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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tony De Zuniga : Super Heroes 2 gallery exhibit Opening event coverage

Shanna, queen of the Savage Land

I failed to attend the opening event of Tony De Zuniga's Super Heroes 2 at the Crucible in Megamall. I'm glad that our friend Ernest Hernandez took some cool photo coverage and shared to us. Love to see new painting artworks done by Tony De Zuniga, and from here at home, by looking at it, my favorite piece is the Shanna painting with the big cat behind. There is also Vampirella for my 2nd favorite set and finally the Red Sonja with a giant iguana, I really like his drawing on female characters, and from the look of it, very classic and sexy.

It is all comics characters for this year, compare to last year, it was a mix up of comic characters like Jonah Hex, Red Sonja and Batman, mixed with still life paintings.

The exhibit is til January 29, 2009. So visit the Crucible gallery, check it out..and you might have an interest in purchasing some of the greatest piece of comics artwork by artist extraordinaire Tony De Zuniga.

more photos below

more photos here, originally posted in Ernest album at

check out Carlo Pagulayan's photo coverage here

Eraserheads concert The Final Set - March 7, 2009
Eraserheads concert The Final Set - March 7, 2009

omg omg omg omg omg omg!!!!
this is it!!!!

the much awaited part 2 and Philstar Supreme wrote the big news for us and to all Eheads fans

tnx to my sister for breaking the news!

It’s confirmed. The Eraserheads concert “The Final Set” is set.

Save the date: March 7, 2009. The concert is produced by MTV and Smart with the venue yet to be announced.

For now, it’s a tossup between The Fort and SM Mall of Asia grounds.

They’re just about to sign the contract and will have their press conference on January 19.

We know you can’t wait, that’s why we’re already telling you — remember, you read it here first in Supreme!

original poster here at Supreme -

Quiapo and Feast of the Black Nazarene 2009

We were planning for this since last week, and because of some big changes of the location and procession of the Black Nazarene, a nd our church visit schedule was changed into morning and instead of the afternoon. My sister has work at 2pm, so we decided to go early in the morning to catch the morning mass and also to avoid the big crowd and the massive crowd of the procession of the Black Nazarene. I just remembered that we got in time last year for the procession and it was a great sight to see the Black Nazarene, although that it was only the replica, but its a great feeling to be few yards away from it.

We arrived at 6:30am and almost felt like a drunk guy, because I'm still very sleepy and tired. Didn't expected that the crowd are already big, and I thought that everyone will be in Luneta, because they relocated the statue there last night, and I like the idea to relocate it there to accomodate a large crowd, but many people are still going in Quiapo church, and for me the number of people grew double or maybe triple from what I observed last year. Or maybe because that they were there early for the 8:30am procession. hmm now it makes sense...
( read more below)

check out the video of the procession.
A banner of the feast from Chowking, and they post this every year. I hope they offer Chowking specials for the feast.
We finally reached Raon, and saw traffic scenes and a big sign that the big crowd already formed infront of the church. Buses, jeeps and cars are slightly stuck for some hours.
Fire vans and trucks are on stand by, there's no fire in the area, but they are rescuers on stand by, just in case if they needed help, it is better to be prepared always.
T-shirts and towels with designs and prints of Jesus Christ, this was sold almost everywhere around the church and sidewalks.
first view to see the crowd, and also the Red Cross volunteers strolling the area to see if there's anyone getting dizzy or fainted.
prayer candle vendors are near the church, they are everywhere and in big numbers, they go with the crowd, and to our location too. I think the candle fumes make me dizzy while we are listening to the mass outside the church, we are few feet away from the wall of the church. my body and head began to feel cold, and my head are starting to get numb, I'm starting to feel dizzy and almost puked. I think the candle fumes made me sick that day.
no way out...
Almost there...but we are stuck in here.
Red Cross volunteers created a human barricade to protect their station from the crowd. People who got fainted and dizzy are in this area, it is very hard to breathe in the middle of the crowd, and I can tell based on my dizziness experiences.
a Nazareno replica brought by devotees from Manila.
citizen journalist in action, I just don't know if these two guys are bloggers or just want to capture the action in their cellphones.

It's a very tiring hour, and after that me and my sis decided to eat our breakfast in Lola Ely's, I used to eat their during my college days, and it was great to see the eatery still open and kicking alive!

more photos in my album at Quaipo and Feast of the Black Nazarene 2009

that's my coverage for 2009, so see you on 2010 Feast.

- azrael coladilla

Friday, January 09, 2009

Thursday, January 08, 2009

ERASERHEADS The Reunion Concert - DVD Release Date: January 31, 2009

This is it!!!! the DVD that we are waiting for!
just saw this big news at The Pinoy Rock Industry blog, and after doing some research,
yes!!!! The release date is finally in there!

See you all in our nearest record store ehehehe.

Album Title:The Reunion Concert - DVD
Catalogue Number:88697455969
Release Date: January 31, 2009

Track Name
Hey, Jay
Huwag Kang Matakot
With A Smile
Shake Yer Head
Huwag Mo Nang Itanong
Light Years

It shall go down local music history as that singular moment where four estranged band members - Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro - came together for one spectacular reunion - 08.30.08. One band. One great show. One night only.

The historic performance of the country’s biggest band in the 90s that drew in more than 50,000 people at The Fort Bonifacio Open Field on Aug. 30, 2008, will be immortalized in one DVD – plus bonus features of behind-the-scene footages, rehearsals, etc.

“Eraserheads: Reunion Concert” boasts of outstanding production value. The state-of-the-art sounds, lights, and stage. The audience that night were so thrilled to find themselves drowned out by the outstanding display of lights and fireworks. It was truly a magnificent event, to say the least. All these, plus the thousands of adoring fans caught on camera, will be relived all over again in “Eraserheads: The Reunion Concert” DVD.


Jay Anacleto comics signing at Druid's Keep

Druid's Keep comics shop in Magallanes will be having a comic book signing with comic artist Jay Anacleto, and this might be another Marvels 2 comics signing event for fans and comic buyers at Druid's Keep. And I just keep on hearing the buzz at the comics mailing list about this event.

There are a lot of comic events and art gimiks for January 10, 2009. And don't forget about the Mico Suayan's Werewolf by Night comic book launching and singing and Ron English event in Manila. Also on the side note, there will be a signing with FHM January 2009 cover girl Carlene Aguilar in Robinsons Galeria. wow! lots of events this Saturday... time to gear up and make more ipon of pamasahe.

(credits to Gerry for the event poster)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pop art god father Ron English in Manila

January 10, 2009 at 7:00pm
5 Sgt Esguerra Street corner Timog Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

Fresh Manila is having a big event this January 10, 2009. And its a Red, White and Blue street party, launching of the limited and exclusive Ronnnie Rabbbit Popaganda mini figure, release of the Asian bronze antique exclusive ofAbraham and Obama and of course a meet/greet and autograph signing with Pop art god father Ron English. (read more below)

Born in Dallas, Texas in 1966
Pop iconoclast Ron English paints, infiltrates, reinvents and satirizes modern culture and its mainstream visual iconography on canvas, in song, and directly onto hundreds of pirated billboards. English exists spiritually somewhere between a cartoon Abbie Hoffman and a grown-up, real-life Bart Simpson, delivering a steady stream of customized imagery laden with strong sociopolitical undertones, adolescent boy humor, subversive media savvy, and Dali-meets-Disney technique. Dedicated to finding the sublime in the everyday and breaking the momentum of the didactic approach to art and life, English offers up an alternative universe where nothing is sacred, everything is subverted, and there is always room for a little good-natured fun

RSVP here at

Movie bloggers 1st press screening

This is our 1st movie screening for 2009, and thanks to Warner Bros. for inviting us at the press screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The screening was held at the Gateway Cineplex 5. Cocktails and food were served for the press, bloggers, movie writers and reviewers in the lounge area of the cinema hallway.

See you all again on the January 13th movie press screening
( more pics after the jump)

more photos at

Movie bloggers present are:

1. Fran+Paul
2. Iris+Monch
3. Jori
4. Kath+friend
5. Rowena+husband
6. Karen
7. Marcelle
8. Bob+wife
9. Spanx
10. Janine+Ria
11. Ada+Monique
12. Gian
13. Gab+Edward
14. Lace+Mark Santos
15. Azrael_Chris
16. Trixie+Carl
17. Jonel+Mark Cerbo
18. Arpee+Jun
19. Juned
20. Fjordz+friend

For list of the bloggers movie reviews . please click at My Movie review

Press Screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button @ Gateway Cineplex

Carl's album - The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- my movie review

There are times that we dream that we stay young forever and also live the life to the fullest, Some of us just wished to be in our youths and never grow old. But here in the latest movie of Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, the time and day in the life of Benjamin Button is moving backwards in the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Directed by David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club) and screen play by Eric Roth (Forrest Gump, The Horse Whisperer), the movie is adapted from the 1920s story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Check out my review below.

It is about the life of Benjamin Button having this rare condition of being born very old, and grew up getting younger and younger. Time and space of his body is much different, very unique and some say that he is very special. Benjamin's life cycle moves backwards, and the story started on a simple story written in Benjamin's diary while it was been read and narrated by Caroline to her very old mother Daisy in the hospital bed. ( Read more below)

The story started there and then continued as a post card story, The movie is like that you are reading a book, and because of the major development of each characters involved are being seen on the very part of the movie. You'll begin to find out on each character's role and soon find interest or excitement on what will happen to them in the later parts of the film. The story telling of the movie make audiences think on what will be the next storyline, as the characters evolve and some build more tension on it. Parts of having humor make us alive and keep those sleepy viewers awake, The character of Benjamin Button becomes more interesting when he grew up, life of being alone will be felt, and the joy of having back more happiness will be expected, but more unexpected changes will be seen on the end part of the film, which will make us more CURIOUS about his case.

The visuals and effects for the film really transported us back in time, from fashion up to the ambiance of the scenes make it really appear to be very old and so classic, the great research on the interiors of each set and mood of lights affects the viewers to make it believe that it really happens. Dramatic acting on all characters are awesome, it may be in a funny way but wearing all those prosthetics by Brad Pitt make him more a different person, and being so young again from all the characters and actors make me think that might be their original appearance when they were young.

My eyes are being fooled by masks and visual effects, great treatment for Brad, Cate and Tilda, and also to all involved persons in the movie. As the time passes, I didn't know that the movie is nearly around 3 hours, so better unloaded everything if you will watch this. Don't eat pop corn or hotdog while watching, it will distract you and might lose your momentum after seeing interesting part of the film.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is one great movie that you'll think after what if you grew up to be younger and younger, will you live your life to the fullest ?

Bloggers commentary

I just keep on feeling weird when I watch this movie, I just felt the times that I dont want to be alone and also the times of being left alone, but sometimes I feel more great if I'm alone, I guess it was the time when I wander and discover many things, I saw myself in Benjamin's life, and I was inspired to live more and do many great things today in year 2009, such an eye opener for me.

Thanks to Warner Bros. for inviting us bloggers to the press screening of this film, below are list of links of participated bloggers who joined us in the screening, check out their review below.

you may visit here to see our photos at the press screening
Press Screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button @ Gateway Cineplex

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Ria's review - Through the sands of time and back: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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Of Clocks and Buttons - A Review of the Movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

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Chris'review The Curiousity That Comes From "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

Dots Entertainment movie review - Brad Pitt’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: A Review

Karen's movie review "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

Mark Cerbo's movie review

if you have a movie review of this movie, please post it below in my comment board.
thank you.

till the next screening Movie Bloggers!!

-azrael coladilla

Monday, January 05, 2009

Tony De Zuniga : Super Heroes 2 gallery exhibit


January 9-25, 2009 The Crucible Gallery, 4/F SM Megamall Building A, Mandaluyong City

After over 30 years in the comic industry in United States, Tony De Zuniga is back to showcase his superheroes. Batman, Superman, Spider-man, Punisher, Red Sonja, Conan, Incredible Hulk, Shanna and Vampirella.

for info call Tel: 635-6061

(thanks to Gerry Alanguilan for the digital poster)

Tony De Zuñiga is a legend among American comic book aficionados and industry insiders. The characters he has drawn through the years are a veritable superhero pantheon spanning the parallel universes of DC and Marvel: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Supergirl, Conan the Barbarian, the Incredible Hulk, the X-Men, Thor, the Punisher, Blade and Red Sonia.

He created the look and illustrated the stories of Western anti-hero Jonah Hex in collaboration with writer John Albano. He designed and drew the Black Orchid, a female superhero created by Sheldon Mayer.

Then, as the Information Age dawned and comic books lost ground to video and computer games, De Zuñiga seamlessly moved into the world of conceptual design and direction, allowing a new generation to enjoy his artistic visions as they immersed themselves in Sonic the Hedgehog, Die Hard Arcade and other video games.

In retirement, he continues to make his mark, this time as a respected painter of compelling artwork, reaping awards and top prizes at California art shows and building a growing clientèle for his portraiture. He remains a favorite at comic book conventions, always happy to sign his drawings or swiftly draw Spiderman for an admiring young fan. - by Fay A. Olympia, Stockton, CA (2007) READ MORE HERE

Image Hosted by
2007: Mark Cerbo, Me, and the Masters :Tony De Zuniga, Rico Rival and Abe Ocampo

he's back again here in Manila, and since that I missed his appearance at the Komikon 2008, now is my chance to meet him again hhahahaa. I'm now excited to see his new works on display at the gallery and the artworks will be sold too. Check in my coverage last time on Tony's 1st Super Heroes exhibit last 2007.

I got invited to the formal opening, so see you all for those who got invited too at the formal launching at the 9th.

Mico Suayan's Dead of Night : Werewolf by Night # 1 Comic Book Launching event


Dead of Night : Werewolf by Night # 1 Comic Book Launching event featuring Artist Extraodinaire, Mico Suayan

January 10, 2009, Saturday
Comic Odyssey, Robinsons Galeria

Mico Suayan will be signing copies of the this hot new series from MARVEL COMICS

You can now start reserving your copies by visiting the store of Comic Odyssey, Robinsons Galeria.

The first 50 reservations will include a special mini print created just for this event

For more info, please call 914-0040
or write us by simply sending an email to

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tv 5 Live Caravan is like a TV 5 Convention

Whenever I say it is a convention, something pop ups in our minds like a venue with booths, gaming booths, music entertainment and lots of freebies. That is my feedback for attending an event organized by TV 5 and I didn't expected that it is a jam packed of activities, booths, on the spot interviews, show tapings, contest auditions, photo op with the celebrities, and a big musical and rock concert. And I didn't expected that Tv 5 created a great show and an outdoor tv show for the whole day, not only a show, but also a live and outdoor studio for one of their programs.
( read more below and join with my experience for a blog coverage)

Whew! so many words that I can put in but as TV5 Senior VP for Brand Management, Jasper Evangelista, said that

the TV5 LIVE Caravan is expecting to meet and greet thousands of audiences “as an expression of the station’s gratitude and thanks” to its supporters. “We are very excited about this. TV5 is very thankful for the positive reception it earns from viewers and for the very favorable ratings, keeping us at a strong number three position in Philippine TV.” Evangelista also invites and encourages everyone to look out for more exciting TV5 events and activities for 2009.
“The TV5 LIVE Caravan is just one of the many big surprises that we will be bringing out this year. And this is just the first, so everyone should watch out for the others which are of course, guaranteed to be just as much fun and grand as this one.”

The event is like a New Years party for everyone, and it was held at the Star City ground and upon entering you can show up your school ID enter the event free, or just buy any Tv5 merchandise. But at night time, the event was opened to everyone and it was a rock fest with Duster, Imago and Sandwich. Also anime band performed in the afternoon and I just missed it, Himitsu Heiki anime and jrock cover band were there and did anime music themes of Samurai X, Full Metal Panic, Gundam 00 and many more. ( you can check Pedz photos here)
In the morning, we saw many kids playing some games in the cartoon booths, while others were busy having their own make over, some play video games, while others are on an audition for the Talentadong Pinoy and Shall we dance tv show. I saw many got interview by Ogags show, and they asked some people to try out a funny dare game which I witness that the lady back out after figuring out that the rubber attached to the helmet she' wearing will be pulled and snap it on her neck as a dare game.
I also tried the giant inflatable slide ahhaha, I just asked our friendly Tv 5 girl Yoanna if it is available for adults, then I was with my blogger friends and told that I will try it, but then I thought they will join me on the slide hahaha. I climbed up but lost my balance on the last step and I feel backwards to the start, so I climbed again and did a funny slide haahaa. We played the punch meter, Para Para and that funny hula hoop game, Lace wants to win that Barney notebook for her niece Anya, because her niece is a big fan of Barney and they used to watch the live show and also on tv, so I helped her to win it by using the hula hooping with my neck. I got tired easily and I feel that I'm going to die hahahah, because after doing that Para Para dance video game, I suddenly did another physical game.
I missed the Barney show that afternoon and other celebrities roaming the venue, I went to Ortigas after the Bubbles brothers performance on stage, and went back to venue at 7pm. There I got in time to see the stars of Lip Gloss and Midnight DJ. Saw my blogger friends already in there taking their best photo coverages for their blogs.

The night ended with the rock musical performance of Sandwich and everyone head bangs as they performed great songs from thei album, I just always love their song used in Coca Cola commercial. The ended with their last song "Sugod" and the band was joined by a little girl and she's lucky to sing on stage with rock icon Raymund Marasigan.

TV5 live makes another first in Philippine TV history by bringing its shows on-ground with TV5 LIVE Shake Mo TV Mo Caravan that welcomes the New Year with your new favorite TV station live, and watch out for bigger TV5 shows and events that await this 2009. Shake Mo TV Mo!

more photos in my album at
TV 5 Live Caravan - photo coverage part 1
TV 5 Live Caravan - photo coverage part 2 - Bloggers lunch break at Harbour Plaza
TV 5 Live Caravan - photo coverage part 3 - booths, photo ops, bubbles brothers
TV 5 Live Caravan - photo coverage part 4 - Lips Gloss and Midnight DJ on stage
TV 5 Live Caravan - photo coverage part 5 - Duster live on stage
TV 5 Live Caravan - photo coverage part 6 - Bangs, Imago, Sandwich

Mark Cerbo's coverage : | TV5 Live Caravan Feat: Duster | TV5 Shake Mo 01.03.2009

Ada Lajara's coverage : Sandwich live | TV 5 Live Caravan

Ed Arevalo's coverage : ( to be updated)

Lace Llanora's coverage : TV5 Live Carnavan at Star City | Style Scene: TV5 Carnavan

Iris Acosta's coverage : (to be updated)

Mark Santos's coverage : ( to be updated)

Chris Aquino's coverage : ( to be updated)

Carlo Valenzona's coverage: ( to be updated)

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