Rudy Florese's "ORAS MO NA !" comics is now uploaded

read the republished of Oras mo na!online at

I'm a big fan of comics not only the comics we know that Superman and Spider-man appear on it, but also a comics that have our own blood. Yes! Im talking about our local comics or komiks with a "K"

Gerry Alaguilan of has started a project from bringing a virtual museum of our local artist and their creations, then making his own living room into a age of wonder of Philippine Komiks art and now! he just restored an old classic to a new medium tool for this generation. And I'm glad that this is new in the komiks scene. And i had a chance to relive the old days of my youngling years reading comics in a nearby barber shop in Sampalok, ,Quezon Province.

12:30am when I surf the net and check out if the pages are already up there, then i waited refreshing the site and while I wait, I went to the Philippine Komiks Message Board just to check out some updates. Im not yet sleepy and Im excited to read this comics titled "Oras mo na!" by Rudy Florese.

then 1:20am I saw Gerry's blog and I saw its new update. Its already there!!!
just log on to to read the series.

Deon Arsenal is one kick ass character! the intro is great and and every minute i spent reading it panel by panel is great! and also I read the Filipino texts slowly, in order to understand more of it. I may be poor sometimes in reading Filipino text , sometimes I miss read, so I read it slowly and understand it. wow! my Tagalog reading habit is here again hahahaa.. oh well, in every komiks cant avoid being "bitin!" and say " grabe., i'll wait again for next week for the next chapter."

The re-coloring is great, and you'll never notice that it came from a scan comics. perfectly digitized.
we must call it THE SPECIAL EDITION er minus the THX hahaha. scrolling the pages down in reading is very
comfortable than reading it using a cursor browsing to the right. I'm glad that it is in jpeg and not in PDF, coz sometimes people get confused about the PDF file. the text are completely neat, too! Im using a 800x600 screen resolution in my laptop and it stays perfect !!! the images and text!! perfect !!!!

wow! i'm excited again for the coming episode pages. of Oras mo na!

as the last text says "This novel is action and drama packed"

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Maraming salamat Az! Ang totoo nga nito, nung mga 12:30am na, inaayos ko pa yung site, iniisip ko, nako, sasabihan na ako ni Az ng "O, akala ko 12 mindnight? Ahahaha!" Yun din ang inisip ni Ilyn. Tama pala! he.he.

Maraming salamat sa suporta Az! The best ka talaga!
hahahaha...kala mo malilimutan ko yun hahaha..late na nga ako ng PC e. pero galing ng gawa nyo astig! pina feature ko sya sa isang blog site about culture and ko dito pag ok na eeheheh

tnx again!!!! ok lang yung ma-late
lam ko naman na di ganun kadali yung pag restore eh.. sana di kinabahan si Ilyn hahhaha.

tnx again!!

yung comics 'bitin' hahahaa..
as always