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Friday, July 04, 2003

Beer Party @ Pier One , the Fort
another beer party for me. together with the Via-Astris Star Trek Club, its a tradition that every wednesday grab that beer at Pier One. one night fits all ! wohohhooohh......grab for the beer! then i went home fully charge and little drunk.

Wats on Little Rock ! its my Bday
got late to publish this happenings on my bday. it was July 1. and I woke up late, and after dressing up . (sleeping half naked!) i went down. and saw my sister cooked my fave Pasta ! oishii !

Beer Party
I went home..buys 1 dozens of beer, Lechon Manok and snacks.. we drank all night withmy sousin LeAnne and my sister. then we have this Online Bday Yahoo Messenger,via was fun.

then later that night. Ryan came over...and join us at the beer party ! its a one sleepless night , it was fun !

thanks to all who greeted me.
thanks and i love you all !

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Dinner Time

im hungry..
and in not referring to food
- T'Pol, Star Trek Enterprise.

il eat my dinner muna... update my blog..

peace !


Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Happy Bday to me !
yo ! its my bday ! july 1 !
no adventure this day
I went to Comfort zone to pick up the RAVE manga-toy to be delivered to a customer of my sister in Glorieta 4.. I went to De La Salle University to deliver the order items

Home at Last!
then..i went home and my sister is home na !
yey! food galore ! got lots of pasalubong!
but for not eating the whole day !
i missed RICE and Cornbeef !
after dressing up ! I cooked my own dinner !

wow !
chow time !

Monday, June 30, 2003

dear diary...
ok lang naman theyre the same naman aeheahaheh

what happend today ? hmmm
im here at home..HOME ALONE
just woke up in the morning and found out that my sister has just left and went to the province in Sampaloc, Quezon

after waking up. i check mails, and got hungry..coz im too lazy to cook
i went to our nearest fast food resto... CHOWKING

MC called at home and discuss with me some details re: the Transformers PH event in Brash Young Cinema, event will start at 1:30pm
but our meet up in Glorieta must be at 1pm

i got late and arrived in G4 at 1:30 pm. MC said that i should wait the other members. i should stay until 2:30pm ,MC must go to BYC to open the cinema and start the event

got pissed off, for that duty. but its ok.
while waiting. i txted my buddy ol friend - girl , Tintin to meet up with me. Tintin will have a meet up to our old friend Kimberly. at last we meet ....the old Trio is complete,, Me, Tintin and Kimberly are besto friendo for almost i think 6 years.

I jam up with the two girls, and we went to Festival mall, to help Kimberly to buy some herbal plants.
its an ultimate get together for the 3 of us...gez..sya naman magsulat sa blog..ahehheh

after full details ba naman...
i went back to Ayala to meet up with MC and the other guys.. i rode along with Kimberly on a bus bound to MCU.

after a long jam with the Transformers PH boys..i decided to txt me friend-girl, Marielle.
luckily i got her reply and she ask me to call her up at home.
then. after talking to the phone we decided to meet and have a little jam

gez...layo ng haus may SUCAT !...near the MIA airport..
okies lang. ayun..nag meet kame..have a nice chat and talkies.
get along..chu chu chu....and coz its my bday
I asked her to kiss me...coz its my bday
i told her that my age is 24
so she must kiss me 24 times...

ahehhee..very naughty eh?
but my luck...she did it !
she kiss me 24 times all over my face!~
wat a great kisser!
then for the 24th kiss! hm.....lips?
nahhh....secret !

ya lips nga! cool nga eh
ahhahahahaha !
is this private ?

kaboom !

then...i went home na happy joy joy !
and here writing again...
chattin with Jac..ehheito updated na..
and to my lil brother Denver and cousins Lenlen and Dandan...thyre in the USA.

still waiting for sunrise... hungry..
peanut butter anyone !


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