Neil Gaiman in Manila 2010 year 3 (press con coverage)

thanks to Mark Cerbo for covering this event for me while I am away out of the island. Neil Gaiman meets the media and bloggers yesterday in a press con event at Rockwell. He discusses the of the contest and the Philippine Graphic and Fiction Awards he created with Jaime Daez of Fully Booked, he is still amazed on Filipino fiction and for the 3rd year of the event, they added short film as a new category of the contest. It is his 3rd time to visit here and at the presscon he shared his experience about the wall of sound by the fans and the sweets of choconut bar.

"Be true to your dreams. The world s very small now and the playing field is very flat."

"I think it's showing that the Philippines can produce writers, comics creators and now short filmmakers as adept and creative as anyone anywhere in the world.

Book Signing  will be today at 4PM at North Court, Power Plant Mall.

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