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Saturday, June 21, 2008

TFPH victory dance "The Transformers Animated" meet up

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Last Thursday, me and the gang of Transformers Philippines celebrated our victory dance for the success of the group's exhibit and display the 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2008 for featuring the new toyline of Transformers Animated to our fellow Pinoys!.

Thanks to our friend and member Carlo aka Dash, for being kind to ship his toys from Singapore to the Philippines and just to attend and celebrate the joy of the hobby and fandom with us here in Manila. Many people were happy to see Carlo's private collection of the whole complete set of Transformers Animated and he's one of the lucky collectors in Singapore who got all waves and the exclusive figures from leading toy stores and specialty shops.

read more and view more photos below after the link

We successfully meet up in Burger King, Robinsons Galeria that night to have a one last meet with Carlo for he will be leaving the other day to go back home bringing his private collections with him, old and new members joined with us and also we gave away some goodies to all members who were present that night. Me and Lace were there to join the fun and as the main promoter of the activity, I was excluded in the lucky draw game hahaha, but Lace was included in the lucky draw and won a video disc containing some Transformers video. And then Mach and Joribean won two toy goodies such as Transformers movie G1 repaint Starscream and a Cybertron Scrapmetal.

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It was a long night and we enjoy eating and also playing some TF toys, Lace got into the fun by wearing Jori's Kung Fu panda hatah hatah head gear by DAMEAT and got in touch to play with the Optimus Prime Roll on Supreme Class, which we got a video blog toy review here by Carlo himself.

Also after the meet up, me and Lace went home early and then I just heard that the gang went into a movie night out and watched Kung Fu Panda. wow! what a great team we have!

thanks to our new members who went and celebrate with us

congrats to all lucky draw winners! esp. to Mach and Jori for taking home the Starscream movie G1 color toy and Cybertron Scrapmetal toy

be a member of Transformers Philippines

"no need to show any toy collections, we just need your TF spirit and being a fan"

more photos here at

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The 3rd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards 2008

originally posted at Fully Booked's website


The 3rd Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards

After two successful years of exploring Filipino Unrealism through prose fiction and comics, the Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards opens its third with a new category: short film.

All Filipino citizens may send their original entries in the prose fiction, comics, and short film categories to any Fully Booked branch.

The winning prose and comics entries will be compiled and published by Fully Booked, with a foreword by Neil Gaiman. All winning short films will be screened on awarding day.


1. Submissions must be given or delivered before or on September 30, 2008, with a duly accomplished application form and resume, to be sealed inside a legal size letter envelope with the heading, "3rd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards." All submissions should be given or delivered to:

Fully Booked Customer Service
Fully Booked
Bldg 6, 902 Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City
1634 Taguig City

Only 1 submission per envelope (for those submitting to all three categories). Application forms may be downloaded below.

2. The contest is open to all Filipino citizens, even those who may be in a foreign country at the time, so long as they are still legal citizens, except current officers and employees of Fully Booked and the contest's sponsors.

3. All submissions must be in English except for the short film category, which may be in English or Filipino with English subtitles.

4. There are three categories: comics, prose fiction and short film. Contestants may join in all categories, and collaborations are allowed; however, each contestant may only submit and/or be involved with only one (1) submission per category.

5. Submissions must not have been awarded by another body or published in a national publication. Submissions to the short film category must not have been exhibited commercially, locally or internationally.

6. All submissions must be original. No adaptations of produced / published / copyrighted material are allowed. All intellectual property rights of submissions must belong to the author/s and director/s. Fully Booked and its sponsors shall be exempt from any and all liability in the event that the submission is said to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of another existing work. All rights revert to respective authors and directors, but FULLY BOOKED maintains/reserves the right to publish submissions without permission / approval / compensation.

7. a. PROSE - Submissions must fall under the genres of science fiction, fantasy and/or horror. Stories may not exceed seven thousand (7,000) words. Submissions must include four (4) hard copies, typewritten or computerized (preferably computerized). Submissions should be double-spaced on letter-size bond paper (8 1/2 X 11 inches), with approximately one-inch margin on all sides. Fonts should be Arial or Times New Roman and the font size should be 12. The author/s' name and address must not appear on the submission or any of its pages. Every page must contain the title of the work and must be numbered consecutively (e.g. 1 of 20, 5 of 15 and so on). The submission must include one (1) soft copy on a CD-ROM (files should be in .rtf [Rich Text Format]).

b. COMICS - For Comics, the theme is open (non-fiction is allowed). Twelve (12) pages is the maximum length. All submissions should be in black and white. Contestants may use any media they wish. No signatures/names must appear on any of the pages. Submissions must include four (4) hard copies (letter-size bond paper [8 1/2 X 11 inches]) and one (1) soft copy on CD-ROM (files should be in .jpg format, with art scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi); no original art must be submitted.

c. SHORT FILM - Submissions must fall under the genres of science fiction, fantasy and/or horror. The production of the short film must be in 2008, it should not exceed 20 minutes (including credits) and must be submitted in a digital video format (DVD). This category is open to professionals, however, no corporate financing is allowed.

8. Fully Booked has no obligation to return submissions.

9. In case submissions from overseas win, an authenticated copy of the Authorization Form by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate will be required.

10. The Board of Judges shall have the discretion, not to award any prize if, in its judgment, no worthy submission has been entered.

12. Fully Booked has the sole right to designate the persons who shall constitute the Board of Judges in each of the contest categories. The decision of the majority of the Board of Judges in all categories shall be final.

13. All rules and guidelines of the contest must be followed STRICTLY. Non-compliance will subject the submission to immediate disqualification.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My entry about the 3 girl rocker band - My Odessa

Highway Star cover, video by batewtew

This entry is for everyone, And maybe after posting this information, even the slight info we got form the wide world web, hope this help in your search about them. I've been bombarded by a massive inquiries via text, email and messages during and after the Toy Con 2008, and the only answer I can give you is,. talk to Fudge Magazine they brought the band here in our event. But our friends at Fudge Magazine told me that, if you want to know more about the band, the music and the names of the rocker chicks, then buy next month the July issue of Fudge Magazine.

hahahaha! I was laughing and said oh no! I just can't wait for another month and suffer a massive inquiries about the band from left to right hahahaha, so here I am blogging about them, and since they don't have yet a website or a multiply account, hope this little info helps.

My story below after the link

I was busy fixing the schedule of the Toy Con 2008, and in the middle of my relaxing time during the event, Ana Gan of Fudge Magazine approached me from behind popping out from their Bat-cave Fudge Magazine booth and told me if it possible to enter one more band and if there are other schedules for the band, I just declined from her request, because I'm already tired and don't want to have another band problems for the event, and it was a last minute call, so I decided to ask if that band is maybe "Bamboo" or maybe "Kamikaze" hahaha, just dreaming in the side, then Ana said "they compose of 3 girls, and they play Led Zepellin", after hearing from her and saw her hands performing a guitar air lead, and my mind pops Led Zepellin and then 3 girls rocking..

I said, "wow! ok, they're In!, let met check if we have another schedule, because there's a band here who is already out of schedule because they are not yet complete", then I made sure they play Led Zepellin and she confirmed a big "yes!" then I asked the name of the band and she said, " MY ODESSA", its a girl band, but hearing Led Zep really makes me more curious on them.

then the time ticks fast and I just found out that they were lost somewhere in Quezon City going to Megamall, I was laughing, what??!!! lost? but I just waited in my control booth and waited for them, then when I heard that they arrived, I told Ana to let them stay on the back stage and then prepare for a set up, then I met their manager, I'm not sure because everything is fast and quick. then I saw the 3 girls performing Sweet Child O' Mine, I said to myself, its okay, they play well, I can do Sweet child too, but when I saw the lead guitarist covered all SLASH leads... I said.. Oh my stars and garters!!!! then the crowd went wild! and then they played Black Dog, Moby Dick and Highway Star... I said wow! Led Zep and Deep Purple, never seen this kind of things in the year 2008.

video by

as the crowd cheered for them, the Toy Con 2008 people went alive just before the Cosplay catwalk. And then after they performed many people ask me minute after minute asking the same questions " can I know the name of band ? what is their contact number? who are they?
do they have a manager? can I add them to my friendster? "

hahahaa, I was laughing ang told them to ask Fudge Magazine about it.

I like to thank Fudge Magazine for bringing a great band here in Toy Con 2008, you set me up again! ahahahhaa. I always loved your surpises haaha.

here are some info for you that I found in the internet. since they are hard to find in google, I like to share this to you, although we can't confirm this with them, lets just say that it is only a unconfirmed theory. wow! sounds like that they are from the X-files

their names :
Sid - Drummer
Paige - Bassist
Ana - Guitarist

*update Edit 1 ( June 24, 2008)
Sid and Paige are sisters

I think they are from Davao, not sure about that, I saw a youtube clip and they perform there and its like they have a big fan base.

they have an album coming out check out the info below

1. Baroque
2. Goodbye Na Lang
3. Bakit Nagkaganito
4. Let Me Stay
5. Agos
6. Together We'll Fly
7. Numb
8. Now That You're Gone
9. Harlequin
10. Sleepless

under Viva Records
info from : Titik Pilipino and Viva Music Group

check out these videos of their previous gigs

Moby Dick cover

Black Dog cover

Sweet Child O' Mine cover

Highway Star cover

Black Dog cover

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Dark Knight movie - Two Face clip

This clip just arrived minutes ago, and I'm excited to post it here hahaahhaa.

just watch it and see it for yourself, I don't know if this legit, but when the video is from SHH, this is a real deal. thanks to the SHH people for the great news!

There are a lot of rumors running in the past months that Harvey Dent will appear in the TDK movie as Two Face, and the feature of its appearance already appeared in some action figures and also we saw a scene in the trailer that he will be injured by a fire and explosion and not the acid that was thrown to him as we know in the comic books.

Time to restart

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I'm back again in my regular life, the big event is finished, but I'm still bombarded by some good reviews and comments from friends and supporter, and its a great feeling to read it and feel it, even that I didn't enjoyed the event, I still feel happy because many people enjoyed it and experience a big blast.

I'm now restarting my button, and my life is like a PC that you should restart after being busy and memory is getting low. So since yesterday, I started to manage the stuff that I left last week and its my work and because that I forgot lots of job task, I'm now on a mission to finish all of these and also I'm working on a sched to meet with my boss.

Its hard to restart again haahahaha, It's like going back from a long vacation and then you forgot to work on your thesis. But its okay, everything is back to normal and I'm back again writing here in my blog and will write more. Last Saturday I received an email from my writing gig, and oh no! I need to re-write an article for a magazine, and last Saturday is already impossible for me to do some extra work while at the event, so I just emailed them and told them that I'm sorry, but will get back to them as soon as I managed my brain after all of these stunt.

So for a big start, I'm writing here as a warm up for everything, need to focus my brain and my interest again, and its hard to go back after a 2 days of rest. While ago I went to a bloggers event in Italiannis, it was great event that refreshes myself and meeting new people and some new friends at the event. Its looking back and staying with a different world. We were laughing because some of them asked my about this issue about my event, I was laughing and we giggled a while and I joke that hey! this is a different event and its not my Press conference hahahaa.

I'm trying to organize myself back, just stay tuned. My laptop is having 2GB free space and for me its a big problem hahaha. I need to have 20 GB free, so I'll back up later after me and Lace watch the Incredible Hulk movie.

okay, thats my blog post for now, will post more later and tomorrow!

-blogging at Matcha Green Tea Cafe, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Italianni's Blogger Event

see you all this Tuesday!!
thanks to for the invite

Italianni’s Goes the Extra Mile

Have you been to Italianni’s lately? If you haven’t then it’s about time you do. Because Italianni’s will be surprising its guests with wonderful extras every time they dine. As all Italianni’s regulars know, Italianni’s is known for big servings meant for sharing and of course, the standard complimentary foccaccia bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar…a tummy comforting treat that greets every one who comes to dine at the restaurant.

Inspired by this basic desire of completely satisfying its customers, they have recently launched the Italianni’s “extra surprises” campaign. Diners will be treated to surprising extras…all on the house. It could be anything from, desserts, salads, pasta, sangria, Baked Mussels and even fun vodka shooters that come in playful colors.

For the past two weeks, regulars have experienced these pleasant surprises whenever servers would suddenly bring in extra food items that they haven’t ordered. Only to be told that these are gifts from Italianni’s.

Italianni’s VP for Operations, Mr. Paul Manuud shares, “We wanted to create something, an experience that our diners would remember us for. We want every Italianni’s dining occasion to be wonderfully pleasant and memorable.”

Italianni’s already has 12 branches all over Metro Manila: Greenbelt 2, Glorietta 4, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, Greenhills, Tomas Morato, Eastwood City, Gateway, Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma and recently at Robinson’s Midtown in Malate.


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