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Let's go to Mercato Centrale Wednesday late night for some nomnomnom
new food. sandwiches. cakes and salad in starbucks this march 6
yummy new salads in starbucks
Im tasting the new coffee of Starbucks
Inside Malacanang - a National Geographic Channel new documentary this March 2012
20 Most Beautiful Filipinas (Facemorphing Video of the Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines)
Az Video Blog 2012: Makati City Caracol Festival 2012
Books and School Supplies Donation Drive
Az Video Blog 2012: Bloggers in Pico de Loro
Mobile blog: bloggers with colorful hats here in Caracol festival inMakati City
Mobile blog: a view of Pico de loro residences
Feb 25 - People Power Revolution day
Swim pool time in pico deloro
Swimming time in pico de loro
Fun photo workshop with Tilak Hettige here in Pico de loro
Az Video Blog - Sunset in Pico de Loro
Mobile blog: cake on a pan or pancake
Loro and Sago