual and collective civic efforts and of raising these efforts to the level of “unity in volunteerism” to sustain a functioning and efficient health and medical assistance delivery system for poor Filipinos everywhere.
photo by Carl Valenzona

Me and Noemi Dado were on stage signing our volunteer registration form and we sign it together with different institutions to formally launch the charity project. We also got our first Kaibigan ng PCSO tshirt and I feel excited in the coming months to help out and travel with PCSO to lend my time in helping our people.

The event at the PSCO ground is a big celebation for its 75th anniversary, they even organized a childrens show in the afternoon, rock concert at night that was performed by Callalily, Maria's Mistress and Bamboo, Also celebrities and performers were there to give a happy music and promote the great contribution of PCSO. I'm not very aware of this, and I always think that PCSO is all lotto and prizes, but it just reminded me the acrnoym Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, then I heard from my sister that this office helped my cousin in the years of her battle against breast cancer. I'm very happy that they did help her, and I know the next individual will also be treated like that.
(to be posted soon)
Here's a recorded interview with Mdm. Rosario Uriarte ( Vice chairman and General Manager of PCSO)

more pics in my album at Kaibigan ng PCSO concert and launching

check out Carl's photo Kaibigan Ng PCSO

and Neomi's blog post PCSO Needs Volunteers for Nationwide Medical Mission

Jonel's blog post Help Spread the Charity Virus - Be A "Kaibigan ng PCSO" Volunteer!

Edelweiza's blog post Spread the Charity Virus, Become a Kaibigan ng PCSO Now!

Carl's blog post

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