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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The hunter is still hunting

The hunt is back again, and it means that I'm on a job hunting, yes! thats correct and the job searching just starting hours ago and for the first time in 8 years, I just updated my resume and happy to put in there that I'm a college graduate, yeah I graduated last 2007 and been stuck on freelance stuff since 2001 and haven't got a stable job. I might quit a little in organizing events, but might target only the bigger events, You might know what I'm referring to. I can still put some time on fixing marketing stuff and web jobs for the event.

So here I am, just sent my 1st hot and fresh resume to a company in Ortigas and Makati. Hopefully I can get a reply from them and I'm very excited to embrace the world of this so called full time day job haahaha.

the photo above is me roleplaying a Coca Cola endorser model ahahhaa. ( photo credits to

GI Joe movie - 32 sec clip from Superbowl commercial and character posters

now in HD Version

Check out the 10 seconds trailer that was shown on ET and this video now circulate around in YouTube. source came from here staygoldenponyboy

edited : i just replaced the video with the official 32 seconds commercial ad they used to play at the Superbowl

and we see a lot of Snake Eyes in action and some Cobra vipers jumping and dodging some missles.

and click more below to see the character posters of GI JOE the movie

edit 2 : now in HD version...

images lifted from SHH

Friday coffee madness with members at Starbucks Rockwell drive invited us members for a coffee appreciation and workshop at Starbucks Coffee in Rockwell drive, and me and Lace just arrived late and missed the intro and new coffee drinks that was prepared to all of us. The event is also a community meet up of members and glad that they included me in their list and here I am with Lace enjoying new cakes and coffee drinks at Starbucks.

The people of Starbucks just taught us on how to appreciate and drink a good coffee by just smelling it, also they introduced to us these new single origins that will be availalbe in all branches, just tasted coffee with beans of Sumatra, Colombia and Estima. And since Im a big coffee fan, I always never mind the taste of any kinds of coffee and I'm more on the drinking pleasure of it only, but I learned the importance of knowing the kinds of beans and how to brew it properly. I just read this hand out in how to prepare a good coffee using a coffee press, and glad that Lace's mom own a coffee press here at home, because I'm wondering that I should try grinding and brewing my own coffee and maybe I can have my own recipe. ( more below)

Starbucks introduced to us these cakes Creme Caramel Cheesecake, Honey Oat and Apple Loaf, and Chocolate Hazelnut Chantilly. These cakes were paired to a matching coffee and it taste more yummier than you expected. And I enjoy the taste of a cheesecake and Colombian coffee, take a sip of a coffee and eat a slice of cheesecake, you'll experience a heavenly taste after it. And coffee and cheesecake never fails me because I love it and best match for coffee. But over all, I like the Colombian coffee, it gives me the taste of a regular and bitter taste, which I need it for my taste buds. For the Sumatra coffee, its kinda tasteless for me, but others say that it is more tastier than other coffee origins, but at first I was thinking of "salabat" ahhaha, but I was wrong.

During the intro of coffees and cake, Zara of Rustans coffee corp. , who spearheaded the seminar with us, conducted 2 trivia game contest, and because that I'm very confused in answering their questions about guessing the coffee origin but determining its aroma, I failed to answer all of it and just copied Lace's answer ahhahaa.

It was a great night and we just survived a massive traffic jam on the way to Rockwell, but I'm glad that we have a great coffee night during the Friday madness. thanks to and Starbucks Coffee for inviting us. And oh..we took home also goodies.. and its really great to have my own Starbucks crystal mug at home, and the feeling of using it every morning with my coffee makes my morning really weird and my coffee tastes better hahahahaha.
more photos at
my photo coverage - community members meet up and Starbucks Coffee appreciation and workshop @ Rockwell Drive

Michelle's coverage - My First Spotter Meeting: Starbucks
Rowena - Starbucks Coffee Seminar
Lace - Starbucks' Coffee Appreciation Night

here are some videos from the event

1st trivia contest activity

Coffee and cake review with members

another trivia contest game activity....

Planet Venus visibilty on daylight of January 25, 2009 - onwards

I was watching the sky of Jan. 25th and I was waiting for the dramatic sunset, so minutes before the Sunset, I just saw this bright star above, I immediately take a pic of it and keep it in my archives.

then I didn't realized that it was the planet Venus.

last night Jan. 29th. our crescent moon and Venus has a conjuction
and I saw it last night while me and Lace were walking in the long road of Salcedo Village in Makati, I'm staring and it looks like that smiling figure last time, but today we have only one star above the crescent moon.

i forgot to check it out again if venus and moon are still in conjunction.
but will try my luck on the coming night time and will take a photo of it.

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more pics here at Planet Venus visibilty on daylight of January 25, 2009 - onwards

Friday, January 30, 2009

Starbucks Rockwell drive event with SPOT.PH community members

Great time with friends and community members of as we enjoy the coffee workshop,appreciation and taste event of new coffee and pastries. Just learned something about the kinds of coffee and how to taste good coffee while eating. They gave way prizes like a whole cake and coffee mixer to lucky goers. And we took home a Starbucks crystal mug,sandwhich and beans. Tnx to and starbucks.

Movie bloggers review of AUSTRALIA

photos by

"It's like "Gone with the Wind" meets "Out of Africa" meets "Pearl Harbor". Part western, part war movie and part epic romance,"

"Australia is such a wonderful country. I am now interested in learning more about their culture and people."

"The heritage, history and the mystical magic of the Aborigines. You can't pass it up if your into these types of movies."

"Australia is a departure from the hyper energized movies that Baz Lurhmann is known for."

"I feel sorry for the animals harmed here.When the Kangaroo was shot they were laughing,and my heart was mourning.I find it better than Love Me Again"
thanks everyone for attending the press screening of AUSTRALIA last week.
and see you all on Feb 3 for the Gran Torino press screening.

view the announcement here at

If you are interested to be part of the movie bloggers team
just visit my blog and sign up in our movie bloggers database

info sent will be used for sending our invitations for any movie related events

sign up here at

coverage : Komiks Presents- Flash Bomba press con @ Dolphy Theater

I was at the press conference of ABS CBN's new mini tv series of Komiks Presents : Flash Bomba, and believe me that I experienced a big goosebumps because all the origin and powers of Flash Bomba really adapted from the komiks done by Mars Ravelo and Nestor Maglapo. It was a great sight to see the Luis Manzano as Flash Bomba in costume and enjoyed listening to him while he answered all questions from the press and media. (Read more below)

Funny to hear that Flash Bomba is now being dubbed as the Superhero for all season, and because that Luis's mom is Vilma Santos as the Star for all season, Luis Manzano fit for the role and considered as part of a royal super hero family, because in the past movies, Vilma Santos as Darna and Luis's dad Edu Manzano play as Captain Barbell, all I can say is that they are Mars Ravelo babies. I just heard that the Flash Bomba series will be the last installment of the Komiks Present on TV, and heard in the future that they are now launching a original and 1st super hero team that we can label as the Justice League or Avengers of the Philippines, and they are called Sanlakas team. ( that's Lastikman, Kapitan Boom, Tiny Tony, Dragonna, Varga and Flash Bomba in one super team).
Komiks Presents : Flash Bomba will start on February 7, Luis Manzano is added in the roster of the Komiks Presents super heroes as the deformed superhero "Flash Bomba"

read more feature about Flash Bomba at
Mars Ravelo and Nestor Malgapo's Flash Bomba live action TV series

more pics at Komiks Presents : Flash Bomba press con @ Dolphy Theater

After starring in one of ABS-CBN’s top-rating shows, Dyosa, as Kulas, Luis Manzano will soon breathe life to an over the top superhero on Komiks Presents Mars Ravelo’s Flash Bomba soon to air on ABS-CBN.

Luis Manzano earned positive feedbacks in his portrayal of Kulas in Dyosa. As he topbills Komiks Presents, Luis is very much ready for the demands of his newest series.

“This is my first time to play lead role. Medyo pressured ng onti but it really helps when people around you are very supportive,” Luis shared.

Tagged as the “Superhero for all Seasons”, Flash Bomba stars Luis Manzano as the famed crime fighter who loves the spotlight, hence the Superhero for all seasons tag (plus the fact that Luis is the son of the Star for all Seasons Ms. Vilma Santos-Recto). Flash Bomba is the last of the Ravelo superheroes which also completes the much-anticipated Isang Lakas super team.

Under the direction of Dondon Santos, Luis breathes life to the character of Roldan Legazpi, a rich guy who thinks that he can do anything as long as he puts his mind into it. Despite his physical disability which he got when he encountered an accident while he was in a hunting trip, he managed to study martial arts and made time for body building to strengthen his upper body. And because of the physical training he underwent, he eventually learns to walk with his hands.

Other members of the cast include Roxanne Guinoo, Sid Lucero, Lito Pimentel, Nanette Inventor, Alan Paule, Empoy and Ms. Rio Locsin.

Flash Bomba has large hands and large feet, and you know what they say about men with large hands and feet...So play up your imagination because after the fiery Dragonna, comes Flash Bomba, soon on ABS-CBN.

For more updates, log on to or

Thursday, January 29, 2009

ABS-CBN new TV shows launching on February 2009

image from ABS-CBN

And because that I came from a press conference few days ago in ABS CBN,I'm now sharing you some new tv shows, series and mini series that will come out in the 1st week of February. It was a shocking revelation for me and found out that new and revamp shows just made it into prime time schedules and new morning shows. ( read more below)
May Bukas Pa will start on February 2, and its about Santino, a kid dubbed as the Miracle boy in their village, Santino will make you laugh and cry in this new tv series.

Ruffa and Ai will start on February 16. A new tv talk show in the morning hour and Ruffa Gutierrez and Ai Ai delas Alas will make our morning giddy and joyous in their new talk show on being fabolous and being a queen. The talk show will replace the morning timeslot of Boy and Kris show.

SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon will start on February 16. For the first time in the prime time schedule, the kind and queen of Talk show Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino has jumped into the prime time family and will host the new entertainment news right after TV Patrol
Florinda! will air on February 23, the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano will star as Florinda, the third installment of Sineserye Presents: The Susan Roces Cinema Collection.
and also let us now forget that Komiks Presents : Flash Bomba will start on February 7, Luis Manzano is added in the roster of the Komiks Presents super heroes as the deformed superhero "Flash Bomba"

Chocolate Appreciation 101 at Heavenly Chocolates

Heavenly Chocolates in Roces Ave, Q.C. just recently conducted a chocolate appreciation 101 and workshop to everyone, and its a free workshop about chocolates, know the wonders and the process of making chocolates, understand the types and the so called single origin chocolates. All of these are discussed and was shared by Benjamin Pedro of Heavenly Chocolates.

The workshop is conducted every month, and its a free workshop and chocolate tasting inside the choco cafe of Heavenly Chocolates. I remember that during my elementary days, we have this tree in our province behind the pig pen, and I didn't have the idea that it was a cacao tree, and the cacao tree produces this free, and the seeds is the main origin of our chocolates.(read more below)
There are process in making chocolates, and some choco manufacturers sometimes forgot or skip one important step that makes the chocolate more tastier and original. The fermentation of the cacao seed is one of the most important part of the process, but to others they just skip it and proceed into the pre-refining process.

In the tasting section of the workshop, I tried the Peru origin of chocolate and it tastes okay, but I love more on the Madagascar origin chocolate and it tastes like our Cadburry chocolate, the Ganash and Nama chocolate is one of the best seller in flavors of bitter sweet, strawberry, with champagne and rhum, and needs to be refrigerated properly, but when you swallow it, the chocolate will disentegrates immediately inside your mouth and you'll get an after taste that makes it very heavenly.

Chocolates are good anti-oxidants to body, others some say that the chocolates are aphrodisiacs, but for me its just a psychological effect that every time we eat choco., we will kinda feel a little hahaha. Chocolates has less sugar, and its perfect for those who are into diet.
And did you know that in early times, during the Mayans, they used chocolates as their currency, or it is some kind of their money in their years. So after the Spaniards came to their land, they traded stuff and chocolates, and this made history that chocolates spread through out the time and history of man.

i love chocolates! wow!

there will be upcoming workshops in the coming months.
so I suggest you guys visit the store and try their menu. Im now planning to visit the store next week and try this famous Chocolate Pasta.

Heavenly Chocolates at Roces Centre, 127 Roces Avenue, Quezon City.

more photos in my album at Chocolate Appreciation 101 at Heavenly Chocolates

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