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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Diary in Diapers
wala lang.

warm up lang ako dito sa friendster at post lang ako at testimonial marathon ako .wala kasi ako magawa.

ganito pa lang pagka mental blocked ka. hirap magisip at super dead ako, lalo na at deadline na ng 2 article ko ngayon, super dead na ko.

nakanampucha, paano ko kaya sisimulan ito
ehhee. pag pasensyahan nyo na warm up ko lang ito.

at dami ko kasi gagawin e. at sa sobra dame na ng events at activities na involved ako this month,e na wala yung focus ko sa pagsusulat,

ito lakas tripping, nakikinig ako ng CD ni Kitchie Nadal, hayy..grabe..ang ganda ng boses nya talaga at ang cute pa nya..

pucha..hirap ng ganito at buti na lang ay wala akong girl friend ngayon, sarap din at ginhawa
wala ako iniisip heheehe...

at ito ako ngayon nagiisip kung sino ka-date ko sa halloween party, at syete. at nagback out yung isa kasi sa sobra busy at may event din sila sa susunod na araw..kaya ito ako..umaasa na makadate yung isa naman hehhehe.. backside story naman ng buhay wala naman gaano importante. medyo lie low ako sa mga gimiks at nagiipon ng energon para sa sat-sun campus namin sa ICA>

hmmm.bukas e. pupunta ako sa bahay ni Cammy, wohoho..malayo yun dito.pero ok lang. tagal ko na din hindi nakakapunta sa caloocan city, at sana hindi ako maligaw ng pupuntahan,

hehehe..sana ay nakatulong itong warm up routine ko sa pagsusulat. at sana eh nag enjoy din kayo kahit papaano sa pag babasa nito entry ko sa friendster at blog.

ok.kita kits sa susunod ..nasa ICA ako sa sat-sun.
kung trip nyo ko makita at mapuntahan .eh..daan kayo dun

ok see you all soon!


mahal ko kayo! (az wave hands)


Az no Kusabi
last week was fun and it end me so tired, my english is deteriorating and im having some trouble in writing, books for me to read for the past 3 months. and i dont even like books hahaa.comics is even better,. so the latest comic i read is Marvel's The Ultimates.

Azrael loves Jill Valentine, but Sasha the cosplayer mistaken me as a zombie.

TFPH boys are back

yup..we are better and badder......and we are back.
the TransFormers Philippines boys are back with a vengeance in toy collecting and hunger for more TransFormers stuff, nice to see all the guys and cool to hang out in Joe's Moon Base 2. watching episodes, looking at new toys, reading magazine, and talk about funny and for adults stuff. Me and TJ got a chance to jam for our new band. its cool to hear his violin tunes. cool mix while we tried to jam "Ang Huling Jrock ko", an original composition by me, and cover music like "Heart of Sword" and "Stay Away", can you imagine that? jrock music with violin..

click the photo above to view the pics

you got to see this pictures if your a TransFormers fan, Marc Cerbo's Jazz figure is one pretty good toy, i think it was called an Alternator, a new series of toy line, scaling with the Optimus Prime Master Piece Collection, Jazz aka Meister here in a form of a white Mazda RX 8 car, It will be ‘Meister’ the Japanese name for ‘Jazz’. Sadly, Hasbro lost the license for the name ‘Jazz’ so it will be ‘Meister’ in and out of Japan.". now im dreaming to buy a Hound figure from the Alternator series, which is Hound is in the form of a Wragler jeep. Bumbble Bee Alternator is not yet release, the German company Volkswagen did not allow their brand and design to be used by a toyline. well. the Alternators line is very succeful and i hope they release more vehicles and toys.

Campus Tour and Deviant ART Manila meet
The October EB of the Pinoy Deviantart COmmunity will be held with the Artists' Den's campus tour in Immaculate Conception Academy on Oct 23-24 in San Juan, Greenhills


***lecture/workshop about anime, comic, game developing will be conducted
(lecturers are our local indie and professional comic artists )

* workshop on anime manga style drawing
* basic figure drawing
* comic strip and cartooning
* game developing
* and more....

limited slot for all attendees and students.

*** Name tag Competition
(Prize will be either anime vcd or dvd... *still not settled*)

*** Games(!?)
(Inviting all duelist and other card players... no prize will be awarded to the winners but if you're looking for a duel feel free to bring with you your deck.)

2 days P50 entrance for the School Fair of ICA

click below for the map directions going to ICA

Monday, October 18, 2004

Rhythm Emotion
Its been a busy week again for me, and i observed that the October month is a party month, every other day, every weekend party and inhouse live jam happens in every corner.

Azrael skater pic circa 2000
(this pic won in a photo contest 1st place in UP Diliman)

Holy smoke!! I will be featured in GAMEPLAN
yes..GAMEPLAN that sport tv magazine in Studio 23
and i'l be there doing some Aggressive inline Skating.stunts and tricks

for I will promote the extreme games pinoy style.

tomorrow TUESDAY will be my shoot for this saturday's episode.
and wish me luck !!

OCTOBER 16, 2004: Gion Matsuri: Jrock event

Az and Mica

i enjoyed last saturdays Gion Matsuri Jrock event, and thansk to Black Plague and Kinjo for inviting me to be their host/emcee at their event.
nice to see the jrock cover bands , and total of 11 bands performed that day until 11pm.they have booths, Pinoyanime has their anime booth, Light Outs jrock booth sales, WE ARE ANIME booth featuring Hard Core Game Premiere of Devil May Cry 3 in PS2, and Gameophilia booth with their GameCube set up.

Az and Shandie

Thanks to my 2 cute co-host Mica and Shandie for assisting me on stage. Mica looks like a jpop cutey, and Shandie looks like a jrocker vocalist. nice to jam up with girls.
nice to see Neko_chan aka Cath, our female bassist for our upcoming band, and im happy to see her again, last time we met was in year 2001. here she brought along some friends to watch the jrock event.

11 bands..yes..and it was awesome, each of the performers displayed their own stunt. like Kirby here, who into Gothish Visual Rock Kei style, with white paint in his face, and others into their usual jrock attire.and one guy who cross dress and wears a girls high school uniform ahhhahaha.
i was blown away by the sexyness of Lace of Pinoyanime, who just jokes on me on the mic saying i love yous and stuff like that, but the audience shouted for a kiss, but i was so shy to kiss a girl in front of these big crowd, and i didnt know that Lace is game for that..i well..i wish i could done that backstage...and having a crush on her..!! shes's so hot and sexy..geez.

Jrock power up !!! Az, RG, band members and Kinjo people
check my it! (print is "Hentai Inside")
thanks to my sis Joisu for the Hentai Inside tshirt.

click the link for more photos

ICA invasion

Last week, Oct 14, I went to Immaculate Conception Academy in Greenhills to check out the venue for our Campus Tour, Me and RG went there to meet Angela Lim, our student contact who invited us to conduct a lecture and art workshop in their school fair on Oct 23-24.

ICA is an exclusive girls school, so we are happy to enter the grounds of a school full of girls, i've been to Assumption, Miriam, and Holy Spirit, but ICA is different in the other school I mention. ICA is a nice school, the swimming pool welcomed us when we made our first step to the campus.
Pic from left: Azrael talks to Angela, the pool, the classroom for our art wokshop
It was dismissal that time, Me and RG are so tired because of the hot temperature that day. Then we proceed right away to check out the classroom. There I saw Frances, Angela's friend who welcomed us, she's with her barkada that time sitting in a bench infront of the pool.

then some students are shock to see us guys inside their school, the inside of the campus is flooded by female students, so that time I began to feel a little culture shock, because all eyes are staring at us, and also one girl confronted why is it that there are "boys" in their school, later then Angela told them our purpose.

RG feels the same culture shock experience, all left in our faces are wide smiles and saying...."wow...all girls!" ...eehee..sorry for that reaction, its normal for a guy like us.

White Reflection

I went to the launching of 3D Studio Max ver. 7 in Shangri La Makati Hotel. It was a great learning experience for me, listening and understanding the use of the software in their seminar, I just learned that 3DSMax is one of heck powerful tool in animation and Computer Generated Images.

Lucky me to attend the launching, but a little bit disappointed at the event, coz i was expecting a hands on activity for all of us, since i got experience in Pinnacle event last year, its nice to try the software in hands on mode, which i learn very easy.
from left: Me winning some candy, Banner of 3DSmax, and video game Call of Duty staff

But.check out the software 3D Studio Max 7. this will kick your ass in game developing, animation, and digital image effects.

3DStudio Max 7 Launching/Seminar Oct 15
Makati Shangri La hotel
click here for the pics

Drunk Fest part 2

It seems that every Friday night we always went home drunk.
I won 2 ticket invite for the Jack Daniels Manila Session event in Manila Polo Club. It was an event of Indie Rock Bands who is included in a compilation album sponsored by Jack Danile whisky,.

thanks to Star Wars Philippines and Adrian Arcega of the Purplechickens band for choosing my winning entry for their contest "What will Darth Vader do, if he is stuck with Britney Spears in a room alone?"
RG and Marc in Drunk mode, and pic of Alex our Bartender

AFter the 3DStudio max event I went there, although super late coz my two companions Marc "the stuntman" Cerbo and RG Guanzon came late. in there I failed to watch Marty Mcfly, Narda and Kiko Machine performance. but i got in time to watch the live act of Purplechickens.
Andy Maluche, i am a fan of his photo, and i cant believe that i will meet him here, and just found out that he is one of the writer for PULP magazine, visit his blog site

It was a bottomless drink of Jack Daniel whisky, and it got me drunk after 3 shots of whisky chased by Coke. I just cant believe how the alcohol kicks really quick.

at the event I was called my Francis Reyes, DJ of NU 107 and guitarist of the Dawn. he called me coz he joked on us for blocking their area of hosting the event, and I told him that we are only just taking our drink from the bar tender, then he talk to me live in NU 107., asked my name, and then he reacted that Azrael is not my real name, and I joke him saying that I'm Jean Paul ahahahahah. then he said its not my real name, then he said something in the mic, but that time im having a hard time hearing the audio, but i heard he say my complete surname, said..Azrael Coladilla....and after that i was so shocked that 'he knows me!" ,, this real...the guy knows me,...and im not sure if im right.but Marc heard it too.

Is he reading my blog? hmm...hey Francis..if you read this hehhe.drop me a message in my email . ok ? thanks man!!!
Then I party all night with the 2 of my friends, nice to see some of the NWA friends like Luna, Dante, Paul, Reitch and Rio of Marty Mcfly, Khavn Dela Cruz hhahhaa...with that cool red head hairstyle wookie. and some unfamiliar faces.
Az tries to steal one bottle of Jack Daniels

another story before I went to Manila Polo Club,.I was walking in the long stretch of Mckinley Road, I was walking coz im looking for the venue, and i dont have any idea where it is. then suddenly a car stops in front of me, opened his car window and asked a question of What's the location of Manila Polo Club, then I told the guy that i dont know the venue, I was walking and try my luck to find it, but my guess is its across 2 more street, then after that the guy offered me a ride in his going to the venue. then he introduces himself "Lowie" and he's from Cebu, got also an invite for the party.
another story after the party as i went home, partialy drunk, but i can still put my self together. while riding the jeep going home, i just noticed this guy who sat near me and a lady, there i got alert and sensed that this guy must be a pickpocket or holduper. I saw him holding this newspaper, and thinking that he will used that paper to blind us off of his hand under and crawl it in our bags and pockets.

there i pretended to be asleep,but i can see his hand and i tried to observed if he will do the evil deed,...but somethings wrong...i just found out that the guy sitting near me MASTURBATING....ewww....thats a disgusting thing i see, and i saw this maniac doing in his own while he stares at the sleeping female passengers in the jeep. then i pretend that i woke up, then i saw him stopped, but i think that time he got a hard time on hoy he will unzip his pants, coz i was there looking at the back and it will be obvious to him to unzip, all he did is that he cover his thing by a newspaper..
and then went off the jeepney.

fucking idiot!!! i wish i can kill a person anytime i like.

Jack Daniels Manila Session gig Oct 15
Manila Polo Club
click here for more pics
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