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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas toys hunting in Toy Kingdom

Gahhh! today is the last minute Christmas shopping!!!! it always happen every December 24th that I go to a nearby mall and buy Christmas gifts for my family and friends, but for this year, I’ll go shopping for my family and the most important here is a gift for my 3 year old son, Ashton. Right now, I don’t know what toy I should buy for him, he saw already the Christmas presents here at home and he is already excited to open it up, I told him that those presents will be opened only for Christmas and then he said, “but dad, today is Christmas!” ahahahah.

Here are some toys that I spotted in Toy Kingdom, some are new and my first time to see it in their shelves.

Bruders construction toy
Php5k each – so expensive haaha
spotted: SM MOA Toy Kingdom

Rescue Chopter
Priced at Php 1.5k it’s a chopper toy converted into a travel toy luggage and it can fit small die cast cars like Matchbox, Tomica or Hotwheels.
spotted in Toy Kingdom SM MOA and SM Bacoor

Here’s a closer look

Pororo toys is finally here in our land!
I don’t understand Korean, so I think this set is a pull back action toy car with Pororo characters

And here’s an individual set that comes in with their own garage.


Police Pororo

Light up UFO Pororo

Pororo helicopter

Pororo doctor play set

Pororo kitchen play set

Here’s an awesome set – Pororo play house set

More new arrivals..
This comes with a funny toy name – Farm Exploiter haahahaha

Silverlit releases a new RC controlled robot that will remind you of ZOIDS!
I’m tempted to grab a set of these cool robotic animals.

Here’s a Dragon robot, price is around Php 1.6k. And there are three kinds of robots – crocs, dragon and the last one is…sorry I forgot.

Here’s another cool tool box that acts as a cargo trailer for a truck.

iTouch Pet! one of the affordable interactive robot toy pet. The sensors on the robot toy pet will activate different features.

I guess this one will be the 1st to be sold out before Christmas.

And for the expensive line of interactive robot toy pets.. Tekno is a top of the line version with the same toy feature. Priced at Php 5k

The best part here is that it can interact also via smart devices.

I took this photo just for size comparison with the Tagamoto toy cars, the road and size of the runaway is perfect for a Tagamoto toy cars.

Tranformers-like toys are popping out again, but this time…no longer a bootleg of Transfomers, because they have their own toy line and original characters…finally!!

The detail and alternate mode to robot and beast is very detailed.
price: Php 300

Here’s another version of that Transformers-like toy

The Toy Kingdom sales person told me that his smallest RC copter is one of their new arrival

I spotted some new Tomica play set

My son loves construction toys, he wants more Caterpillar construction toys and Bruder, but those are so expensive, I’m wondering if this plastic and giant sized construction toys will interest him to play it head to head with his CAT and Bruder toys.

I’m planning to grab this Mixer

So good luck to me when I go to the mall today…worse scenario is – long lines going to the counter and the toys are sold out.

See you in my next blog post… and Merry Christmas to you and your family!
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