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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Anarchy Across Manila

near the garden of Barangka, Marikina

last saturday was a big hell for me, for I skated again in the street at 3pm, from my house going to Lico's Likofest foodfest in Kamuning.
Got a hardtime going up in the Katipunan area, coz its an up hill terrain, i stop over in Barangka, near the statue of the fish fountain, then I walk up the hill of Katipunan and wear again my inline skate.

under Katipunan flyover

skating in the rough street ok Kamias was fun, at first there's this small up hill after Anonas Road. where I grab the end of the jeepney and let me drag by the vehicle going up hill. Then after the drop zone, its downhill time in Kamias going to EDSA. it was like me surfing the street of Kamias road going to EDSA to Kamuning.

Jollibee Kamias

People in their cars, jeeps, are raising their two thumbs up for me doing this kind of coolness sporty act, i think its their first time to see an aggressive inline street skater in Manila, coz in the states, its very common especially in NYC.

At last. I arrived in Lico's house and im 1 1/2 hour late for the Likofest. its a one ride adventure for me in the street that left me like a dried leaf and a half dead corpse, for im so...dead tired. skating is fun! and I'm glad that my Rollerblade is so tough!

its a foodfest ! Lico celebrated Octoberfest in his own style, by doing some chef works and cooked some foods for his invited friends. We at the Artists' Den didnt let this pass in our hands, we went there and im surprised that Lico cooked my favorite food- PASTA-. It was heaven for me that day after the long skate from home.

Geek Cuisine comic creator adn chef Lico Reloj
Creamy Carbonara and Pizza is one of my favorite food.thanks Lico!!

happy face = happy stomach

Lyndon: I almost cried while tasting that creamy carbonara..i hope Likofest is a weekly food festival


RG, Don Don and Azrael

its my first time to drunk in this year's Octoberfest. Don Don aka Shadowinverts new comer of Artists' Den got the idea for a drinking spree after the Artists' Den meeting last friday. We went to Padis Point in Edsa Central, and grab some cold ice beer and some music. dancing around with the crowd full of girls.

from left: painting in the wall, take it off! take it off, crowd goes wild

we went home 6am in the morning, and I was so tired, tipsy, and sleepy that left me half charge on the saturday skating trip to Likofest.
thanks Shadowinverts!

Kitchie fest

i have a big crush on Kitchie Nadal, I saw her first time performing last Music Marathon, man!!! she's so cute.
I always missed her live performance whenever I go to some music events in Manila, and this time im lucky to see her performing live. I love her music and she's a great composer.

Me and Marc "the stuntman" Cerbo, went our last week to buy her album, we only founf one copy of her album in AstroPlus in Podium. and we are puzzled why is it that the album sold out. After that day we are watching MTV Asia and waits for Kitchie Nadal music video. I like her "Run" music video she's so cute in there and i like her acting singing in the music video.

visit for more info about Kitchie Nadal.

that's me posing infront of Ashlee Simpsons poster in AstroPlus

Marc the stuntman shows his loot- last copy of Kitchie Nadal album

Alicia Keys fest
got a free ticket ..
all access..
problem is...
i didnt make it to the concert.....
one bad day for a saturday.
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