Eraserheads concert - the Final Set - full concert MP3 audio recording


Eraserheads concert - the Final Set - (live raw audio recording) by ( all in 3 tracks)

you can listen to the audio recording of the whole concert by clicking play into the player above, and also skip if you want to hear the 2nd set acoustic set and also the final act of the band. The audio is low and I just used my Creative Zen hanging in my chest, so please bear with me if you hear me shouting and talking hahaha.

Best listening experience with this recording is that you wear earphones and put the a low volume to balance the bass and noise.

Download mp3 below
(sorry that I removed the download link of the Mp3, just to avoid the low-quality audio being sold or pirated, if you want to request for the mp3. post a comment below, and include your email so that i will email you the mp3 directly, thanks!)

edit March 12, 2009
Please be aware that there will be an original DVD and audio CD that Sony BMG will be distributed soon here in the Philippines, I highly recommend and suggest that you grab the original DVD and CD as soon as it is released.

This media sharing is not piracy, I do not sell it and it is free for everyone. This is for all Eheads fans from all over the world, who would like to experience again ( or feel the event online) the last concert of the ultraelectromagneticpop band "Eraserheads"

edit March 18 - I'm giving away my high resolution photos to all eheads fans
If you want high resolution photos of the concert, just click here in my other blog post
so that you can request your own photo memorabilia of the concert - click here

edit April 9, 2009
You can now download and watch the entire video, click Eraserheads concert - the Final Set - watch and download FULL concert video

and also you can watch the GMA 7 telecast of the concert here online at Eraserheads concert - the Final Set - Watch the GMA 7 coverage of the whole concert

Super thanks to MTV Philippines and SMART for helping me get the big opportunity to make a blog coverage for the greatest history of Philippines music scene.

here's the track and set list of the concert

1. Magasin (Fireworks at the end like Alapaap during the "Reunion Concert")
2. Walang Nagbago
3. Maling Akala
4. Maskara
5. Poorman's Grave
6. Waiting for the Bus
7. Huwag mo ng Itanong (Marcus, reggae version)
8. Slo Mo
9. Alkohol (Raymund)
10. Insomnya (Raymund)
11. Torpedo

2nd Set

12. Julie Tearjerky
13. Tikman
14. Wishing Well
15. Fine Time
16. Pare Ko
17. Kailan (Ely alone)
18. Back 2 me
19. Trip to Jerusalem
20. Spoliarium
21. Overdrive
22. Super Proxy
23. Minsan
24. Alapaap
25.Kaleidoscope World
26. Ang Huling El Bimbo


27. Ligaya
28. Sembreak
29. Toyang

( credits to Toni for writing it down for us)

thanks for listening!

(disclaimer : pls do not sell this, this mp3 and audio is for personal use only and for a fan of Eheads, I am not responsible for any pirated distribution and selling of it anywhere, all those who downloaded it and listen to it are in agreement that they will use if for personal use only and not for selling it )