production notes 3

ha! this 2pm will be my assembly in PICC and then the program ceremony will start at 4pm-7pm. We were already worried what we will do in order for us not being bored on the vacant time.. I wish they sell hotdogs and ice tea outside

last friday was my bac.mass and it was like a mass from hell hahaha, kidding, why? because we were sitting in the quadrangle and being fried under the sun. whew! Im glad that it was over.
and that night Lace treated us for a dinner in Mann Hann SM MOA, preludes our short celebration after the big bang !

my favorite!!! Oyster Cake and Calderatang Kambing (Goat)

after making a major update in my work.. I immediately suspend all work just for my graduation, and that includes projects and extra gigs. I like to prepare more of this coz its a special day..... congrats to me!!

and by the way.. Thank for Azrael for sending his congratulation email
I know it was early but I really appreciate my Azrael self in talking to me

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