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Monday, December 30, 2013

Green Bean Organic Coffee Co. at Museo Orlina - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 6

December 22, 2013 – When I heard that Ron Villagonzalo of is also here in Tagaytay City, we chat and sms each other for a plan to meet somewhere in one of the sites here in Tagaytay, then Ron told me that there’s Green Bean Coffee here in Tagaytay and he said that their next destination is to go there to check it out before trying the horse back riding in Residence Inn. For our part, our plan is to go to Picnic Grove and when I learned that Green Bean Coffee is on the way to Picnic Grove, we decided to go there first before going to Picnic Grove.

I have tried Green Bean Coffee before, they have their main branch in H2O Hotel inside Manila Ocean Park, and one branch in NAIA Terminal 3, a small kiosk in St. Lukes Hospital in QC and a one worth visiting branch in Victoria Ave in New Manila QC. I met the owners of the café and I joined in a whole day of coffee adventure with them, I haven’t posted yet my story and feature of it, but watch it out for a post this 2014,its under my priority of back logs hehhehe.

The uniqueness of Green Bean Organic Coffee Co. is that they are 100% organic Arabica coffee beans and with USDA certification and all beans are brewed directly in Hudson Valley, New York City, USA. The best part here is that their coffee is the most affordable, the best ever coffee in the country..why ? because its Php 75 only!!! and its pure organic!

check out Ron's blog post here at

(photo by )

The new branch of Green Bean Coffee is much different, I learned in my first meet up with the owners that they are into occupying existing space or venue of a business, no plans yet of having a stand alone store, but for starters, they are focusing on adding Green Bean Coffee to your space. If ever I have a business site, I am open to accept Green Bean Coffee as my partner.

For example, their new branch in Tagaytay City is on top of the rooftop of Museo Orlina building, it’s a new glass garden sculpture museum done by world renowned Filipino glass sculpture artist named Ramon Orlina. you can read more about him here at

The concept is like the Ben Cab museum in Baguio, here in Museo Orlina, they have an exhibit space for other artist, gallery for sale section and a private art exhibit for show done by Ramon Orlina.

above is one of the examples of his glass sculpture

(photo by )

Green Bean Organic Coffee Co is located at the roof top area of Museo Orlina, that’s the 6th floor of the building. There’s an elevator and also stairs going up the roof top

btw, we just rode a tricycle coming from Olivarez Terminal going to Museo Orlina.
Museo Orlina is located at the back of Tagaytay Econo Hotel, if you will ride a tricycle, just mention that hotel and you’ll see Museo Orlina sitting at the back of the hotel.

Tagaytay Econo Hotel is infront of the intersection of Tagaytay-Sta Rosa road

(photo by )

The only downside here is that the Museo will require you to pay for an entrance fee, I explained to the customer desk that we are there to meet my friend Ron at the Green Bean Organic Coffee Co. shop, but then when they found out that we tip off the café owner Mr. Eric Tan about our visit, we got free access going inside the Museo Orlina, but we went straight to the café and not for the museum itself.

The café owner told me that they will work on something that café customers can enter some ways by not paying for the entrance fee. According to the resident barista of the café, their customers are mostly museum guests.

Museo Orlina on a hill

spotted at the rooftop are Ron’s boys and my boy,also on the side Ron’s wife and my wife Lace

It’s the first time ever that we met in far away location from Manila and with our family

Here’s the barista preparing for my organic coffee! btw he covered the sandwich and ensaymada glass display because it was too windy that day.



Here’s my coffee and my ensaymada!

yummy goodness!! I super love their ensaymada!

Our boys are so cute they even have their own hackathon here in Tagaytay hahahaha

And impromptu meeting with Ron – we talked about projects and plans for 2014

After the chat, meeting, kids bonding and coffee, its time for a short dessert

yeah… Taal volcano viewing is our dessert that day hahahaha. check out the nice way on top of the roof top of Museo Orlina

It’s a long way drive back to our tripcation house in Tagaytay City.

Thanks to Eric Tan for the tip off to Museo Orlina. And thanks to Ron and his wife for the lift going to Picnic Grove.

My plan next time is to visit Museo Orlina and check out his works.

Green Bean Organic Coffee Co.
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