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Saturday, April 19, 2008

RJ Jimenez - Press conference and album launching @ Esquinita (photo-video coverage)

RJ with Team and Bloggers

I have a video coverage footage of Rj Jimenez event chat, press con and album launching that happened yesterday. Also in my video interview with RJ, find out about his story on playing guitars, guitar hero and his guitar god.

thanks to Star Records and for this event with bloggers.
more videos below after the jump online event chat.
we were enjoying watching Rj's first TVC of Voice crackers, as it was revealed by one of the online chatters.

and here's my video coverage of the press con and the album launching at Esquinita.

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more blog post at

more photos at

RJ Jimenez - Press conference and album launching @ Esquinita

Friday, April 18, 2008

RJ Jimenez chat session and video stream at ( photo coverage)

venue: Packo's Grill, Sgt. Esguerra, Q.C.

thanks to for inviting me for another chat video session with celebrities. ehehhe
I arrived late this afternoon and got stuck in a massive traffic jam in coastal road, but the long wait pays off and here I am seated with RJ Jimenez during a live chat event hosted by, and also my job is to stream the video for this event. astig!

it was a fun event. will post more story later, as we are here in Esquinita bar, waiting for RJ's press con and album launching gig at 7pm

more photos and link below after the jump

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more photos at : RJ Jimenez chat session and video stream at ( photo coverage)

RJ Jimenez chat event and video stream LIVE today!

webchat is now happening at

while here in my blog, you can view the live web cam stream and also live chat with other viewers
see RJ Jimenez live online!

click below to watch the webchat video stream LIVE!

live chat ended at 5:00pm
here's the video chat transcript.
more at

03:43 azrael : pao kaw ba yan isa?
03:44 ustreamer-24144 : oo?
03:44 ustreamer-81505 : hi
03:44 ustreamer-2175 : nice to hehehe
03:44 ustreamer-2175 : thank you sa pag nvite h
03:44 ustreamer-81505 : galing naman nito
03:44 ustreamer-81505 : hehe
03:45 ustreamer-2175 : meron pa sounds talaga asteggg
03:45 ustreamer-81505 : hi RJ
03:45 ustreamer-81505 : hehehe
03:45 ustreamer-81505 : ayus
03:45 ustreamer-2175 : salamat talaa
03:45 ustreamer-86460 : wow rj
03:45 ustreamer-2175 : talaga...
03:46 ustreamer-2175 : uwi ko rj
03:46 ustreamer-2175 : hahaha
03:46 azrael : nood daw kayo sa esquinita dito mamaya
03:46 ustreamer-2175 : anne's herefrom guam
03:46 ustreamer-81505 : mike here from tagaytay hehehe lols
03:47 ustreamer-2175 : kulets ahh ayos to
03:48 ustreamer-2175 : hahaha mabeauty nama here hehehe
03:48 ustreamer-2175 : balik kayo here hehe
03:49 ustreamer-2175 : sa guam =)
03:49 ustreamer-81505 : kc is that u?
03:49 ustreamer-2175 : rj kanta muna
03:50 ustreamer-2175 : hehehe habang nag chachat
03:50 ustreamer-2175 : sensya na po kulit ko haha.. =)
03:51 ustreamer-2175 : pwede ako maging leading lady pag gwa ka MTV

hahaha JK..
03:57 azrael : hello sa inyo!
03:57 ustreamer-81505 : hi po azrael
04:00 ustreamer-71782 : hi rj
04:02 azrael : malinaw ba yung video? and may sound ba?
04:02 azrael : oh btw, im Azrael, video streamer for RJ
04:03 ustreamer-2175 : dumami na tao here
04:03 ustreamer-2175 : asan s pao??
04:03 azrael : katabi si rj
04:03 ustreamer-2175 : pao magpakta ka
04:03 ustreamer-71782 : hello Azrael
04:03 ustreamer-2175 : ahh ok salama azral
04:04 ustreamer-2175 : tenk tsu
04:04 azrael : hello din
04:04 ustreamer-24144 : kung di nyo naririnig, "smooth operator"

pineplay nila dito sa venue :)
04:04 azrael : kung may request kayo..sbihin nyo lang hahaa
04:06 azrael : hhahaha.smooth operator
04:07 ustreamer-2175 : nice nice
04:08 ustreamer-2175 : aplause..
04:08 ustreamer-69419 : dd
04:09 ustreamer-81505 : one last cry hehehe
04:09 ustreamer-2175 : how cn i fall talaga
04:09 ustreamer-2175 : hahah
04:10 ustreamer-24144 : naku naririnig pala kanta dito sa venue,

04:12 ustreamer-71782 : All I Need by Shamrock pls...hehehheeh
04:13 ustreamer-2175 : rj pahingi ako??
04:13 ustreamer-2175 : hehe
04:17 ustreamer-2175 : hahaha
04:17 ustreamer-2175 : d naman po ayos lang sya
04:17 ustreamer-2175 : haha
04:18 ustreamer-24144 : nice azrael
04:18 azrael : hahhahaa
04:20 ustreamer-37544 : haha:))
04:20 ustreamer-37544 : rj. gwapo mo. haha:D
04:20 ustreamer-24144 : kita nyo commercial???
04:20 ustreamer-24144 : hahaha
04:21 ustreamer-37544 : yeap. kitang kita. haha:))
04:21 ustreamer-69419 : yeh! c jenny sikat! haha
04:21 ustreamer-37544 : geh, inom lng=p
04:22 azrael : hahaahah
04:22 ustreamer-37544 : =))
04:23 ustreamer-81505 : bye RJ
04:24 ustreamer-37544 : ..rj, nagBORA nakayo?
04:24 ustreamer-37544 : ;)
04:24 ustreamer-81505 : thanks din d2 s AZ show
04:24 ustreamer-81505 : hehe
04:25 azrael : tnx!
04:25 ustreamer-69516 : panuod ulit nung comrxal ng voice
04:25 ustreamer-69516 : pdE?
04:25 azrael : nasa youtube
04:25 ustreamer-37544 : =)) natatakam lng ako pag linalabas yung

commercial na yun!
04:25 ustreamer-37544 : hahahahahha
04:26 azrael :
04:26 ustreamer-24144 : jennniiiiiiiiii
04:27 ustreamer-37544 : tawa pa yan:D
04:27 ustreamer-69516 : salamatz.
04:27 ustreamer-69516 : ahehe
04:27 ustreamer-24144 : sarap
04:27 ustreamer-2175 : hehe naguguom tuloy ako
04:28 ustreamer-2175 : sarap ng kain sa chips eh
04:28 ustreamer-37544 : =))
04:28 ustreamer-38923 : hi
04:28 ustreamer-38923 : Ano Id ni RJ d2?
04:28 ustreamer-37544 : kailan po next gig?
04:28 azrael : nasa sya
04:29 azrael : pero yung mga chatters na kachat nya..andito

04:29 ustreamer-2175 : azrael asteg ka
04:29 ustreamer-2175 : nice to
04:29 azrael : meron mamaya gig!
04:29 azrael : official album launch
04:29 ustreamer-38923 : ahh..
04:29 ustreamer-2175 : goodluck r..
04:29 azrael :
04:29 ustreamer-2175 : rj*
04:29 ustreamer-37544 : ang dmi naman nung cnabi
04:29 ustreamer-37544 : musta naman yun:))
04:29 ustreamer-38923 : yup.. i'm viewing his cam now
04:29 azrael : dito sa esquinita sa sgt. esguerra yung next gig

mamaya...album launch
04:30 ustreamer-38923 : ano Id name nya d2?
04:30 ustreamer-37544 : ahh. salamat:D
04:30 azrael : punta kayo sa para makachat nyo

si RJ
04:30 azrael : or greet him here..kakausapin naman kayo :)
04:30 ustreamer-37544 : =))
04:30 ustreamer-37544 : may multiply ka ba rj?
04:31 azrael :
04:31 ustreamer-37544 : owkeii:D
04:31 ustreamer-38923 : azrael is RJ?
04:31 azrael : di po..
04:31 ustreamer-38923 : ano Id name nya?
04:32 ustreamer-37544 : spokesperson:))
04:32 ustreamer-37544 : hahaha:))
04:32 azrael : pls go here.. andito si RJ sa
04:32 azrael : ID is Guest_RJ
04:33 azrael : mga superfriends!!! mamaya nood po kayo

s=ng official albumlaunch ng RJ JMNZ under star records.. dyan sa

esquinita 9pm near aBSCBN
04:33 azrael : and please visit
04:34 ustreamer-65076 : hi
04:36 azrael : uy si pao!!
04:36 ustreamer-3720 : san n c rj?
04:37 azrael : nag CR break muna
04:39 azrael : heto na sya uli
04:42 ustreamer-24144 : favorite song ko yan
04:43 azrael : last 10 mins na lang...
04:43 azrael : hehhe visit lang kayo
04:48 azrael : patapos na yung webchat
04:48 azrael : bati na kayo kay RJ!
04:49 ustreamer-24144 : last 5 mins
04:50 azrael : parang basketball hahaha
04:51 ustreamer-42613 : tnx rj at yehey!
01:39 azrael : heto na sya uli
01:42 ustreamer-24144 : favorite song ko yan
01:43 azrael> 01:43 azrael>
01:48 azrael : patapos na yung webchat
01:48 azrael : bati na kayo kay RJ!
01:49 ustreamer-24144 : last 5 mins
01:50 azrael : parang basketball hahaha
01:51 ustreamer-42613 : tnx rj at yehey!
01:53 ustreamer-56054 : la na
04:56 azrael : live pa
04:56 azrael : na dc ako hhahaa
04:56 ustreamer-2175 : hehehe
04:56 ustreamer-2175 : hahaha
04:56 ustreamer-2175 : funny
04:57 ustreamer-2175 : kulet ahh

The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention production note 8

Toy Con 2008 Contest Rules - update-

some of the contest are now updated with Rules.

visit our website for full list at

Customized Action Figure Contest
Customized Mecha Figure Contest
Scale Model Contest
Toy Diorama contest
Die cast dressed up car (1/64) and (1/18)
Lego Build up
Stikfas custom contest
Toy Designer Contest
Fan Film Contest
Toy Click - toy photography contest
Cosplay Click - cosplay photography contest
Fan Art contest
Booth Babe 2008 contest
ToyCon blogging contest
Transformers High Speed Contest
Animation Contest
Comic Creation Contest
Live Action Figure Costume and COSPLAY Contest

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Playboy Magazine Philippines featured in Probe TV

Probe TV features the most controversial magazine - Playboy Magazine Philippines

I agree on the EIC of Playboy Magazine Philippines.

the problem here is that, the people against it judge the magazine by its cover and title, and not by the content itself.

just to avoid any problems, readers, buyers and sellers should be responsible in handling this adult lifestyle magazine out of the public.

busy busy busy

I'm busy today, so no blogging for the moment.

busy in everything, for work, for toycon, for family, and for you!

to everyone that will be having an appointment with me, will get back to you once I arrived back to Manila. Will leave the town for today and will be back as soon as I finish some important stuff.

watch my twitter updates at
for I'm microblogging via SMS

see you all in the other side!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Job Opening: Technical Writers

Job Opening: Technical Writers (Night Shift)

Candidate must have the following:
• A college degree, university diploma, or professional equivalent in a professional writing related area of study
• Minimum 3 years' professional technical writing and/or training development experience
• Proven experience working on large documentation projects created within a defined content development cycle
• Experience working and building relationships with Subject Matter Experts
• Exceptional written and verbal communication
• Strong technical skills
• Experience with or knowledge of adult learning principles
• Experience with web technologies, familiarity with the application development process and associated terminology, preferably in relation to Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server
• Experience with Microsoft Office products including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook
• Competent with Adobe PDF creation and manipulation
• Experience using a Content Management System and XML an asset
• Familiar with Insurance and Claims products and services and asset.
• Willing to work on night shift

Interested applicants may submit their resume to:

Our office is located at OMM Citra Building, Ortigas Centre, Pasig City.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention production note 7

short message from my group

Exhibitor/vendor Booth now open!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Exhibitor/vendor reservations are now being accepted at VTOYZ, 3rd level Blue Lane Shoppesville Greenhills. Look for Tina. Each table is a 4sqm area inclusive of 1 table and 2 chairs. Priority will be given to those who can give downpayment of 50%. Exhibitors fee is P6,500 per area for two days of the Toycon. Reservations without downpayment will only be good for one week, then reservations will be cancelled.

Thank you and see you guys at the 7th Toycon.

for other inquiry, email us at

Arnold Arre’s “The Mythology Class Adventures” comic series in the Manila Times

The Mythology Class Adventures
(click the image to zoom)

Arnold Arre is getting hot today! new series, new graphic novel coming out from nowhere.
and now a comic series will be available in the page of Manila Times.

here’s an email from Cynthia Arre.

Dear friends,

Arnold Arre’s new comic series “The Mythology Class Adventures”, a spinoff of his graphic novel “The Mythology Class”, will appear in the lifestyle section of The Manila Times every Friday. Hope you can check it out.

(: Cynthia

here’s a sample page of Manila Times, under the Lifestyle section
(click the image to zoom)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Chat, meet and greet with pinoy Dream Academy scholar - RJ Jimenez

the chat event is located at

There will be another chat, meet and greet event this April 18, 2008, and for fans of Pinoy Dream Academy Scholar - RJ Jimenez this will be a big chance for you to have an online chat with RJ Jimenez, also have a chance to see him in video stream at For bloggers there will be a meet and greet, for those whore are interested to be part of the online fans day and meet up gig, just follow some instructions below for you to register.

First 30 to register will be able to see and watch RJ perform live!

Register by sending an email to:
Don't forget to send the following details!
-Blog URL

An email notice will be sent to confirm your registration.

The meet/greet gig for bloggers will be at Esquinita, Sgt. Esguerra St, Quezon City.

the online chat will start at 3:00pm, while the Q and A with bloggers will start at 6:00pm, followed by a live performance act by RJ Jimenez at 7:00pm, Foods will be served for free to all 30 registered bloggers.

read more of the event here at

Az Video Blog - The Az vs. Wild @ Sampaloc, Quezon

here's a short video I took yesterday, and now I know were the hell I got the sunburn in my back. Its a short video during our picnic by the river, a day after my cousin's burial event in our province at Sampaloc, Quezon.

I miss this place, I used to run and catch birds with my other cousins, and also I freaked out when a giant ugly monster lizard follows me from behind.

at the end of the video, we went crazy eating sardines with paco leaf, its a kind of wild fern, very juciy, slimy and yummy.
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