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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Daily Blog Hop 1 - food, discounts, movies, waxing, contest, review and cool school stories

"Any boy couldn't resist that!" - Chinkychinky

This is a new series here in my blog, and I'll be featuring some cool blog post made by our bloggers who just submitted their blog entry links or blog url links in my plurk for calling a submisson of their updates for my daily blog hop series. Each posts will be featured here, and why I do this? because the posts are interesting.

read more below to continue.

1. An Icy Adventure at the Science Discovery Center.
Teacher Ria shared to us that learning science in this generation is much more fun than learning it in our class or in school, the Science Discovery Center had helped teachers and parents in making their kids or students learn more about science, and I'm also glad that this will be a good ground for adults who can start interest in Science.

2. A Perfect Start and End to Any Day!
Teacher Ria once again shared her blog post about a Brunch meal at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves and meeting Bobby Chinn. She also shared that her favorite dessert is the Chai Tea Latte, Camembert Oreo Cheese Tart.

3. Party Give Aways
Davao's Ultimate Partyphile - Zhaun Ortega posted about dog tags as a party giveaways. He posted images of different kinds of dog tags including that Ako Mismo dog tags. I really like that dog tag with the design of the Philippine flag.

4. Contest: What’s the Flippest Flippish Video?
Coy Caballes just launched his new blog website called Video Chops, in his new post featuring a contest for . Contest is so easy and the prizes are gift certificates for your cellphone and skin care :)

5. Style Scene: LG Health Collection Launch
Lace Llanora of features the Health Plus collection of LG electronics. She did Yog, and review some appliances that is health friendly to humans and met the Eco Mom of the Philippines, Angel Aquino.

6. Recitation day
tambolera22 of shared to us that she got a 1.0 grade from her recitation in class. I think she is an interior designer, because I see her designs, I think some kind of project in school.

a photo blog post by nansan, features a photo headshot of artists-film maker Earl Drilon

8.Mango Indefinite Sale Upto 50%
Earth shares a post of discounts sale at Mango, if you browse for some of her post, you'll see some of other discounts in other stores. I also receive an sms alert about the sale at Mango,but I just can't find a good place were I can post it here in my blog.

9.How To Cook An Authentic Spanish Paella
This is an interesting blog post from Earth's food blog ( hi Earth!). I love paella and this one made my taste buds search for the perfect paella in town. There's a tip, recipe and a how to cook video. I'll go back to this blog post once I got an interest to cook my own paella. yummy! "Matakaw nga ako!"

10.1st Expo Dad @ Rockwell in July 2009
The 1st ever grand expo for fathers and daddys will be at the Rockwell tent. Thanks again to Earth for the feature and I almost fell in my seat to see this event for July. I was conceptualizing a convention or expo for dads months ago and looks like I failed to run it . But I'm very curious on the collectibles and toys for the big boys section of the event. Check the post for the schedule of activities and entrance fee (if you are above 12 years old)

11.Lechon Lunch
This is what happens if I have food blogger friend around hahahah. Frannywanny shared to us her lechon lunch experience at Sabroso in Q.C., I'm now dying here at home and want to eat lechon too. But as Fran said in her blog post, she is very satisfied on the quick service and have lechon as an appetizer.... oh wait... appetizer?? omg...yummy!!! I might visit this once I got a big topak to eat lechon.

12. The Do's and Don'ts of At-Home Waxing
Ana also known as the Lipstickaddict, shared us a blog post entry on the do's and don't of waking yourself at home. I'm kinda laughing because I remember when my mom used to do a waxing with my lil sister and its a major fail hahahaa. But this blog post can now help others who want to save more funds in doing the thing to themselves.

13. Why Do People Cry At Weddings?
Joan posted a list of reasons why do people cry during weddings, the list is from people and friends who shared experienced crying during weddings. If you have more reason about it, contribute by visiting the post and write a comment on it. For me, I still dont get the reason of it hahaha. But its funny to see mommies cry when their girl is getting married. Females are much more affected on this and Its just my observation.

14. Starbucks Unveils Something New on July 2 is teasing us about the new drinks at Starbucks. There are also cakes and pastries featured in the post. The images and photos of the drinks and cakes will make you land to a nearby Starbucks. Jonel of posted a contest and he invites you to join.

15. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - What I Love and Hate About It
DigitalManila posted a review on what he love and hate about the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, we just saw the movie last Friday at the TV5 screening in Greenbelt 3 Cinema 2 with the movie bloggers. Read the review and find out i both of you have the same insights on how the action pace blows you away or the cheesyness of some scenes.

16. I Just Had a Taste of Razon's
I think I'm the only guy in the planet who haven't tried or tasted the food and halo halo in Razon's. Its already a living alamat that Razon's halo halo is the best and thanks to tasteofbothworlds of plurk for reminding me to try this for my birthday.

17. Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen
Chinkychinky of is also a movie blogger, posted a long review of the movie Transformers. And she also said that grewing up with Care Bears and Candy Candy, and noted that she is not a fan of the animated series. Same thing to me during my youngling years I watch this cartoons for babies and girls just waiting for my sentai or robot animated series in channel 2 hahahaha. We both have the same activity but different series we appreciate. ( but I love Care Bears! and Rainbow Brite)

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