Jollibee bazaar and 39ers rice meals
Az and Jollibee at the Jollibee Bazaar

I got invited to a Jollibee Bazaar and I was surprised that everything sold and displayed is priced at P39. And because that we have this price increase and money problems lately, the value of P39 can make us survive and make us hang on to something, just to live and enjoy our happy life. Items sold like Jollibee tumblers, dolls, pens, soap holder, keychains, bags, umbrella, plates,, thermal tumbler and many more. I just grabbed everything I see, and decided not to buy that colored markers, but then I realized after leaving the event that I really need that pen ahhaha. And oh I forgot, the bazaar is a game activity thing for us who attended the event, and they handed out Jollibee P39 play money, and we enjoy the hoarding and grabs of cool collectibles hauls all branded by Jollibee. And then we got introduced to this new Php 39 meals.
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The new 39ers meals of Jollibee and because of the commercial I saw on tv with the spoof of a court hearing and the "all rice" announcement, it just reminded me that they have these 3 new meals for us, and priced at Php 39 only that is available for Monday to Friday, a perfect meal for office people and students. The new meals are "the new Beef Strips", 4 piece Shanghai rolls and a 1 piece Burger steak. All served with rice and sauted vegetables.

the Beef strips meal

I loved the taste of the Beef Strips and it beats the other taste of some teriyaki flavoured meals of other fast food restos, it reminds of another meal, but the Beef Strips is very friendly to my taste buds. And the good thing is that every meal is served with veggies, and I like the idea on putting veggies as a side dish. The 39ers meals is a perfect eat and run food for everyone, you can just grab it, eat it and go. The price is in good timing, as we feel the financial crisis in our community, the 39ers is the best food and the cheapest meal ever for 2009.

Alhough that the drinks are not yet included, but you can still add a P16 for a regular drink, or add a P20 for a regular drink and sundae cone.

bloggers commentary
great to see my fellow bloggers arpee, lace, karla, karen. friends from stratworks, jollibee food corp and new bloggers friends.

love to see Jollibee mascot hanging out with us. hahahaha, I just can't believe to myself that I jsut ate 3 meals in that hour and ohh boy, I just got a big Jollibee hang over after the event. The items we got from the bazaar makes me happy, I just scored a Jollibee doll..and wow! its so cute.

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