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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Azrael’s Merryland the web show–in the works this 2014 (production note 1)

The message last November 30, 2013 at 3:37am was --- “ I'm proposing for an online tv show, your own online tv show. Tentative schedule of first test broadcast. January or February 2013” When I received that message, I wasn’t so serious and then I did a little research about the guy who sent me the message, then I learned that he got a nice portfolio, he knows and worked with top personalities in the industry. So, I gave it a shot, I agreed about the online show starring me!

I think my brain is a bit wonky that morning, because it was around 3am when I received that message, the creative director told me that we have met personally in Blogapalooza 2012 last year and I told him yeah I remember it and he was with a friend I know who do well in the tv-movie industry.

It took us nearly one week to sync our schedule for a meet up, and I’m very impressed on what the creative director is up to.

2014 might be different for me, I’m not sure if this will push through,but I ‘m now crossing my finger that this should materialize. Concept of the show is like what I do in my video blog – Az Video Blog.
I’ll be hosting my own web show and the creative director said that I might get a co-host…a female co-host… yay! not sure if it’s the same hot sexy girl that I met in Bicol and in Greenbelt during a massive event campaign ehehehe.

My view outside their studio

It’s funny that I get this offer in time that I’m busy with my own production and new web show title – “4TB” aka 4 Terrabytes aka 4 The Boys. But I will still continue with our own show and 4TB just finished a test video and all I need is more funding to buy video lights and a microphone for my Olympus E-PL1.

Did you know that in the mid year of 2013, I got an offer to host a tech show segment in a regular basis for a morning show in PTV 4? I was excited with that gig, the initial plan was that I’ll work with them for FREE, well.. I gave a shot and I said to them that I’ll do it, and then their boss told me that I should get paid…which is good, but then the writer and director of the morning show seems no longer interested to get me, they evaporated with any word. geeez…so Professional

I hope this web show offer pushes through, that’s why I blogged it here just to monitor the developments of this new venture.

go go go! Azrael’s Merryland the web show!

btw here's a video that I created while we are having a meeting hahaha

watch here!

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