Snacks and early dinner at Bag of Beans - holiday tripcation in Tagaytay part 3

December 21 2013 – We ate our quick snack and also this our early dinner here in Bag of Beans in Tagaytay City, we went here after our outdoor adventure in Paradizoo theme farm in Mendez, Cavite. We rode the tricycle and a jeepney just to travel to Bag of Beans, we rode the trike from Paradizoo and then rode the Olivarez terminal jeepney, and told the driver to drop us off in Mendez crossing, at the crossing area – that’s an intersection of Tagaytay-Mendez and Nasugbu, we rode another jeepney going to Nasugbu and told the jeepney barker to drop us off in Bag of Beans, I’m glad that the jeepney drivers and barkers really know what Bag of Beans café, it’s one of the most popular café here in Tagaytay, they sell nice restaurant food and an expensive Civet coffee.

Last 2010, me and Lace got married and after a honeymoon getaway in Tagaytay, we remembered that we ate our dinner here after a honeymoon tripcation around Tagaytay City. Bag of Beans in Tagaytay City already changed and they remodeled the ground area of the café, they added more tables and dining area, the dining style with nature is no longer present, I think that’s the part that we’re going to miss. I think the owners now aimed to expand the café just to accommodate many customers.

There’s a 2nd branch also of Bag of Beans, near the Tagaytay rotonda and beside BPI bank, that’s the landmark for Bag of Beans, I haven’t tried it there but I heard that they offer a unique food that is not available from their 1st branch.

After the jeepney ride, we arrived here at Bag of Beans at around 5pm. Here you see my son who is already knocked out hahaha. He woke up after a few minutes and then he said that he was here last week, wow!!! this boy’s memory is very sharp. They were here last week having a nice snick with his cousins who lived here in Tagaytay City.

My boy started to get cranky, so I gave him that Cars 2 blocks toys for him to play with , we bought that in Paradizoo theme farm at Php100. My wife Lace started to order her food and then I told her that I’m still full, but then I was convinced to try their lasagna.

Ashton starts to smile again after a cranky sleep aahaha

Time to assemble that Cars 2 toy blocks (as in fake LEGOs hahha)

Lace ordered this pandesal and butter, because our son loves to eat bread with butter during afternoon tea time.

Bag of Beans salad is the best ever!!! if ever I say it’s the best.. it’s the yummiest (insert curse words here) salad for me!! Omfg!!! I can eat this every day!

And here’s my Lasagna… its like the Taal volcano ahhaahaa . The melted cheese is the heart of this lasagna. I don’t care about the meat and the pasta, but the cheese is the best ever!!! I didn’t finish it because I want to take home half of it and continue to eat it at home.

Chicken Parmigiano tastes okay, but that’s for Mommy Lace, I took a small bite of the chicken and it tastes okay naman.

For me..the Caesar salad is a must try!

Here’s another family pic of the Coladilla family
hahaha! my son is so tired na talaga.

After our snacks, we went around the café and here I spotted the new renovated dining area, it’s a covered area that can accommodate events and dining of big groups.

Nice tablet set up and lighting.

But don’t forget the al fresco dining.

I just realized that the dining with nature is still here, it is located at the other side of the café.

See Saw chair… I want to take that home hahahaha. Its so comfy and I felt sleepy when I rode that chair. Also you can eat in this area, my wife told me that we should try eat here but I refused because the tables are so short and its far away from the wooden chairs.

Love birds, pigeons and parakeets are also displayed here to add nature ambiance

hello birdie!!!

Here’s Ashton trying to challenge himself to get off of that high chair.

The setting for relaxation and dining here in Bag of Beans is great!

Here’s another colorful set up to attract their customers. Colored bottles hanging in the vine garden

Looks vintage.

My view from below…

Crap… I’m wasted here ahhhaha. Time to go home!!! in our Tagaytay lair.

Mommy Lace bought some cinnamon bread at Bag of Beans, we ate this for our breakfast the next day.

Wheat bread from Bag of Beans

Long gan fruits, we bought it from Robinsons.


So there’s our day 1 tripcation here in Tagaytay. That’s my view during my work at home stunt here in our room.

Watch out for my day 2 post!