Review: San Miguel flavored beer – apple and lemon

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I love beer because it relaxes my body and senses, I love to drink it after a hectic or stressful day, it’s a reward for myself for a job well done or just a drink for me and my buddies to enjoy our bonding times more, San Miguel Malt Beverages are really a part of our life and I remember that I hated drinking beer when I was in high school because I didn’t like the bitter taste and smell. But I enjoyed drinking it when I discovered the benefit of it to myself, and I salute those people who always offer San Miguel beers to me even if I refused to drink that time. Now the time has come for a new level of beer, I heard about these San Miguel flavored beers – apple and lemon flavor and you know that I went crazy. (More story below)

Many people are wondering why they have flavors for San Miguel beer, my only answer to that is to fully enjoy the taste of a beer without the bitter taste. If you don’t like the bitter taste and smell of beer, then flavored beer is the best choice for you. I went to a convenience store last Sunday in a nearby town and bought some for a price of Php 27.00 per bottle, but I paid a Php 1.50 deposit for the bottle, so that’s Php 28.50 for one beer. The beer bottle is like the normal San Mig Light, but with a different label. It’s a 330ML bottle with a 3% alcohol and less calories.

Some of friends tried it already and they even told me that it’s like that shandy drink, but when I tried it, I can say that it is tastier and more enjoyable to drink than that shandy drink.

After opening the bottle, I can already smell the scent of the apple flavor and a fizzing sound in the apple flavored beer. When I tasted it…it became my instant favorite, because I love apple juice and everything apple. The fizz or carbon in the beer is like that of softdrinks but you can still taste the beer-ness soul over an apple flavor. You might even think it is not beer if you drink it without the bottle. You can fool everyone that it is apple soda. After drinking, I felt relaxed and wanted some more. BTW, I bought 2 bottles each.

After opening the bottle, I noticed the lemon scent but not that strong as in the apple flavor. It smells like lemon juice in a bottle. I think I can finish a bottle in one sitting, because the San Miguel lemon flavored beer is so light to taste buds and to your tummy. I thought the lemon beer had less kick than the apple but after downing a bottle, I felt relaxed and fell asleep in the long afternoon hahhah.

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For my over all rating:
I highly recommend that you try this San Miguel flavored beer, if you love a light, less calorie and love sweetness + beer, companion with a burger, potato chips or a normal “panulak” for your food. Its light and won’t give lots of gas to your belly.

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