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Friday, May 02, 2008

Speed Racer's Mach 5 car is here in Manila

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Speed Racer's Mach 5 car is here!
Feast your eyes on the slick race car at Powerplant Mall starting today.

Speed Racer races to theaters on May 8, 2008.

more pics below after the jump

pics courtesy of Victor Velasco
more photos here at

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The Dark Knight - movie full trailer

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just received a note and this is the first bootleg trailer for the Dark Knight movie, there's also a 2nd trailer with the jokerized version, I'm not sure if it is official. But seeing the full trailer gives me the creeps on Joker's character. Its an all out war between Batman and Joker, never before seen in other tv series or movie. This will be the best of all Batman-Joker fights.

And after receiving lots of notes from Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon via email, i'm now waiting what will be the email note be given away by the Joker? hmmm..

edit 1:
I went to the Dark Knight official website and it seems that the official full trailer is not yet uploaded. you may visit the site here at

edit 2:
the official trailer is now available anywhere, I also embeded the HD version below

watch the trailer below after the jump!

credits to SHH for the share

The Full Trailer

The Jokerized trailer version

the HD version, from the official trailer release on the net

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 Pass : AN EXCLUSIVE BLOGGERS’ TOUR @ Boni High Street and Serendra (photo coverage)

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I still have a massive food hang over after the successful exclusive bloggers tour in Bonifacio High Street and Serendra at the Global City, Taguig. The case is to visit 24 establishments and restaurant, complete the pass stamps and eat or taste all the foods.

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our celebrity for today are foods and restaurants at Boni High and Serendra. In a few days after my hang over, I can now type and do a review on each resto we visited. Congrats and thanks to for the event, my orange team aka Monster Food Bloggers, the food and my tummy.

more photos below and photo albums after the jump.

here's my photo album

( food, restaurants and places)

( the people and the bloggers)

( the mug shots of bloggers)

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah II on May 26, 2008


yes!! its true! saw the big update at Carlo Vergara’s blog that the Zsa Zsa komiks sequel will be available online. I was informed last year about the sequel of Zsa Zssa Zaturnnah, but I didn’t know that Carlo plans to release the komiks in digital format. Carlo said that the sequel was done upon many request by comics fans and also a future movie again, (maybe). But the good news is that Carlo is back again in making komiks and I smell in the new future that the sequel might be available in print (I hope).

for more info about Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah visit Mr. Vergara’s blog at

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Free Comic Book Day at Comic Odyssey,Robinsons Galleria - LIVE IN ONLINE VIDEO STREAM ( May 3, 2008)

This is the webpage that I'll host the video online stream and chat for the May 3, 2008 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY that will happen inside Comic Odyssey, Robinsons Galeria.

Online video stream and chat will begin on May 3, 2008 at 10:00am - 2:00pm Manila time.

you may share this page by using a direct url address -

click below to watch the webchat video stream LIVE!

edit 1:
video stream and chat ended at 2:00PM

here's the chat transcription

08:19 azrael-1 : wow!!!!
08:19 ustreamer-89650 : david yardin sez HI TO GERRY
08:19 ustreamer-89650 : i got 3 free comics
08:19 ustreamer-89650 : graphics, superman all star and hellboy
08:19 ustreamer-89650 : and a copy of Nil's secret invasion second printing na
08:19 ustreamer-89650 : sa wakas umabot ako heheheh
08:20 azrael : ahhh....
08:20 azrael : noypi ka pala!
08:20 azrael : astig
08:20 ustreamer-89650 : ilan limit per customer sa atin dyan?
11:15 azrael-1 : 3 comics per person
11:15 ustreamer-89650 : cool
11:15 azrael-1 : internet is a little bit wonky
11:16 ustreamer-89650 : neil gaiman will be here sa may 6
11:16 azrael-1 : if the stream freezes, try pressing the refresh button on the video panel
11:16 azrael-1 : wow!!!!! neil gaiman
11:16 ustreamer-89650 : yeah sabihin ko sabi mo HI heheh
11:16 ustreamer-89650 : palagi ako nag babasa ng blog mo
11:16 azrael-1 : hahhhaha.
11:16 azrael-1 : uy oo!!!! sige..tell him. hello from azrael of the philippines hahhahaa
11:16 ustreamer-89650 : sayang walagn pinoy guest sa july supernova con
11:17 azrael-1 : ahhh
11:17 ustreamer-89650 : last year si whilce ang guest
11:17 azrael-1 : astig yun ah
11:17 ustreamer-89650 : this year lang walang pinoy artist
11:17 ustreamer-89650 : pero okay lang andun naman si claire bennet
11:18 ustreamer-89650 : sabi ni whilce babalik daw sya sa pinas this year eh, depende daw sa sked nya
11:18 azrael-1 : oo nga e
11:18 ustreamer-89650 : ang bait nila pati asawa nya
11:19 azrael-1 : dapat last year.. kaso i ran out of time to organize..kasi naging hectic din sched nya sa mag convention sa USA
11:19 ustreamer-89650 : panay kwento sa akin nung time nila gerry, nil, jay anacleto
11:19 ustreamer-89650 : dami nya stories, sarap makinig
11:19 azrael-1 : yeah
11:19 ustreamer-89650 : even david yardin's story na ikwento nya sa akin, nag kataon nman na classmate ng friend ko dito si david
11:20 ustreamer-89650 : any convention plans this Dec?? uwi kse ako pinas eh
11:20 azrael-1 : ahh
11:20 azrael-1 : hmmm october kasi yung comics convention dito.
11:20 ustreamer-89650 : oo nga eh
11:20 azrael-1 : for december its our december toycon lang
11:21 ustreamer-89650 : ay ayos..toycon
11:21 ustreamer-89650 : umabot ako
11:21 ustreamer-89650 : sa megamall??
11:22 azrael-1 : yup
11:22 azrael-1 : dun pa din sa megatrade
11:22 ustreamer-89650 : yeah nakikita ko lang sa blog mo yun eh
11:22 ustreamer-89650 : buti naman aabot ako sa dec
11:22 azrael-1 : hehee
11:22 azrael-1 : much bigger yung december toycon this year
11:23 ustreamer-89650 : wow
11:23 ustreamer-89650 : start na ako mag ipon
11:23 azrael-1 : ehhehe
11:23 ustreamer-89650 : mag babaon na talaga ko ng lunch sa work hehhe
11:23 azrael-1 : hahahah
11:23 azrael-1 : noodles!
11:24 ustreamer-89650 : sayang din yung 10 bucks per day
11:24 azrael-1 : ohhh
11:24 azrael-1 : ok yun ah..makakaipon nga talaga
11:24 ustreamer-89650 : madami daming toys na yun heheh
11:24 azrael-1 : oo..kasi sometimes..bargain ang toys for dec
11:25 ustreamer-89650 : even vintage robots??
11:25 azrael-1 : hm...minsan
11:25 ustreamer-89650 : hirap mag hanap dito eh
11:25 ustreamer-89650 : karamihan ng nag bebenta sa pinas din
11:25 ustreamer-89650 : lugi ako sa shipping
11:25 azrael-1 : ah oo..madami nga dito
11:26 ustreamer-89650 : si Bong Dazo, nakabili ng camp big falcon ko
11:26 ustreamer-17796 : Hello to Gerry from Anne :)
11:26 azrael-1 : wow!
11:26 azrael-1 : hi anne!!!!!! ..
11:26 ustreamer-89650 : tapos nung pumunta mother in law ko dito pindalhan nya ako ng original artworks nya
11:26 azrael-1 : gerry is on break..will be back later.. will send your message to him :)
11:26 ustreamer-17796 : Tom just emailed me about the live feed!
11:27 azrael-1 : thanks for viewing! 17786 :)
11:27 azrael-1 : we haven't started, but we have a big line already...counting 100 people
11:27 ustreamer-17796 : I will be doing my signing in about 15 hours!
11:28 azrael-1 : 17796, pls introduce yourself =) youre a comic creator i know hahaha :)
11:28 ustreamer-89650 : 17796 may I know who are you please??
11:28 ustreamer-89650 : you read my mind
11:28 ustreamer-89650 : hehhe
11:28 ustreamer-17796 : This is Anne Timmons. Both Gerry and I have worked on Graphic Classics for Free Comic Book Day. :)
11:28 azrael-1 : cool !!!!
11:29 ustreamer-89650 : wow,
11:29 ustreamer-89650 : nice back cover
11:29 ustreamer-17796 : I got an email that you were having a live feed for your store. Just wanted to say "hi" :)
11:29 ustreamer-89650 : :)
11:29 ustreamer-17796 : Thank you!
11:29 ustreamer-89650 : i got your comics in myhand right now
11:29 ustreamer-17796 : cool! :)
11:29 ustreamer-89650 : can you sign my copy hehhe
11:29 ustreamer-89650 : thru email
11:30 azrael-1 : hahaha
11:30 ustreamer-89650 : heheh
11:30 ustreamer-17796 : Ha Ha !
11:30 azrael-1 : everyone, Anne Timmons is here with us online artist for Graphic Classics - The Dream
11:31 ustreamer-89650 : you got the most number of pages
11:31 ustreamer-89650 : pretty cool
11:31 ustreamer-17796 : Thanks!
11:32 ustreamer-89650 : free comic day started here in sydney 4 hrs ago
11:33 ustreamer-89650 : first on my list was graphics clasics
11:33 ustreamer-17796 : I watching your show now. Wave!
11:33 ustreamer-89650 : graphics classic or bust hehhe
11:34 azrael-1 : yey!
11:34 ustreamer-89650 : i want a fcd shirt too
11:34 ustreamer-89650 : i got the plastic bag heheheh
11:34 azrael-1 : yeah the shirt is cool
11:35 ustreamer-89650 : i should go back to comics shop for a second round
11:35 ustreamer-89650 : did'nt get mike turners aSPEN
11:35 azrael-1 : david, if you have photos of the FCBD scene there.. do share it to us, will include it in my blog feature of FCBD
11:36 ustreamer-89650 : sure
11:37 azrael-1 : yey! just email me at or just put a link of your blog or photo album, just post a comment here in my blog
11:37 ustreamer-89650 : will do Sir
11:37 azrael-1 : thanks!
11:37 ustreamer-89650 : no problemo
11:37 ustreamer-89650 : i will be you official pinoy insider here in sydney heheh
11:38 ustreamer-89650 : sige i will report SUPANOVA this july
11:38 azrael-1 : astig!
11:38 azrael-1 : oo!
11:38 azrael-1 : email me ha!
11:38 ustreamer-89650 : sure
11:39 azrael-1 : para we can connect people and pinoys all over the world who are comics fans and readers
11:39 ustreamer-89650 : oo nag, i tried to join pinoy tansformer eh by invite pala
11:40 ustreamer-89650 : sayang talaga walang pinoy guest sa supanova
11:40 azrael-1 : ahh....just let me know sa email..para i can activate your membership sa pinoy TF group
11:41 ustreamer-17796 : Peace!
11:41 ustreamer-89650 : thanks man
11:43 ustreamer-89650 : start na ba??
11:43 ustreamer-89650 : sino guest artist dyna??
11:43 ustreamer-89650 : dyan?
11:44 azrael-1 : 12nn start
11:44 ustreamer-89650 : lapit na pala
11:44 azrael-1 : guest ay si gerry alanguilan and edgar tadeo
11:44 ustreamer-89650 : cool
11:45 ustreamer-89650 : paki sabi naman kay Gerry HI from jerome of sydney
11:45 ustreamer-17796 : Waves back
11:45 ustreamer-89650 : hello to you too
11:46 ustreamer-17796 : Oh, Im waving back at the people on camera, too!
11:46 ustreamer-89650 : yeah me too :)
11:46 ustreamer-17796 : LOL
11:47 ustreamer-89650 : so can i send you my copy of GC for you to sign
11:47 ustreamer-89650 : hehhe
11:47 ustreamer-89650 : please
11:47 ustreamer-89650 : please pretty please, gerry would :)
11:48 ustreamer-89650 : it's my birthday last tuesday heheheh, if that would Help
11:49 ustreamer-37286 : hi nikko
11:49 ustreamer-89650 : 5 minutes to go
11:49 ustreamer-89650 : i can still make it hehhe
11:53 ustreamer-20436 : Hi Azrael, I'm back. Tom.
11:53 ustreamer-89650 : nice shirt man
11:53 ustreamer-17796 : Hi Tom
11:54 ustreamer-20436 : Looks like a good turnout. Is Gerry there?
11:54 ustreamer-17796 : <---Anne Haven't seen him yet
11:54 ustreamer-20436 : Hi Anne
11:54 ustreamer-89650 : is Tom a comic creator too?
11:55 ustreamer-17796 : He's Graphic Classic publisher
11:55 ustreamer-89650 : wow
11:55 ustreamer-89650 : i got your book
11:55 ustreamer-20436 : Thanks, hope you like it
11:55 ustreamer-89650 : tom pomplum
11:55 azrael-1 : hi tom, gerry will be back...
11:56 ustreamer-89650 : i likethe rafael sabatini
11:56 ustreamer-89650 : carlo vergara rocks!
11:56 ustreamer-20436 : I asked him to check in if he can
11:57 ustreamer-89650 : who?
11:57 azrael-1 : we are starting after 4min.
11:57 ustreamer-89650 : countdoen begins
11:57 ustreamer-89650 : hello
11:58 ustreamer-89650 : wave guys
11:58 ustreamer-89650 : 2 minutes
11:59 ustreamer-89650 : waves back
11:59 ustreamer-89650 : how come im not there
11:59 ustreamer-89650 : azrael ako sabihin mo meron na
11:59 ustreamer-89650 : nyehehhe
12:00 ustreamer-89650 : greet my wife
12:00 ustreamer-89650 : nyehhehe
12:01 ustreamer-17796 : wow free comic book day is a hit!
12:01 ustreamer-89650 : it's free
12:01 ustreamer-89650 : :)
12:01 ustreamer-17796 : True
12:01 ustreamer-89650 : but i did bought some heheh
12:02 ustreamer-89650 : ours started at 9am
12:02 ustreamer-89650 : went to 3 comics store hehhee
12:03 ustreamer-89650 : hi to all my pinoy kababayans :)
12:03 ustreamer-89650 : graphics classis is the best Free comic
12:03 ustreamer-89650 : heheheh
12:04 ustreamer-17796 : If Gerry held the book up for the camera, maybe I could take a screenshot! :)
12:05 ustreamer-89650 : hahaha
12:05 azrael-1 : @anne will tell that to gerry hahha
12:05 ustreamer-89650 : gerry! gerry!
12:05 ustreamer-17796 : thanks
12:06 ustreamer-89650 : @anne can i please have a free sketch
12:06 ustreamer-89650 : hehehe
12:06 ustreamer-17796 : heh
12:07 ustreamer-20436 : Say hi to Gerry for me. Tom.
12:07 ustreamer-89650 : ill pay for the shipping
12:07 ustreamer-89650 : :)
12:08 ustreamer-89650 : great camera work there :)
12:20 azrael-1 : how's everyone?
12:21 x-reaper23 : wats up
12:22 ustreamer-86236 : I'm waiting for a friend to show up on the cam, haha
12:22 azrael-1 : ahahaa
12:23 ustreamer-20436 : I have to go. Thanks again, Azrael.
12:23 azrael-1 : ok! thanks!
12:23 ustreamer-86236 : and it's taking him an awful lot of time to get there
12:24 ustreamer-86236 : he must have been on his way to the bathroom when he said he's on his way to robinsons haha
12:24 azrael-1 : edgar tadeo just arrived
12:24 ustreamer-86236 : *fanscream*
12:27 azrael-1 : gerry is here!
12:27 ustreamer-17796 : I think I got that screen shot
12:28 ustreamer-17796 : Hi Gerry
12:29 azrael-1 : budjettee tan is here also
12:36 ustreamer-17796 : Night everyone Have a great FCBD!
12:37 azrael-1 : night
12:37 azrael-1 : thanks anne!
01:49 azrael-1 : guys.. how are you
01:50 azrael-1 : im goin offline at 2pm.. hope its okay
01:50 azrael-1 : im recording all videos and will upload it in my blog

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