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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Pinoy Ingenuity
I appeared as a guest in Studio 23 show Breakfast, I was with RG Guanzon to be feature on their segment called "Pinoy Ingenuity" where RG Guanzon showed the indie video game Azrael Adventures in Merryland and I give talk about Web Animation and the future of animation. whoohoh...

..with Patricia Evangelista, host of Breakfast.

I was crossing my fingers to meet Angel Rivero and Patty Laurel,but that day it was Atom and Patricia who hosted the thursday show, but its okay..i met Marieton Pacheco and cutey Patricia.

screen shot of our 5 min tv guesting.

I was having a bad time that day, coz i almost got late into the studio of Studio 23. for I encountered massive traffic in Aurora Blvd. then I almost took the wrong ride of MRT, instead of going to Que.Ave station, I rode the wrong Train going to Taft Ave. Im glad that I went outside the train before the door closes.

Arriving in the studio left me running and try to refresh my self back there in the dressing room. the P.A, offered coffee to me, I took the coffee and drank it, then minutes before the interview my stomach burst into pain, and got a hard time fixing my self, and told RG and Marc about the ache.

i dont know if im going to the CR, but i dont feel going to the CR. but I can feel the hot coffee runs inside my stomach. damn! i hate that coffee.

then after that we were called by Ann the Segment Producer to go to the dressing room for make up, me and RG were laughing coz the make up artist really do a great job in retouching us before going live. and im glad that Lipstick is no longer require. Coz i remember the time when I guested in GMA 7 morning show, i look gay on that make up and lipstick,which i rolled into laughing after i watched it in vhs.

Stanley Chi of Chopstix was there to feature his comic strip creation. and We were surprised to see each other in the set. cool guy !

here's our group pic.
from left: Atom, Marieton Pacheco, Azrael(me), Patricia Evangelista
from right : RG Guanzon, Stanley Chi.

thanks to our stuntman photographer and videographer Marc Cerbo.

Pinoy Ingenuity RG and Az

Eiga Sai
Actually before the day of the TV guesting me, RG and marc went out to have our meeting for the tv guesting, we decided to watch the Eiga Sai, thats a Japanese Film Festival in Podium Cinema, we attended the 1st day showing.

Water Boys
1st me and Marc watched Water Boys, a really funny movie about boys who turned celebrities by doing synchronize swimming. then the movie Juvenile, its a sci fi film about kids found a small droid in the forest and brings news about an alien invasion, one of the E.T. inspired film, its nice and funny movie.

Twilight Samurai
and last Twilight Samurai, Hiroyuki Sanada made a perfect role again as a samurai,farmer, and a father, one of the best acting of Sanada before Tom Cruise's LAST SAMURAI.

Then after the TV guesting. we stayed in RG home in Pasig, me rest and took some long sleep, My body gave way and i can no longer stand and walk. that time I was supposed to meet with Ariel Atienza to go with him in UST to submit our letter for our Campus Tour. but I am sleep dead that time.

After the long sleep, we watched the movie "Give it All", a cute and nice movie about girls who into the sport of rowing. a cool movie about team work and fighting spirit. I like the actress Rena Tanaka. shes so cute!!!

Learn to Fly
make my way back home and learn to fly....
at last! my new band is complete!!!!!!
wohohohoh.and im glad that our female bassist is free now coz its sembreak time already.. and im glad that my friend volunteered to the drummer. cool eh !? music banging is back again and more rock and roll spirit! coz the 3 of us has the same jrocking music while my other friend TJ into this mecha thing..woho.. 1st gig will be on Nov. !

watch out for our name of the band !!


holy long nose batman!! i havent finish editing the Star Wars:Checkmate (Special Edition) subtitles eh? Special Edition is just a joke.. im on re-doing the editing stuff for the fan film of Gary Mayoralgo, and it will be shown on Oct 29, Star Wars Philippines Rock Halloween Party called Mos Eisley Night. and for my schedule I already out of the deadline, and marking my calendar to finish this fan film next week. and show it to master director Gary Mayoralgo for approval.

A certain shade of green

its ek ek time...on november il be starting shooting my own short film.
wohohoh...i have found one cute girl to star as a high school girl who will date this guy who havent gotten a girlfriend in his entire college life. im running on some story boards and some test shot for the location. and one big challenge for this will i get a rain and storm effect in the set.. i must borrow a hose and compressor. hope i do it a no budget film.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Renai Revolution 21
its Love Revolution baby!
its a great weekend off for me. more sleep, stayed at home, and connected to matrix. this week will be busy again for lots of activities is coming this weeked. and been into this weird dream that wakes me up.

me and my friend, Ice watched a movie last week, Resident Evil 2:Apocalypse.
The movie is cool ! and much more better than the first movie.
more zombies! more guns! and 2 hot babes running and the main hero of the movie.

I really like Jill Valentine, she's so hot the actress really portrays a good role for Jill Valantine, she's babe that can kick, shoot and a bad ass attitude.

Az on TV
again I will be guesting in a live morning show. in Studio 23's Breakfast. me and WAA!Soft indie game developr RG Guanzon will be there to feature the Azrael Adventures in Merryland video game, the topic is about Animation and cartoons, and we will be in the segment featuring WEB animation. The game is in Macromedia Flash. and flash is involved in web animation. so in the other we will be showing and talk about the web animation revolution.

wohhoho.I will meet Angel Rivero aka Erning of Strange Brew, also the host of Breakfast, geez..she's a real cutey. i like her coz of the funny show Strange Brew, where she is the sidekick of Tado.

Ok all i need to do now is get more sleep. must in full beauty rest for my face will appear in millions of TV sets nationwide.

been part of the DLSU org Sigaw, its an org that unites creators in the fields of communications and arts, its aim is to elevate humanity through innovative publications and creative events.

here are some photos of our 1st meeting

whooh..Oct 20 will be my deadline for the news article in my project.
2 articles, 1 press release,1 movie review!


me, MC and RG were invited by 97.1 LSFM for the premiere night of OPEN WATER in Podium Cinema, for their Indie show in radio and they feature the indie film Open Water. which was shown in the recent Sundance Film Festival.

LSFM staff poses near the movie poster

This movie was based on the true story of Queensland's Great Barrier Reef Tragedy, which someone else has already pointed out. The tragedy was about a couple, Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who took a much needed vacation that turned into a disaster. They went on a diving expedition with 26 people on a charter vessel owned by Outer Edge Dive Co. from Australia, Sunday, January 25 1998. While Tom and Eileen were still scuba diving, the other 24 divers had finished early, and boarded the vessel. The Captain, Jack Nairn, neglected to do a head count and just assumed everyone had boarded.

He was also in a hurry to get back to port because there was a party going on and he wanted to hook up with his mistress there. (But the movie doesn't touch on that part) Anyways, so the charter boat goes back to port, leaving Tom and Eileen Lonergan stranded.

Here's my review of the movie:
Open Water was shot in full digital camera, and during the film i get a little dizzy for the camera shot has lots of movements, i dunno maybe the director Chris Kentis is his shooting style.the movie tries to go to the art film side by showing some shots and water wave clips. and also to the soundtrack of the film. like been into the Hawaiian island taking a vacation.

I dont like the use of the subtitle "Welcome to the new JAWS of Death" and coz i was expecting a big and large great white shark in the film. the actors acts really well in the film. they are not in the field of Hollywood, but the acting is very risky. why ?? coz..great scott ! they are using real live SHARK in shooting the film, yup ! that makes me so interested in watching the film, although that the technicals of the film is not that good but the environment and story telling is excellent.

the Director Chris Kentis is really a crazy man! for using real live untrained Sharks. its so dangerous and risky, coz where in the wild can you find a shark that you can teach how to act?. but this film really kicks out all shark films. Also during the film one of the actors where bitten by a real baracuda.

The story is really depressing. and the story telling of the film really captures the audience. for me...its a really badtrip movie....for the outcome of the film. but I still recommend watching the film and yes..i will add this to my film collection.

Puto Bumbong

cool! there's a Puto bumbong here in our town, selling for only P10, thats 4 strips of Puto bumbong. me and Ryan saw this mini store in our street and we bought some and took a bite. It Taste so good! and even that it isn't Xmas time, this food of the Simbang Gabi really tops all rice foods.

The Fanboys taste test of Puto Bumbong, wearing their geek shirts
Az: very chewy! and tasty
Ryan: the taste is okay
my sister: masyado maputla pa!!!

Monday, October 04, 2004

We Survived !
me and my friends survived the 12 hour party music marathon event og 97.1 LS FM anniversary in UP Bahay ng Alumni. RG, Marc, Fatima, Don Don Shadowinvert and Me, and some cosplayers stayed the whole 12 hours to finish the event. 18 bands, hundred people and a limited stocks of mineral water kept us alive during the ultimate rock event.

I met this nice girl during the Bamboo performance
after that I was squished and sandwich by 4 girls in 2 different events

Its fun to be part of this event, we go out as P.A for the activity and for the cosplay event which was hosted by We Are Anime. i just can't take my eyes off to Kitchie Nadal,wow she's so cute!. Giniling Festival rocked the house and wakes the crowd of their song "Psycho Sya!" with the tune of Bioman's opening theme. The crowd went berserk during the Bamboo performance. South Border performs lots of song. At Last I saw Dice n' K9. man..i can't put all stuff here during the 12 hour event.

I stayed near the stage with MC as we cover the whole event
and its my record breaking stay at the event and taking a 12 hour coverage


Black Mage 3rd place, Voltes V 2nd place, Siegfried 1st place

Girls said Welcome to Merryland

check out my photo coverage here

Vote Straight! The Purplechickens

Yup..I'm advertising this to vote straight for The Purplechickens for the NU Rock Awards, check out the voting booth in NU 107 office.
in this pic, Adrian Arcega forces us to vote straight (ahahha.just kidding) It was a tough vote coz JP of Late Isabel was there to vote, and hmm...i voted half and put some vote for our friend JP's band. geez...i love these bands.and wow. they are becoming so famous!

for more info of the band visit their site

i was late for the Star Wars Philippines Assembly meeting las saturday, for I stayed home for awhile to recover my left knee injury, I got it during the 626 music marathon. I accidentally hurt my self again in the stage. Remembering last Toycon I injured my ankle and left me crawling going home.

refresh me

its nice to be invited to a bday party, and a good shot for us to relax after the 626 music marathon, thanks to john john for inviting us to his bday party, man! i love spaghetti. ako ata nakaubos lahat. sorry we cant stay for we need to rest and energized our body cells.


In case you haven't already heard: "Val Kilmer is Moses!"

Starring in The Ten Commandments at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, "Kilmer's passive Moses appears to be following the commandment, 'Thou shall not express passion,' since he responds with somnabulistic detachment to every situation, even underplaying in the face of killer plagues and the parting of the Red Sea," writes Variety.

"This bland, static, overproduced and underdirected musical," adds the New York Times "all but submerges the famous episodes from Moses' life in an oily sea of pleasant but unremarkable pop music. The lengendary journey unfolds like a long, lumbering fancy-dress episode of American Idol."

Those looking for spiritual entertainment on a grand scale would be advised to visit their website

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