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Friday, November 05, 2004

Hinlababo ako
yup.thats right..
hinlababo ako .at sana ok lang sa kanya.
i feel great...and back to my habitat.

if you dont get the meaning of the hidden message..try ask around.

after the DLSU lecture
my honey Lace, foot ball Azrael, Girlash pink RG, Baseball Lyndon and Gundam Girl Kicks.

Az Sensei

thanks to the Nihon Kenkyu Kai -DLSU for inviting us to give them a lecture about Anime and the Japanese Pop Culture. im glad that the students who came in to listen to our lecture are all into the jpop culture,.

We havent encountered some disturbing questions for the topic, and im glad that there will be no 2nd fire alarm in DLSU hehahaha.

too bad that we arrived late for the lecture and we almost run out of time in discussing the topic,but im happy to see that we just finished all 10 topics and we used the projector for our visual aids.. everything went well except that we arrived late..

nice to see the students stayed in our class just to attend and listen to our lecture, some of them skipped their class just to attend our lecture..geeez..thanks to all..and thanks for the die hard support.

thanks to Kicks, Josele, Cesca and my honey Lace for accompanying us in Starbucks, its was a great place to hang out and it feels like it was our Artists' Den meet up version in DLSU.

Beerkada inside Pupung restaurant

after the lecture and coffee break, we dine in Pupung restaurant, that's Ton Ton Young ,comic creator of the comic series Pupung, simple barbeque resto for the masses.

i just cant believe that we hang out in DLSU for the whole day up to Starbucks closes at 1am, its nice to jam with these students. i just feel great for my brain to reload new ideas for the coming events.

is this Lyndon's Merryland? in Pupung's realm.

check out the pics here in our album

the Yao ding ni guy
wahaha..i just cant believe im going to Jerry Yan's Press conference.
its an event full of girls..waohoohh.. hope i dont get distracted.

**tnx to my honey Lace for sending us the photo shot with the NKK

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Girls just wanna have fun

1st...some girls fantasize me for becoming a girl.

2nd...they want me to become their girlfriend

after going to ICA
3rd...they want me to dress up as a nun. they want me to wear this ICA school girl uniform.

geez...hhhaha.... this artwork is made by Francesca Tan.
tnx for this cute art ahahhaa... i miss these kids!

Chachu in my room

i miss my pet dog..Chachu..that stupid, big german sheperd, who barks on cockroaches and eat crazy dog!

Me and honey......Lace.
awwww...she's so cute !!

Az Sensei

im doing a lecture again today in La Salle, topic is same as 2 months ago, all about anime and japanese pop culture scene here in the Philippines,. the lecture is hosted by NKK org, a filipino-japanese school organization in La Salle.

Im not well prepare for this but the topic is so easy to discuss, so hehhe.i did some research and study on some part in the internet just to fill in some information, if ever ask some questions about the pop culture in japan.

me and RG Guanzon will divide the topic for that day. and i hope everthing goes well. for my mind is blocked by the preparation of upcoming events.

also a reason why i didnt update my blog.

Mu online event

RG composed already the rules for the search for Ms. MU Guild, check out the link for more information on the event.

my mind is on focus on this event, and i just cant sleep, because of this Mobius Online event, .. im having problem getting the table for the Artists' Den, although that i got the booth, but we dont have the table.

damn..i hate when this happens..i dont even have any car to transport our table in the area.

hmm..i think i have to use some Mcgyver skills on this..ehehehehe.
Mcgyver...the ultimate problem solver!

PinoyAnime event

ha !
a big laugh!!!!! for me..hahhahahhahahah !!

me and TJ just finally played for one event, and its a good start for our new band. mhm...damn..we need a vocalist...i just have some problems singing while playing the guitar...di pa ko sanay...

its fun to be invited to play and be the host emcee of their event,
people starts to love me..for being hilarious and a comedian., even me,,i dont know where that personality came..but it only appears when ever im on stage.

Az with Pinoy Anime group leaders

for the event
check out the pics here

see our Helicopter Pad adventure
where me and TJ fools around on top of the heli pad of Cara Celine Dorm Tel.

The Force is strong during Halloween

thats Carl in Harry potter, GAbe in Cobra Commander and me as Sadako hahahaa

check out our Halloween PArty Star Wars style photo in Hard Rock Cafe.

i dont have a i dress up as a robber man jedi...hahha..all black wearing this robber mask with a short light saber.

nice to see all my Star Wars friends..being with new people of Gameophilia, nice to see my Ex girlfriend Niccah, and my honey..Lace.

weeee....tibok tibok na naman ang puso ni Az!

click here to see the pics

Search for Miss MU Guild

MU Philippines World Battle Soccer Tournament and Convention
WeAreAnime Community contest preparations on November 6, 2004

Event Highlights - Miss MU search:

Open to all teenage girls from 14 to 19 years old with a potential to be the Miss MU of the event.


- Should have a pleasing personality
- Good exposure standing
- Very good in conversation

Registration will be held at the WeAreAnime booth from 12Noon up to 6PM. Details for registration are the following:

Registration fill-up format:

Criteria for Judging:
40 percent - Over all standing
30 percent - Appeal and Intelligence
20 percent - Stage present
10 percent - Audience Impact

Total of 100 percent

Finalist and Winners will be featured at the official event coverage website and on other affiliate websites and publications.

* All details are subject to change with out prior notice.


MU event cosplay contest and mino convention

MU Philippines World Battle Soccer Tournament and Convention
WeAreAnime Community contest preparations on November 6, 2004

Event Highlights - Cosplay Competition:

This contest is open to all ages who love to wear as their favorite characters of their interest from Anime, Comic, Movie, Sentai, Jpop, Jrock, Jidols, Video Game and PC Games.


Cosplay in any MU Online characters such as the Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Muse Elf and the Magic Gladiator.

Here are the following genre details for the Cosplay Competition:

- Anime (All characters)
- Comic/Manga (All characters)
- Movie (hero or villain characters)
- Sentai (live action Japanese character)
- Jpop artist (All artist)
- Jrock artist (All artist)
- Jidol artist (All artist)
- Video Game (All game characters from Arcade, PS2, Xbox, Nintendo)
- PC Game (All characters of offline games)

Other MMORPG games are not allowed to join the cosplay contest.

Only Mobius online games such as MU Online and Gunbound Online as MMORPG game characters can join the cosplay competition.

Registration will be held at the WeAreAnime booth starting 12NOON and end at 6PM.

Registration fill-up format:

Criteria for Judging:
40 percent - Craftsmanship (visual quality of costume)
30 percent - Presentation (during Photo OP)
20 percent - Stage present (during catwalk)
10 percent - Audience Impact (peoples choice)

Total of 100 percent

* All details are subject to change with out prior notice


damn you Photobucket

its just sucks when photobucket. now gives low bandwidth to all their subscribers..and it just sucks big time. sometimes you see their banners replaces my images here in my website. If you still see those images.just wait for an hour or minute for the recovery of the original photos here in my blog.

now im digging a new photo hosting site,
i just tried
its like photobucket, they do host images for free.
i also tried, a linux server type that can host any files.but the problem is, that their linkage to their servers makes my website blog load so slow..

for the moment, rocks the house !!!!

F4 Survivor

yup..i'l be covering his arrival and press conference on Nov 5
my sister's F4 group invited me and asked me to take coverage of the event for them.

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