My 1st attempt in HDR imaging

hdr PA152115_6_7_tonemapped
photo taken using my Olympus e520 and processed in Photomatix

Here's my 1st attempt in doing High Dynamic Range imaging in photos, I'm very curious on how it works when I first saw the process of HDR years ago when I started to own a dslr and saw some sample of photos on photography magazines and at I began to practice and discover on using softwares like Photoshop or Photomatix in processing and merging photos into HDR. I tried doing it but I failed and got a bad result, but then I'm glad that when I met pro photo Magic Liwanag for the 1st time, he taught me on using AEB or Automatic Exposure Bracketing in my Olympus e520 dslr, I got the idea from there that my camera can take 3 kinds of shots in one click and generate 3 kinds of photos with different exposure level, at first I thought that I'm going to change the exposure levels manually, but that thing works only to point and shoot cameras if you plan to do HDR using it.

I set up my AEB in my camera and with you have to hold the camera still with no movements so that you won't get any problems merging the 3 photos, use a tripod or place your camera on a flat surface so that It can avoid some camera movements. Above is one my samples as I took a shot of the view in Ayala Westgrove Heights, I didn't brought a tripod with me, so I tried taking pics and stood still, I know I'll never get a chance in taking home a good shot, so I tried once again in taking photos with AEB while my camera sat on a flat fence.

I used Photomatix software in merging the photos in HDR, and the result is nice, but I'm not that confident yet in getting a perfect shot, but its just a start for me to learn more in HDR process in photography and have more practice. I took the photos in jpeg, but next time I'll try to take pics in RAW format.

here are some other samples, plus the AEB photo samples included.
see more photos below

hdr PA152118_19_20_tonemapped
PA152119 PA152120 PA152121

hdr PA151979_80_81_tonemapped
PA151981 PA151980 PA151979

Feel free to post your comment here,in order for me to improve in taking photos