Azrael's Merryland Blog receives an award from the 3rd Philippine Blog Awards

Here's my blog photo of the week or maybe for the month or year. I'm happy that I received an award as a blogger and for my blog. Been waiting to have an award for almost 7 years and I'm very thankful that they recognized me as one of the ten most influential blogger in the Philippines and for the island of Luzon. Thanks to Globe for the sponsors award for selecting us magic 10 and even that we didn't win anything or join in a contest to have an award. It's funny that I didn't joined this year, but I was hoping to enter on that 10 best blog post category but I failed to do it with my busy sched. But then the award they gave is very important for me, and thanks to all my blog readers, supporters, family and friends for powering me up in the world of blogging. This award will serve as my driving engine in blogging. So time to be more influential ever for the next coming years.

I have attached some photos below, and some pics of the trophy.

and for the other influential bloggers who received the same award , they are:
Dine Racoma
Good Times Manila

a wooden sculpture of looks like 2 persons connecting each other using their hands and feet.
the base is made of pure mirror, its very fragile so I handle it carefully here at home.

close up look of the two people connecting, which I think gives symbolisim that blogs and bloggers connect easily to people or readers.

the name plate of the award. Digital Tribe for Luzon. We are in one tribe and one nation.

my toys wants to play with the trophy.

I scattered all my things that reflect more about my blog. Can you guess what it is?

Lace and me at the mini after party at back of the venue

me inside the CR of PETA Theater doing some funny pose with my trophy

up on the stage after the shocking moments, on my left is

Iwa of Tunay na lalake talks to me from the right

happy apir and wasak moments with Tunay na lalake bloggers, I remember that Iwa invited me to join with them in their group blog, but i forgot to follow it up eehehehe.

my moment of speech....... actually...I'm speechless ( clowning around on stage)

1st step on stage! I am a winner!! heheheh