3rd Philippine Graphic and Fiction Awards photo coverage part 2

here are my photo coverage of the awarding event. Congratulations to all winners!
after the awards night, they raffle the names of all audience in the venue and 150 people got lucky to be picked up and got a chance to meet Neil Gaiman in person and also have their books signed, plus if you get a hug and kiss too (if you are a female hehehe) thanks again Neil for coming here!

IMG_8842 IMG_8844
I observed that most of the audience are young and new fans. Where are the old fans?! hhahha. Ok ok, I get it, the event happened a weekday. see you all later at 4pm for the main book signing event

more photos below
thanks for Mark Cerbo for lending his digital camera, My Olmypus dslr's battery died minutes after the awarding.

IMG_8749 IMG_8790

IMG_8796 IMG_8798

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