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Friday, January 23, 2009

coverage: CODE LIMITED pre launch @ Embassy Fly

I just did a photo coverage for Style and Relax blog, and visit that fashion blog for more updates, photos, coverage, article and interview with some fashion designers like Featuring: Avenue, Montaigne, Amour, Plume, Cocomo, Cinabag, Doll Face (Eli of Project Runway), Eleven,
Glitterati, Electric Cutes (Ava+Kitty+Reza), Love Culture, Maisie, Marrosa, ....and a lot more

for a complete blog coverage, visit Style and Relax event report

more photos at CODE LIMITED pre launch @ Embassy Fly

and for more complete photo set of my photo coverage, visit Code Launch @ Embassy Fly

Valentines Day 2009 will start here in a new Chocolate Heart Doughnuts

I just saw this in my inbox, and yes I'm a big Krispy Kreme fan and I love their doughnuts.
I think Valentines Day for 2009 will be early for us this January 2009, but Krispy Kreme has started now the Valentines Day campaign here in the Philippines. This set will be a perfect gift for your love ones.

I know wonders if they have a heart shape cream filled doughnuts.hmmm.

you can read more details below

Krispy Kreme celebrates this season with the NEW Chocolate Heart Doughnuts!
“Your favorite premium chocolates on a Krispy Kreme doughnut”

It's love at first bite!
Featuring Hershey's Chocolate Chip - "love the chip", Hershey's Semi-Sweet chocolate chips on rich chocolate iced heart doughnut;
Oreo Cookie Heart - "it's chocolate times 3!", heart-shaped doughnut topped with Oreo Chocolate Cookie and rich chocolate icing, then filled with chocolate kreme;
Powdered Chocolate Heart - "for the half hearted", it's a heart-shaped doughnut coated with half kremey chocolate icing & half dusting of powdered sugar;
Chocolate Sprinkled Heart - "sprinkle some love", a heart-shaped doughnut dipped in kremey chocolate and topped with chocolate sprinkles;
Hershey's Dark Chocolate Heart - "a heart with a dark side", it's a heart-shaped doughnut dipped in rich chocolate & topped with Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate and drizzled with caramel;
Chocolate Curl Heart - "indulge in chocolate curls", we've topped our chocolate iced heart doughnuts with belgian chocolate curls (available in dark and white).
Share the love! Get a limited edition Valentine Tin Can and choice of 6 Chocolate Heart Doughnuts for only P322. Plus, you may design 3 Chocolate Heart Doughnuts for only P130!

These offers are available in all Krispy Kreme stores now until this February only! For more details, visit

Happy Valentine's Day in advance!


Krispy Kreme Factory Stores:

Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig city
Opens 6:00 am daily

Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, Metro Manila, drive-thru store
Opens 5:30 am daily

SM Mall of Asia
G/F, Entertainment Mall, Pasay City

Krispy Kreme Stores:

Cinema level, Trinoma, Quezon city

SM Megamall
Upper G/F, building B, Mandaluyong City
Opens 8:00 am daily

SM Mall of Asia
G/F, Main Mall, Pasay City

Ayala Avenue
Ground Floor, Jaka Building, Makati City
Opens 6:00 am daily

Robinsons Galleria
Level 2, East Lane
Ortigas Ave, Quezon City

Gateway Mall
Ground Floor of Gateway Mall, Cubao, Quezon City

Glorietta 4

Glorietta 4, Main entrance, Makati City

( if you are asking why I post it here...wala lang, I just like it..and FYI: this is not a paid advertisement. )

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love this portable and mobile projector


I just want to have my own projector at home, so that I can play video games in the big wall, or maybe watch a movie or tv and enjoy cinematic ambiance and flickring effects. It is a good gadget whenever you have parties in other place, do film showings, or for a presentation for your meeting or school report.

Last year I blogged about the CES 2008, and I fell inlove with this Pico mobile projector and I wait for it last year and it seems impossible for me to get one, because the one they featured is a prototype.

But I got surprised and hope came along after reading Jayvee's blog post on about the 3M Micro Professional Projector (MPro 110), and it was a very lovely gadget. And it says that the gadget will be available soon (in Abenson as I heard form Jayvee) for only P22,000 or P23,000. Much more cheaper in a big projector we know in the market, I think the cheaper ones goes for about P36,000. And the good thing for the 3M Micro Professional Projector (MPro 110), is that it consumes little power for itself, because according to Fritz that he just downloaded the manual and the mobile projector is powered up by a LED bulb, means that the gadget can not receive a lot of heat whenever it is plugged.

The gadget will be available in the 1st quarter of the year. I'm excited to have my own and hope to bring it anywhere I ago (especially when I have an events or party with my family and friends)

for more details visit

Wednesday Blog post request number 1

I jut got bored in a few minutes and I'm thinking what interesting stuff I need to post here in my blog, and because that I need a lot of warm up for writing an article for a newsletter for 58 schools about using blogs in marketing and promotion, I just posted a plurk post asking my friends "any topics that i can write a blog post tonight ? hmmm..."

and below are my bueno mano request blog post. "NTC requiring a license to Plurk!, how did I start in organizing big events, Manny Pacquiao having a new tv series?, The what if series on Obama and Gandanghari"

NTC requiring a license to Plurk!
Mike Abundo shared this information to us that there will be hearing tomorrow about a decision from NTC that they will require content developers to acquire license from them, and thats from the National Telecommunication Commission. Mike shared his blog post and also the memo proposal. It is very weird and impossible that they can do that to us, bloggers, plurkers, twitterers, multiplyers, friendster and facebook users, are all content developers, means that we, me and you provide content for your friends and readers. I'm just not sure if online content like blogs and others are under the proposal, and if ever they implement it, ahaha good luck!
I think they will be targeting most of the popular sites or maybe companies that provide online content, but hmmm it's just very weird and hope they can focus more on to something like cellphone users in getting a license, and if they succeed, then go on to the online thing.

how did I start in organizing big events
I just realized this from my lecture about Comics conventions and events 101, and I did this first ever lecture in DLSU last 2005. You can read my keynotes there in the link above, which can serve as a step by step guide in organizing events, just remove the comics thing and replace it with your concept.

my main secret here is that everything must start small and then learn the ground, walk and go big. Means that I started in organizing small events, learn the tricks and trade of it, and if ever I'm ready with all those trainings but having small events.. its time to go for the big shot and organize a big one.

as time goes by, the learning never stop always, it keeps on coming until someone new is discovered. - you can read more of this in my blog post Az retro blast from the past, its a short history on how I started in making events.

But what I learned from myself since grade school, is that never stop learning, do new things, discover new things, and practice it or do this stuff while your still young, because when your grow up, you will be more professional on these things. I like to write a 101 in organizing events soon, but will write it in a scratch soon and post it here in my blog.

Some added note, it will be more better to get education too in marketing and business communication courses if you really like to be in this field, I envy many people for having this education and me as a BS MATH Com sci graduate, didn't fit right for this field.

Manny Pacquiao having a new tv series?
okay, this is Shinkaide's idea hahaha, Manny will star in a telenovela with a title of "Kamao ng Pagibig: Inagaw mo ang lahat sa akin ka!" And it will air on GMA 7. Looks like that Shinkaide is having these Strange Brew hang over on how to make an action movie with Ramon Bautista and Jun Tado and Erning ahahaha. well this is just a false rumor, and yeah! Manny should retire in boxing and get his own tele soap opera novela or whatever it is called.
pic from

The what if series
What if I'm in the USA ? then my president will be US President Barack Obama, and I might be on that big gathering covering it, taking photos, video and post it here in my blog. It will be a good start for everyone living in the US, and later on absorb on Obama's actions for changing the whole state. Some say that Obama might not finish his terms, due to those people who don't like that their country being ruled by a black person, and many will do something that can make him quit.

The Bebe Gandanghari. I shocked myself to know that it was Rustom Padilla, I just heard from some plurk posts and just confirmed it to everyone who's that person Im reading on their posts, and then it was the gay actor Rustom who wants to change his name or perhaps screen name. If Rustom will under go a sex change... hmmm he will be a she..but the person will still be Rustom and not Bebe Gandanghari or maybe we can call the name Rustomina, as others say.

Okay that's my blog post request for now.. hope you like this short activity that I created ahhahaa. Its a good start to fire up my engine, thanks to Mike, Mica, Shinkaide and Chrissie for these requests and hope to get more requests next week.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Events to attend this week January 22-24

I fixing my calendar and my schedule and it looks like an endless checklist of events that I got invited. So for now, I might create an events calendar checklist in the sidebar of my blog, just to make myself updated every time I'm online and also its a sched list too for my blog readers.

So here are my list of events that I'll attend starting tomorrow January 22, 2009

Jan. 22, 2009


Lace will be going to this Fabric event and she invited me to attend this event, she mentioned about the back stage thing, but as of now I don't know what is in there, she will be doing a lot of stunts for her blog, and as usual, I will be her photographer for the whole evening in covering this event.

3rd FFC Mini Web Design Conference
It's already impossible for me to attend this event, because I'll be with Lace the whole evening.
for more info and if you are interested to attend, just click HERE!

Jan. 23, 2009

Red invited me to attend his rock event, and the line up of bands are great! Comic artist Manix Abrera will be there selling his stuff, and also the we will doodle people will be there too. I'll attend this event before going to another event near by. To know more about Far-Out-an! please visit this page for infos

Nokia Music & BIGFISH bring you hedkandi LIVE IN MANILA
Ohhh yeah! this will be my 2nd Hed Kandi party event, and good thing is that it will in A Venue Hall. The last time I attended the Hed Kandi was in World Trade Center years ago. This event will be my last stop for the evening. We got tickets and I got surprised when Lace told me that we got the tickets (actually its a guest list thing hahaha) more info here!

E-services 2009 press conference
I almost forgot about this, glad that I updated my calendar early today, and it seems that my Friday is super fully booked and my day will start here at the press conference for the 9th e-Services Global Sourcing Conference and Exhibition and the press con will start at 10:30am up to 2:00 pm. I got invited by Janette Toral to do a blog coverage of the press con. The main event will be on February 09-10, 2009 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.
The Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) is organizing this event.

Jan 24, 2009
Chocolate Appreciation 101
We will be here at the chocolate workshop at 6pm in Heavenly Chocolates in QC, Lace already registered and we get to know the great wonders of chocolates ahaahha, for more info of this event and how to register, just visit Styleandrelax blog. hmmm looks like that this week will be more devoted to styleandrelax hmm.

Obama inauguration party at T.G.I. Friday's Restaurants World's Largest Inauguration Party

Global casual dining leader, TGI Friday's, organizes a party in time for the USA's inauguration for the new US President on January 20, 2009. And we were there to celebrate and party with TGI Friday's by having great meals and drinks, and photo op with American superheroes and characters, watch bar tenders do those flipping bottles and cocktail glasses. Me and the bloggers got a great time having chat, and play Obama like wearing masks and talk about the coming state of the other side of the country and their new President. And we did a all of one and one for all toasts at the bar and hearing bar and waiters sing for us in time for the celebration.

and cool to hear that TGI Friday's around the world is having the same party like here in Manila.
Read more below

TGI Fridays has a special offer like the Free Stars and Stripes apetizer with a minimum of Php1,000, and get a free drink when you order 2 cocktail drinks.

"We look for any excuse to have a great time, and the inauguration of a new US President was the perfect way to get a party going on a Tuesday. We're also extending great beverage offer through Feb 10 like we say "in here it's always Friday"!- Robert Santos, Bistro Americano VP for operation

oh btw, while I type this, I'm watching Obama's speech in CNN Live. and I know every blogger/plurkers are now online and watches the inauguration day.

more photos in my album at T.G.I. Friday's Restaurants World's Largest Inauguration Party

Eraserheads concert The Final Set - March 7, 2009 - TICKETS NOW ON SALE


Here are the full info of ticket prices and where to buy the tickets, thanks to my sis Misyel for being fast on these information hahaha, mukhang nahuhuli na ako sa infos for the Eraserheads final set March 7, 2009 concert, As the band said, the title "Final set" is not the main title of the concert, that is according to their video interview from, also the concert is not the 2nd set as it was supposed to be done after their previous concert last year. It will be a new concert for 2009 and the band will be involved in the production of the concert.

venue : SM Mall of Asia Ground - March 7, 2009 8PM

Ticket Prices:
VIP PhP 5000.00
GOLD PhP 3000.00
SILVER PhP 1300.00
BRONZE Php 300.00

For the safety of your children, they will only be allowed entry
at the venue if they are:
• 4 feet and above
• Accompanied by paying adult

Prohibited Entry
• Children below 4 feet in height
• Pregnant women
• Individuals under the influence of drugs or liquor
• Persons with severe heart or medical condition

Prohibited items inside the venue
• Professional audio or video recording devices
• Professional Cameras
• Weapons
• Glass
• Cans
• Plastic Bottles
• Food
• Large metal belt buckles
• Big posters/placards/signages
• Fireworks
• Alcoholic beverages
• Spiked Bracelets
• Wallet chains
• Back packs
• Waist packs
• Laser Pens
• Large chains
• Long & pointed umbrella


About the Event: Eraserheads LIVE! The Final Set

A closure to the entire Eraserheads saga?
The phenomenal ‘90s local rock act - The Eraserheads, will regroup anew in a concert dubbed as The Final Set. The Eraserheads will reunite for the second time on March 7, 2009 to settle unfinished business following the abrupt finish of their highly successful reunion concert last August 30, 2008 in Bonifacio Open Field in Taguig. Composed of Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Ador, and Raimund Marasigan, the Eraserheads broke up in 2002. The band''s musical legacy grew more since the falling out.

On their last reunion concert, Ely unfortunately experienced chest pains and reportedly collapsed backstage. The reunion concert is a gift to the fans for their tireless support.

All infos are from :!%20The%20Final%20Set

click the link to buy the ticket online or visit any TicketWorld booths

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bloggers enjoyed the big serving at Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant, SM Megamall Atrium

I was traveling back to Manila and it was a 6 hour land trip going down and up of the mountains of Quezon, I was dreaming already having a big meal for dinner and glad that I made it nearly on time for the bloggers treat at Bigby’s café and restaurant that is located in SM Megamall new section, that is called “The Atrium”. Last week I researched about Bigby’s and I found some info that it is an American style restaurant, but when I arrived there at the restaurant that evening, I saw my blogger friends already finished and now leaving the venue, but I’m glad that Firsttierbrand still welcomes me in the event and met Henrik Yu, the owner of Bigby’s. I got to taste first some salad and Banana Fanna, its okay for me start of my meal with sweets, but since I’m a little bit unsure what to order, Lace helped get the meal and told her that I want to eat the food that the bloggers had earlier.

Then the talks came in, it was a great discussions with Henrik and Firstierbrand, we were talking about adventures outside the Philippines, trip and plane experiences going to Visyas and Mindanao, food in other places and funny moments. After receiving my meal and eat it, I just realized that the Bigby’s café and restaurant is purely made with a theme of “travel” and it shows the proof by looking at its interiors and decoration in their Megamall branch, lots of memorabilia are on display and it is from a private collection of Henrik during his travel years. I just love the pins and key chains on frame, it got me an idea to have one also, because I have lots of key chains with me and pins from companies and events, and I want to kept it as one of collectibles treasures, because in the long run, those items will be more a vintage collectible items.

Read more below

And now time for a little flashback, we asked Henrik why “Bigby’s” the name of the resto, and then he told us that the name states for having a big serving for everyone, and I totally agree because I got intimidated on this Rock a bye Baby Ribs and its huge!

Then I cleared myself after knowing that Bigby’s café and restaurant originates in Cagayan de Oro, and it has branches in Cebu City, Bacolod City and in Davao City, and they celebrated their 10th year by opening up their first Luzon branch in Manila that is now located in SM Megamall’s The Atrium. And I just discovered that there are many followers or resto fans of Bigby’s, I saw a lot of plurk comment posts in my blogger friends that many are surprised that there is a Manila branch, and some of those who are staying here in Manila, are now happy to know that Bigby’s is already here.

And for my food trip here are my reviews
Rack a bye Baby Ribs

Most sauce on baby back ribs are colored red, some are dark like a bbq sauce, here in Bigby’s they have their own dark bbq sauce, not too sweet or sour, or salty, the taste of the sauce is lightly sweetened. The meat are soft and easily to cut and chew, I enjoyed eating the back part, because it got cooked better and more tastier, I think it will be good it the ribs is over cooked or burned. Under the ribs are veggies smiling at you, and a good starter for your meal. Henrik told me that this baby ribs came from Cagayan de Oro and most of their products and recipes came directly from their main branch, they ship it here by air and now its here, ready to be processed and cook for customers. And the cut of this ribs are from one set of ribs, artistically cut and it can produce 2 perfect ribs for Rack a bye Baby Ribs.

The Bigby’s café and restaurant is a big hit to all of us, and after reading their profiles and portfolio, it looks that they have their own community. They started a lot of activities and contest in their branches and now I read in their website that they have this photography contest and the prize is a whopping P5,000 GC for the 1st place winner. You can read more of that contest and the info of Bigby’s café and restaurant at their official website

And because that I arrived late at the time, I just tried 2 meals only, but if you like to know more about my blogger friend's experiences just visit their blog below

more photos in my album at Bloggers enjoyed the big serving at Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant, SM Megamall Atrium

visit more pics at carl's album

more pics in ada's album

Style and Relax blog post - Dine Healthy in Style at Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant

Ada's blog post - Bigby’s Café and Restaurant Food Experience at SM Megamall

Dell Vostro A840 laptop promo for all

Dell is leading the way in designing solutions to meet your needs at every stage of growth. Their latest Vostro model delivers affordable solutions to address basic computing tasks on any budget.

You can stay productive and focused on your business in the office, on the road, or at home. The Vostro A840 laptop delivers the technology you need to execute everyday business tasks no matter where you are. It’s compact and easy to take anywhere. Integrated Wi-Fi, modem, and Bluetooth options keep you connected and in sync for on-the-go collaboration. It is easy to deploy and manage for out-of-the-box productivity. And it is pre-configured with core office productivity applications and no annoying trialware.

Dell helps you avoid hardware failures with high quality industry-standard components and proven Intel technology. Designed for everyday mobile office computing, the Vostro A840 laptop is ready to take on the rigors of your business day and keep you looking professional. Dell will also provide you with services and support you need to help you remain on your business – not on your technology.

Dell Vostro A840 is just right for your growing businesses. It’s affordable, reliable and worry-free.

Through its Philippine subsidiary DELL Philippines, it is set to be accessible and be able to provide services to all Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). And at this start of the year, DELL Philippines brings in good news with Dell Vostro A840 Bundling Promo. For every purchase of Dell Vostro A840, customer is entitled to (1) unit LG KP105.

LG KP105 is a bar phone with a colored monitor, FM radio capable, dual band and has a mobile tracker. Its suggested retail price is 1,999.00 pesos, but LG KP105 can be yours free when you buy Dell Vostro A840.

See flyers and posters for details.

You might want to know how to avail..
Promo Mechanics / Claiming Directions:

This promo is open to all buyers of Dell Vostro A840 laptops from January 15 – February 15, 2009 nationwide.

For every purchase of Dell Vostro A840, customer is entitled to one (1) unit of LG KP105 mobile phone.

To claim your free LG KP105 mobile phone, fax or email the following documents to First Tier Branding Solutions Inc.

Sales Invoice and Official Receipt
Cut out of the laptop’s serial number sticker found in the box
Valid ID (SSS, PRC, Driver’s license, Passport, etc.) and Contact Information

First Tier Brands contact information are as follows:

Tel Nos: (02) 856.2375 / (02) 383.1651
Mobile Phone: (0922) 836.5191
Fax No: (02) 856.2375
Email Address:
Address: Unit 1610 BSA Suites Carlos Palanca Street
Legaspi Village, Makati City

Note: A customer representative will contact the claimant/s on claiming instructions.

For Metro Manila customers, please claim your mobile phones at First Tier Brands office. For provincial claimants, First Tier Brands will send the item via courier service. Delivery charges will apply and will be shouldered by the claimant.

All claims must be received on or before April15, 2009. Redemption period is until May 15, 2009 only.

Unclaimed mobile phones will be forfeited in favor of Dell Asia Pacific – Philippine Representative Office SMB Group with prior approval from DTI.

In case of disputes, Dell Asia Pacific’s decision in concurrence with DTI shall be final and non-negotiable.

All employees of Dell Asia Pacific, participating dealers and other promo partners/third parties, including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity, are automatically disqualified from joining the promo.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 0067 Series OF 2009

Eraserheads concert The Final Set - PRESS CON coverage

And because that I failed to attend the press con, although that I got two access and many super thanks to Rox and Day, I almost cried after reading your online messages, I should have texted and instead of sending emails... hope I can get access more on the next Eheads thing.

and for the info about the March 7, 2009 The Eraserheads The Final Set concert

the venue will be in SM Mall of Asia
Concert tickets prices are P300, P1300, and P3000 pesos

Read more info below!

Video c/o by multimedia reporter Marjorie Gorospe

Photos are from

Just stay tuned here for the coverage, I'm now gearing up for the ultimate coverage for everyone.

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