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Sunday, June 03, 2012

11th Philippine ToyCon 2012 production notes 2

I haven’t posted a series of production notes for our event ToyCon 2012. For the start of June,I’ll be a busy bee once more co-organizing the event and also doing some administrative stuff to run our event that is now on its 11th year. I’m very happy that we reached this level and the event continues to grow much more bigger. I’m wishing now for a bigger venue, but the venue that we are renting every year is too big for us, but for our 30,000 audience per year, the venue is too small for them.

Right now, I’m juggling lots of workloads and priorities because I have some work and blog to keep it alive and healthy. I think blogging my production status will balance both work and blogging. As of now, I’m finalizing the design of the event poster, thanks to the help of our toy collectors, toy customizers and also urban toy designers for offering their toy designs to be part of the poster. I really want to have an all original content for our event poster, not just copy pasting those images that we receive from our sponsors, but also I want to showcase our pinoy talents in toy designing and comic creation.

For this year, We’re trying to promote local movies, not just international blockbuster movies such as “The Dark Knight Rises”, “GI JOE 2: Retaliation”, “The Bourne Legacy”, “Amazing Spider-man” , “The Hobbit” , for this year we will attempt to focus and promote new pinoy movies, with the help of our co presenter and also friends from the film industry. It will be a big start for ToyCon to jump in promoting not only toys, comics, tv series and foreign movies, but also our very own local films.

I hope our direction to that focus will be successful….I’m sure it will be.

Okay, this photo files from Willie Beren is almost finish downloading… I’m going back to the design lab to insert his paper toy creation in our poster. See you on the next production notes. reading our press release, I think we're going to display the props and costumes from The Dark Knight movie, that what happens to me..being clueless and miss a lot of organizers meeting. hahhahaa.

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