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Monday, August 31, 2009

SM City Manila - Blogggers Wifi Party @ Food Court

SM City Manila Bloggers wifi party
[created this blog entry during the event]
We're having a wifi event here in SM City Manila with my fellow bloggers and food fans, the center of Manila is the perfect place to go during the holidays, and SM City Manila Food Court is the good place to celebrate our National Heroes Day.

The entire mall is now equipped with full wifi internet access to everyone, you can jack in your wifi enabled devices anytime, anywhere with in the mall premises. I'm an active visitor of SM City Manila during my college days and it is now rapidly changing and the Food court level just renovated last July 2008 and serving the customers with 10 food stalls namely...... (more)

1. Lydias Lechon
2. Sizzling Plate
3. Chicken Company
4. Wok Yan
5. Kamay Kainan
6. Pinoy Toppings
7.Seafood Grill
8. Bodhi
9. Ilonggo Grill
10. Tropical Hut

the wifi event in all SM Malls are now creating a lot of buzz and thanks to our blogger friends who are here to use the free wifi to blog and update our website and the word of mouth in having an awareness and promoting SM Manila and Food Court are easy to reach our friends in the cyberspace. Even if you have different kinds of laptop or mobile phones, can connect easily in the wifi area in SM Manila Food Court. Dining and getting your food even when you are on the go are easy and no hassle. You can surf the web while you eat your favorite meal or drink.

We received food stubs in order for us to enjoy more of the wifi party. Some of us got food stubs from the 10 tenants here in the food court. Mark Santos meal shared to us this big stuffed squid by Wok Yan. I told him that this is my favorite meal whenever I'm at the SM Food Court, and yes this giant squid can be found only in Wok Yan at all SM food court.Lace's meal is from Bodhi, a combination of meat veggies and curry veggies. A very healthy meal to all veggies people and for those who are in their diet. Bodhi serves all veggies food and be found in SM food court.

And my food - Pork Sizzling steak. its been ages that i haven't tried any Sizzling Plate meal, and this is my first time once again in 5 years to eat a Sizzling Plate meal and thanks to SM Manila for satisfying my taste buds, because I enjoyed a great sizzling meal and will dine on the next visit. There's something yummy on those gravy.

The food court level in SM Manila revamped into a classy and fast casual dining venue for mall goers. The white blend walls, chairs and flooring gives a relaxing ambiance and a friendly place to mall goers. A drinking station is located in the middle, a trash bin near by, and a large NON SMOKING SIGN is visible in the area. I'm very great that the venue is already clean and security guards are roaming the area. A good place to chillax and as well..being safe and secured.

more photos in my album at SM City Manila - Blogggers Wifi Party @ Food Court

This is the speedtest result of the wifi internet here in SM Manila Food Court, the ideal speed is perfect for download users like me, i have tested the speed and I'm very satisfied. Just downloaded a 40mb file in just 6 minutes. That was fast!

The bloggers
P8302380 P8302384

P8302416 P8302434

P8302437 P8302475

P8302471 SM City Manila Bloggers wifi party

SM City Manila Bloggers wifi party

P8302391 P8302388

P8302373 P8302368

The wifi event
P8302470 P8302466


P8302418 P8302412

P8302409 P8302395






Marvel Comics in your Sony PSP

artwork by Greg Horn

I'm not sure if I will be excited or not when I read here that Sony PSP and Marvel Comics in a mighty team up to produce and digitize comics for you Sony PSP. November is the target of the launch and make sure your Sony PSP is ready to download that special Ebook reader and a good firmware update will help it. I don't know how big and large the files for the ecomics, this might be the new and 1st comics innovation after putting comics in the web. But I remember that people in Japan use their Sony PSP in downloading and reading Mangas.

Hope that the animated comics will be available for free in Sony PSP.

Project Mary Grace production note 3

Attached are the sketches for the characters for *********
Kung ano mapili yun nalang kukulayan ko.. Hehe.. Pa-suggest na rin po ng colors to use... :D

I started working on the designs and images to brand the event, and thanks for our friendly artist in helping me doing the concept art and design for the brand characters of the event. I immediately forwarded the designs to the officials and then after some days... it got a semi-approved comment

The modern designs are simpler and easier to identify with.
When can we see your proposal for the ********* events?

hmmm.. looks like I will approve it too and get a final touch and colored version for the designs. I got phone call yesterday and talked to one of the events person of the company and I apologizes for not reaching them the other day, because I got stuck in a rock concert and its hard to answer a phone call in front of the stage with a rock band performing live music. I finally gave words that my concept paper and proposal will be delivered today. And my first task is to retrieve my old files to look for that old contract and concept paper. I must upgrade the concept and see the errors from last year.

Power up!! September 2009 will be fun!

Duster x 6cyclemind @ SM City Bacoor

duster 6cyclemind
Its a double treat gig this Sunday afternoon as we watched 2 great bands performing in one venue. SM Bacoor and Sony Music brings Duster to play and introduce to us their album "Sweetheart Snackbar", and performed some of their songs from the album like Gucci gang and Housebroken. Everyone is shouting "parang hipon and adekkk! during their performance. Also I got stunned when Katwo (vocalist of Duster) saw me in the audience area and greeted me, saying hi and hello then told her I'm there doing some blogging stuff hehhehe.

Great music comes in the way during Duster and then the main show of the event is 6cyclemind promoting their album and also having a mall album tour. The new album Project 6cyclemind is composed of 12 tracks with original songs and cover songs like Eraserhead's "Alapaap". I love the act when they performed cover songs and band versions of Lady Gaga's Poker face and the king of Pop's Billie Jean. The album is sold for only P285. wow! CD is now going lower..thats good.
more photos and story below

more photos in my album at Duster @ SM City Bacoor
and 6cyclemind @ SM City Bacoor ( Project 6 album tour)

duster duster

duster duster

duster duster


6cyclemind 6cyclemind

6cyclemind 6cyclemind

6cyclemind 6cyclemind


SM City Bacoor Wifi and Food event x Cavite bloggers meet up

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event
It was a fun and I think the first meet up activity for Cavite bloggers at the SM City Bacoor wifi and food event at the Food Court area. And its another event hit for us, because its a super food fest and SM Food Court treated us with lots of meals, snacks and heavy foods to fill our hungry stomach while we enjoy the free Wifi internet service. The wifi connection is still fast and never fails, and I think the main wifi signal revolves in the lower level and the Food Court is the best hang out place if you want to surf the internet, check your email and even post a message in your twitter or plurk.

Me, Chris, Lace and Liza, together with new blogger friends (mostly are fresh bloggers), all from Cavite, just finished a blogging activity, food tasting and even burping! hahahaha. Thanks to SM Food Court for bringing us Cavite bloggers in one place, and I think this is the first and hope we can have more blogger meet ups.

The SM Food Court is growing and I like the new set up and fixtures today, and they started only with 6 tenants, and then as time goes by they now have 29 tenants and visited by 20,000 customers during weekends and around 10,000 customers during weekdays. The Food Court area in all SM malls never dies and still one of the best seller to mall goers, its affordable and its easy to get your food whenever you're on the go.

The event ended in a raffle draw and blogging contest. Bloggers took home gadgets, GCs, bottle of Coke and Pepsi, Scholarship certificates, and more GCs. Lace got lucky for winning a cellphone and a Creative webcam, Chris got a coffee from Liven, while yours truly took home a Liven coffee, a bottle of Pepsi and a full stomach with smiling face. (more story below)

The food tenants who feeds us with great foods are:
1. Shawarma
2. Smokin Hot
3. Isda
4. Kusina ni Gracia
5. Kamay Kainan
6. Lydia's Lechon
7. Inihaw Express
8. Baliwag Lechon
9. Seafood Grill
10. Pinoy Toppings
11. Hen Lin
12. Goto King
13. and event sponsor Liven Coffee

Thanks to Catherine of SM Bacoor, Stephen of SM Food court, and their staff and crew for accommodating us and feeding us hahahaa, see you all tomorrow in SM Manila wifi event.

more photo coverage in my album at SM City Bacoor Wifi and Food event

The bloggers
SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event

The Wifi event

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event

and the mouth watering Foods!!

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event
Sweet and Sour Meatballs ( Oriental Bowl)
I'm a big meatballs fan, and I tried this first and I love it.

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event
Mixed Seafoods (ISDA)
also I'm a seafood fan! haahaha. this is the best food ever for the day. I love the sauce and the tasty meat of oyster, clam, squid and fish in tomato and chili sauce.

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event
Caldereta (Kamay Kainan)

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event
Fish Fillet

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event
Lydia's Lechon
nothing beats a good lechon in every meal.

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event
Dimsum and noodles (Hen Lin)
I give a perfect 10 for the noodles! I know that the noodles are really hand made and freshly cooked.

SM City Bacoor Wifi Food event
Tapsilog (Pinoy Toppings)
the best tapsi in food court! Sinanggag rice never fails me.
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