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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'll be using my mobile blog for 3 days

Check my Plurk panel below, I'll be updating there via mobile and post updates in my Plurk blog account, and because that I will be gone for 3 days and out of the city. Feel free to read my updates here, and in my Facebook status profiles. I'll be back online again on Monday.

I just hope that I can get a slot for the Eraserheads press con on Monday ...yay!

Let's go green! and use Greenbags whenever we go shopping

For only P35, you can take home a multi useable one green bag and also take home 4 with it, 1) the green bag, 2) Manuel Baldemor's artwork, 3) Helping save the environment, 4) one peso from P35 will goes to a charitable institution advocating a better environment for all. The green bag is now the new designer bag for mall goers and shoppers, and it help the environment and solve the plastic waste problems coming from malls that is being used for storage whenever we shopping.

I went to the launch of the SM Supermalls Greenbag, and didn't know in the first place that its a bag event. Lace woke me up last night and reminded me about this event she got invited and I was wearing the wrong clothes that time, wished that I wear green shirts too. ( read more below)

sm green bag baldemorsm green bag baldemor id=
Above is : “Graces from the Land” and “Graces from the Sea”

The SM Supermalls unveiled the new design in SM Mall of Asia and it shows a 4 kind design artwork done by international Filipino artist Manuel Baldemor. The mall did a pioneering efforts to promote eco-shopping in the Philippines and I just discovered that SM Mall of Asia is one of the eco-friendly (and I think the 1st ) in the country, heard in the AVP that their plastic bags are bio-degradble.

The SM Supermalls GreenBag is made from 100% polypropylene (PP) material, which is recyclable, non-toxic, allergy free and non-reactive to human skin. The Greenbag’s size is equivalent to two regular shopping bags and has an estimated lifespan of two years.
“I am very happy, honored and proud to have partnered with SM Supermalls to exclusively design the new SM Supermalls GreenBag. This initiative is parallel to my personal advocacy for the environment,” says Baldemor.

sm green bag baldemorsm green bag baldemor
Above is : “Spiritual Light & Supreme Energy” and "Graces from the Air”

Mr. Baldemor crafted the exclusive designs with an environmental themes for energy, air, land and sea.

SM shoppers may avail one of any of the four (4) designs of the Baldemor collectible SM Supermalls GreenBag for only P35 with every P500 single or accumulated receipt purchase and/or any proof of purchase at any SM Supermalls establishment. For every sale of the new SM Supermalls GreenBag, one (1) peso goes to a charitable institution advocating a better environment for all.

The new Greenbags are available at the Event Center GreenBag Booth in all SM Supermalls nationwide from January 16, 2009 to April 30, 2009.

The use of the SM Supermalls Greenbags also has its perks. SM Advantage cardholders are automatically entitled to two (2) points upon presentation of their SM Advantage card if they use the new SM Supermalls GreenBag at any SM Supermarket and/or Hypermarket.

more photos of the event here at SM Supermalls "Green Bag" launching @ SM Mall of Asia

and Sitti at Sitti @ SM Supermalls Green Bag launching in SM Mall of Asia


coverage: Abraham Obama fresh Exclusive Launch Party with Ron English
Ron English in FreshManila ( Manila, Philippines)

And because that I failed to attend the event, and my reason is that I got stuck in Ortigas City and didn't noticed that the time is already late. But here are some photo coverage from the exclusive launching of the Abraham Obama and event meet/signing with Ron English

check out below for more pics.

more photos at

Red, White and Blue Street Party I

Red, White and Blue Street Party II

all photos by Big Boy

#5 Sgt. Esguerra Street corner Timog Avenue , Quezon City, Philippines

Friday, January 16, 2009

Yes man - my movie review "its so hard to say YES"

If someone invited you to a Jim Carrey new movie, would you say YES! and watch the movie, for me if you label any movie with Jim Carrey, I will definitely say YES and never think twice or pause for a moment to think what will be the color or size of my underwear. I just experienced this invite a go go to my friends and they didn't think a second to say NO, but here in YES MAN, Jim's new movie, all is a go and YES is the golden ticket to watch it ( and yeah for free, if you are movie blogger )

It is hard to say YES in many things, and in this movie that stars Jim Carrey as Carl Allen, a guy whose life is going nowhere—the operative word being “no”—until he signs up for a self-help program based on one simple covenant: say “yes” to everything...and anything. Unleashing the power of “YES” begins to transform Carl’s life in amazing and unexpected ways, getting him promoted at work and opening the door to a new romance. But his willingness to embrace every opportunity might just become too much of a good thing. ( read more below )

All I can say is that the story and character really fits well to Jim and looks like the movie is also okay to other comedians, but I'm glad that Jim Carrey got the role and now being tag as the Yes Man. It is a funny movie and I enjoyed everything on it, and if you are a geek, you'll definitely love some scenes in the middle of the movie. It struck me big time after hearing some dialogues but it reflected the characters personality and its problems. Are you afraid to say YES, if someone proposes to you for marriage? well, Carl Allen (Jim) can say Yes to that. But I just realized that saying YES to everything is very hard.

I like the scene with the Third Eye Blind thing, I almost sang with them during the screening, I just don't know if everyone sings it too, but it was a sure winner for me. The story is well projected to each of the character of Yes man, and the use of soundtracks is good and I just can't wait to grab it soon, I want to hear Zooey Deschanel's voice hhehehehe.

The movie will eject you out of your seat laughing and later on ask yourself "what if you are in Carl Allen's shoe?, will you say YES too, even that you need to do your first bungee jump? or be a changed person and have a happy life." hmm well, if it changes me and makes me happy, I will say a big YES on it.

btw, don't leave yet your seats... there's an extra clip in the middle of the end credits ( Hell no!! its not Tony Stark showing up for the Avengers ahhaha)

once again, thanks to Sionee of Warner Bros. Philippines for the invites of the press screening.

Check out this interview with Jim Carrey about Yes Man

Yes Man will be showing soon here in the Philippines, so don't miss it.

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Jollibee bazaar and 39ers rice meals
Az and Jollibee at the Jollibee Bazaar

I got invited to a Jollibee Bazaar and I was surprised that everything sold and displayed is priced at P39. And because that we have this price increase and money problems lately, the value of P39 can make us survive and make us hang on to something, just to live and enjoy our happy life. Items sold like Jollibee tumblers, dolls, pens, soap holder, keychains, bags, umbrella, plates,, thermal tumbler and many more. I just grabbed everything I see, and decided not to buy that colored markers, but then I realized after leaving the event that I really need that pen ahhaha. And oh I forgot, the bazaar is a game activity thing for us who attended the event, and they handed out Jollibee P39 play money, and we enjoy the hoarding and grabs of cool collectibles hauls all branded by Jollibee. And then we got introduced to this new Php 39 meals.
(Read more below)

The new 39ers meals of Jollibee and because of the commercial I saw on tv with the spoof of a court hearing and the "all rice" announcement, it just reminded me that they have these 3 new meals for us, and priced at Php 39 only that is available for Monday to Friday, a perfect meal for office people and students. The new meals are "the new Beef Strips", 4 piece Shanghai rolls and a 1 piece Burger steak. All served with rice and sauted vegetables.

the Beef strips meal

I loved the taste of the Beef Strips and it beats the other taste of some teriyaki flavoured meals of other fast food restos, it reminds of another meal, but the Beef Strips is very friendly to my taste buds. And the good thing is that every meal is served with veggies, and I like the idea on putting veggies as a side dish. The 39ers meals is a perfect eat and run food for everyone, you can just grab it, eat it and go. The price is in good timing, as we feel the financial crisis in our community, the 39ers is the best food and the cheapest meal ever for 2009.

Alhough that the drinks are not yet included, but you can still add a P16 for a regular drink, or add a P20 for a regular drink and sundae cone.

bloggers commentary
great to see my fellow bloggers arpee, lace, karla, karen. friends from stratworks, jollibee food corp and new bloggers friends.

love to see Jollibee mascot hanging out with us. hahahaha, I just can't believe to myself that I jsut ate 3 meals in that hour and ohh boy, I just got a big Jollibee hang over after the event. The items we got from the bazaar makes me happy, I just scored a Jollibee doll..and wow! its so cute.

more photos in my album at Jollibee 39ers launching event

Coverage: Bathala na! and soft launch of and Kidlat Tahimik after party
Me with the Biscochiong Halimaw.... ( TJ holds the Tibetan Singing Bowl)

It was a night of over flowing booze, music, poetry, films, art and artists. The night was filled famous art entities and elementals, music from banging in the walls, and colorful poems speak loudly and clear. The soft launching of Khavn's wesbite was held at the Mag:net Cafe in Katipunan, it also serves as the after party for Kidlat Tahimik's Retrospective film event. Kidlat was there too, and in his Igorot outfit, jamming with the band using his gong.

My first time at the Magnet katips, and its funny to say that, because I've been invited so many times in that venue, and for many months and years..I finally made it. and because that it is the soft launching of Khavn's website, and I did the initial layout and concept of the website, its best that I go there and join the fun, that will make the aura of the website more kick ass in the long run. hehhehee. ( read more below po.. )

so many stuff I discovered, and it was like a blast in the past.. hehehehe.

and I saw this instrument!
the Tibetan singing bowl.... TJ introduce this instrument to me. its so hard to play it
but its fun to hear the sound, all you need to do is place that wooden thing in the outside rim of the metal bowl and make a circular motion rubbing the wood and metal, and do it for many times and you'll hear this singing sound... totally cool !

more photos here at PHOTOS coverage - “BATHALA NA!” The Soft Launch of & the Afterparty of the Kidlat Tahimik Retrospective

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