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radio recording: Azrael Coladilla guest In Happy Thoughts With Francine Dela Alas In DZRJ 810am radio
New Instagram from @popazrael - Happy new year!!!! From Ashton
New Instagram from @popazrael - Crispy crablets for lunch @ mahogany market tagaytay
New Instagram from @popazrael - Thank you Chinne for this roasted lemon chicken!
The trends
New Instagram from @popazrael - Tonight at 7pm in Sky Ranch Tagaytay
New Instagram from @popazrael - Thanks everyone for listening to my radio guesting at dzrj happy thoughts with francine delas alas
New Instagram from @popazrael - New toy for baby Ashton
New Instagram from @popazrael - Happy lunch! @ kfc glorietta
New Instagram from @popazrael - Today is Rizal day
New Instagram from @popazrael - My energizer for my day before boarding a bus @ mcdonalds tagaytay
New Instagram from @popazrael - Cold morning here in Tagaytay
4th time and 1st time in Picnic Grove - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 7
Green Bean Organic Coffee Co. at Museo Orlina - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 6
Lunch buffet at Celina’s Café and Restaurant - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 5
My tribute for this afternoon's incident
New Instagram from @popazrael - Afternoon tea time at Cafe Carmencita Tagaytay
New Instagram from @popazrael - Lunch time here in @_mushroomburger tagaytay , thats my royal burger!
New Instagram from @popazrael - Live radio guesting tomorrow at dzrj 810am
Azrael's Merryland radio guesting tomorrow Dec 30 at 2pm in DZRJ 810AM
day 2 -  holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 4
Snacks and early dinner at Bag of Beans - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 3
A visit in Paradizoo Theme Farm - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 2
New Instagram from @popazrael - My gear of the day #aztripcation
New Instagram from @popazrael - Nature relaxation in Tagaytay
New Instagram from @popazrael - Tripcation again before the new year
The start of our holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 1
Dolphy Clean up app for iPad and Android devices (free)
My last minute Christmas shopping adventure
New Instagram from @popazrael - Haha! Theres beef rendang here at fresh buffet in @solaireresort / happy lunch !
New Instagram from @popazrael - I went to Malaysia because of beef rendand and I didnt know that theres beef rendang here at the foos court of @solaireresort haha. I just want to skip the lunch buffet at fresh and just eat our lunch here in Pan Asian food court stall
What kind of movies fit for your personality ? | Metro Manila Film Festival 2013
Christmas tree around the city
New Instagram from @popazrael - Lunch date tomorrow with wife! Im excited to go back there in @solaireresort.
New Instagram from @popazrael - Ashton and Metroplex! #toys #transformers
Instagram: Omg!! I want! Hahaha pic grabbed from @toykingdomph
 Merry Christmas!~ from Azrael's Merryland Blog (2013)
We're back home after a 4 day adventure in Tagaytay ~~ Merry Christmas to you!
Christmas toys hunting in Toy Kingdom
Ashton’s new toy hauls from down undahh!
photo gallery: PhilipAbadicio.Com website launch party at Tempura Grill
Azrael’s Merryland the web show–in the works this 2014 (production note 1)
My morning view today
Grab Taxi outdoor modules in selected malls taxi bay area
Thanks Headway Salon for my haircut last week in SM MOA  #hindisponsored
Travel log to Fairview