The 13th day

G2 Cosplay Winners : Macross G2 2005 Cosplay Winner, Yuna 1st place, Sektor 2nd place, with Azrael and RG stunned during the pic taking :)

at last...the G2 event is finished and im on my stage of hibernating for almost 4 days, staying at home, sleeping and having a good relaxing week.
im saving my energy for the next gig and convention were we are in organizing mode.

tons of meetings coming up for me this coming day, and a victory dance for the success of G2 Games and Gadget Show 2005. and expect a big convention next year 2006.

I really enjoyed the G2 event, its 3 days of hosting the convention, organizing the cosplay event, managing the Artists' Den, having a good time playing online games, meeting new people and making myself prepared for the coming event.

and being busy for the 1st 9th day of this year has come to an end.
im glad that i have time to rest and clean my house ahahaha..its a mess in here.its like theres a typhoon. paper everywhere. Cds in every place, comics sleeping around., toys in their disturbing positions, and tons of dirty laundry which awaits a good sunshine.

I guess I'l be busy here at home.

and I miss my Honey.....

The Azrael

Azrael for sale?
ah yes..that's right..but its not me...
it's my GMAIL account.
there's this guy who emailed and asking if i like to sell to him my Azrael Gmail account to him and asking it it is not important to me.
hell yeah! my gmail account is important, coz people use this to contact me and im having a thought, what if i sell it P2,000,000.00 ?? kakagat kaya?

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 12:06:10 -0500
Subject: Purchasing this gmail account.
Hey Man,

Just wondering weither you are actually using this gmail account, and
if it isn't too important to you weither you are willing to sell it.


S. Tompkins

PS Please reply regardless, willing to pay using Paypal.

hmm...what do you think? shall i sell it at P100,000.00 like pesos?

now i'm starting to think of a business hahahahaha!!!!
**logging to**

its weird and funny when people already knew about the imposter/clone of mine. and during the G2 event people are greeting me and asking if im the real AZRAEL hahaaha. and it seems that they are very interested in meeting the Az CLONE.

I think people are loving the CLONE haahaha..they love to kick his butt off.

and now a guy from the industry is interested in making the AZ CLONE a big box office movie! aahahhaah!! kidding...
wohohoh.. this is cool eh? the CLONE makes me more famous!

AZ CLONE news SIGHTINGS at G2 Games and Gadget Show!
a female friend txted me and she said that she will meet me inside the event. But im so busy that time hosting and cant event get out of the stage. Then after a few days her sister talk to me if I was able to meet her sister, but i told her that i didnt have time to meet her coz i was busy.

the case is....she said that i met her sister, coz her sister said the sister approached me at the event and makes a simple greeting and then I told her that I didnt recognized her coz she gain some weight.

As she narrates this to surprised coz its not ME !!!!!

Crap!! i think this CLONE is everywhere!!!!
beware people ! this is not a feaking joke!

Internet Junkie

Starting to Love again FireFox
im starting to use my new web browser. i just got back again to use Mozilla Firefox, i just trashed my Internet Explorer this time.
i just noticed that i have a fast internet connection using Mozilla.
also i trashed a little my Neoplanet browser and OPERA. but i might use them in the future if ever i encounter some problems in Mozilla,.
but in Mozilla you cant use html in sending a Yahoo! Mail.

Fucking Yahoo! Messenger Attacker
i was attacked this morning by an unknown user of Yahoo! Messenger.
i was surfing that time preparing to update my blog and then suddenly theres an alert pop up window of a YM chatter with a user name "Pritoka01" and "Pritoka02" and then i noticed that the alert BUZZ became multiple and it wont stop, my window is filled by this YM window of Buzz attacks.

What I did is I signed off my YM account. and re-started again.
but again..the attacker appeared and buzzing me with a massive attacked like a virus and notice the same user YM and another different YM.

fuck!!!!! someone wants to put me down.. i just noticed again that the user name is in Filipino, so my guess that this person is someone who knows me...coz the other YM is "Pogiakoxxx" something like that.

i booted off after the second attack. and log in using my other Instant Messenger "GAIM", which is very useful Alternative IM software using Yahoo. and then i notice that they cant Buzz me there, coz GAIM has no buzz tool or incoming.

then what i did is I log on my YM in invisible mode just to hide from the attacker and reset my Privacy preference to "IGNORE ALL WHO ARE NOT LISTED IN MY BUDDY LIST", its a solution to prevent it from attacks.

I therefore conclude that the attacker is not a virus or computer software. its like a group of people who are using the internet at the same time at the same place who runs a joke on me on spamming or disturbing and makes my YM offline by attacking me a series of Buzz, which prevents me on talking to other YM, but im glad that I was not talking to anyone that time who is important.

its better to set our YM preference to ignore all who are not listed in our buddy list.

Artists' Den Forum

during the week off, i have a chance to update and finish the Artists' Den website and forum

i got a mental block on the layout, trying to figure out what it will look like, i began layouting with tables and images like a piece of paper. construction from nothing and bit by bit i just build a website.
Lace was bugging me that time in YM when i do the layout of the site, but i think it makes me more creative when she's present about inspiration ! yeah !!

and now.. www.ArtistsDen.Epinoy.Com is born !!!!!

yup..just finished constructing the online forum for Artists' Den
open to all artist....

are you an artist?
so join with us in our online public forum boards!

whats next?
damn!! we need a decent and formal Logo of our group.

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