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Friday, December 27, 2013

My last minute Christmas shopping adventure

My wife told me to create a video blog about my last minute Christmas shopping, she knows already that I’ll be cramming again to buy some Christmas present in SM Bacoor last December 24, 2013. Because this cram mania happens every year for the last 8 years. I want everyone at home to have their own gifts from me and from my wife Lace. But for this year, its funny that everyone got electronic stuff and gadget as their presents. This 2013 is much different and I’m glad that gadgets and electronics are much easier to acquire in a crowded mall and 6 hours before Christmas eve.

Btw, I didn’t created a video blog, I’m so lazy that day to shoot a video and I’m on a panic already because the mall is crowded and I’m running out of time hahha.

But my mission here is to buy that toy helicopter for my son, my sister Misyel sent some cash for Ashton’s Christmas present, and she told me to buy that toy helicopter and some toys that Ashton wants for Christmas. She sent the cash via Western Union and I learned from her via online chat and I told her that I’ll pick it up on the 24th because we are still in Tagaytay City that day. I forgot there are some banks in Tagaytay that offers money remittance via Western Union, but I didn’t tried visiting one bank that week because me and my family are so busy surfing the whole city.

It’s a short walk and a minute to travel going to SM Bacoor, and before I reached the gates of the shopping mall, a large crowd already welcomed me coming from the tianggee store located outside the mall.

While I pass by inside the covered tent and with walls of merchandise, my eyes worked in a multi task job, and as I pass by, I check if there are interesting items to buy from the sidewalk stores.

This is inside the mall, so crowded and people are starting to panic buy

My first target is to visit Toy Kingdom store, I already expected that there will be a long line of people facing the counter

saw lots of people too wearing their cap inside the mall, I thought that there’s a rules already suggested by the PNP that caps and other head gear are not allowed inside the mall.

I finally arrived here in Toy Kingdom, my heart starts to pump. Its okay if ever I see a long line, but I need to make sure that the toy that I’m going to buy is available.

There’s the long line…whewwww!!
katakot pumila grabe.. baka abutin ako ng noche buena dito hahahaha

I went around and there’s no sign of the toy helicopter

My next stop is SM Store, I have a big feeling already that there might be few lines here and the toy is available at their Toy Kingdom Express.

Here’s the line…. its short and the cashier are fast in finishing the transaction.

I spotted this Tomy Takara Geki Yaba wall climbing field.
I’m not yet familiar with this toy, but it looks like that it’s a multiplayer game

I was thinking to buy this….but I’ll pass
I need to double check the quality of the plastic and the toy’s playability


If this Predaking’s price went for example PHp1,000, I’ll buy one right away for my TF collection hahaha.

Here’s the Rescue Copter toy!!!!
thanks Tita Misyel!

I visited DTC store here at the SM Cyberzone area, I just bought this duo core smartphone as Christmas present here at home

I’m also hunting for that Clock-Radio with iPhone and iPod dock, but it seems that the appliance store got the expensive line only and not the one we bought – it’s a TDK clock-radio with iPhone and iPod dock, we bought one from CDR King in Tagaytay.

That Bluetooth Speaker from Euroo is very promising, I’m planning to buy one and give it away for my lucky blog reader, its just Php 2,000.

And since that I can’t find that TDK clock radio with dock, I went to Ace Hardware and bought a powerful dual dry and wet vacuum cleaner as a gift again for Christmas ho ho ho ho ho!

I went home at around 7pm, all stores started to close down and the mall calls it a night. I arrived home and hide all the items under the table, and I started to gift wrap the items one by one. The most hard to wrap are the bigger box for Ashton’s toy. , I used an eco bag in order to cover the toy and placed a label outside the eco bag hahahah.

How about you? have you tried shopping for last minute before Christmas eve. ?
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