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Sunday, March 07, 2010

SM Supercenter Molino - wifi and food bloggers event (field report)

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It's my 2nd time here in SM Supercenter Molino, and the last time I visited was last 2005 after it was opened to the public. We did our groceries here and also checked what's in it and saw that the structure of the mall is unique from other SM malls.

SM Supercenter Molino opened on November 18, 2005. It was built in the middle of 4 SM Supermalls - Bacoor, Dasma, Sta. Rosa, and Southmall. Market is composed of family, college students, and market goers. They have 3 operational food stalls - Sizzling Plate, Inihaw Express, Chansel pizzahouse, and 7 food carts located at the SM Food court. (read more below my feature)
this post just won 1st place in a blogging contest hahaha..tnx guys

They invited us bloggers to make a brand awareness for them  and by trying out their free wifi which have a fast wifi connection. We will also going to try out their food and write a review of it, I'm going to try some and recommended their best food here in SM Molino.
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There are many store add ons already and the SM Foodcourt is located on the 2nd floor and looks newly opened.

Below are my food feature and also food concessionaires at SM Supercenter Molino Food Court
Sizzling Plate
I have tried this since when I was in high school,and it is one of the most popular food stalls in all SM food court, they offer sizzling chicken, pork steak, tenderloin, t-bone and porter house steaks. They also have fish. chicken and veggies for all those who are health concious.

Inihaw Express
when it comes the word inihaw, my mind cross between meat and seafood, combo meals are topped with old time fave like itlog na maalat and kamatis, it was like dining in an outing.

Chansel Pizza Haus
This is new for me and it looks like home style pizza, I love homestyle pizza, they are much different from pizza houses that are sold commercially. They have chessy pizza and sweet pastas which is part of their combo meal.

for other food carts they have

Turk's shawarma
Dunkin Donuts
Chef Chow's Shabu Shabu Express
Miguelito's Ice Cream

Here's a yummy Chuckwagon  meal from Sizzling Plate, actually this my favorite choices whenever I'm going to eat at Sizzling Plate, the burgersteak is soft and the sauce is creamy,  I know this is also one of their best sellers. Chuckwagon is priced at Php67.

I'm new to this Chansel Pizza, but as I said earlier, all home based style pizza is always the best ever pizza.Their crust and toppings are much more plenty than commercialized pizzas, but this is homestyle pizza and have its own identity here at Chansel Pizza Hauz, All meat toppings is priced Php122.

Assorted donuts at Dunkin Donuts, no need for introductions, its the only donuts in the Philippines that we grew with it. And I heard they are evolving now, 1 Dozen box of donuts is priced at Php 120.

I first tried this shabu shabu fast food style at SM Bacoor, and it was amazing that they can bring a fast food style and it will never take you go to any restaurants and fine dining place just to try a Shabu Shabu set meal. But here in SM Supercenter Molino food court, they have Chef Chow's Shabu Shabu express, take it home or dine it here, with different kind of shabu shabu ingredients from fishballs, to kani crab meat, and different kinds of seafood meatballs with noodles and soup. Crab meat w/ noodles is priced at Php28, while Dumbel w/ noodles is priced at Php42 and Meat balls with noodles at Php 38.

Inihaw Express ever loving meal like the Inihaw na Tilapia that is priced at Php78, is one of the most ordered grilled fish in Inihaw Express. I can tell that because whenever I order it in other branches, this is the most sold out meal especially during weekends.

Also my favorite seafood meal is the Jumbo stuffed squid at Inihaw Express, the conventional style that they cooked is much more different, the squid is not that hard and they maintained the softness of the squid's meat after grilling it. Stuffed squid is priced at Php 89.
Turks Shawarma is a new partner in some SM foodcourt branches, when I first tried this at SM Manila, I can tell the difference of their shawarma to other stores. With  lots of beef meat and veggies and the style they present the shawarma to us is like a pizza platter, they cut the pita bread in pieces and added the ingredients and used a toothpick to hold each pita bread and its meat toppings. It is the brilliant style of shawarma I ever seen compared to the old style we know. You can eat this shawarma without messing your hands. Beef Shawarma is priced at Php35 for small and Php45 for big size.

Best meal ever whenever I visit the food court, here at the food court they seems to impressed me again. I also heard that this is the real style of takoyaki that is being cooked in Osaka. A lot more bigger and with more veggies and seafood in it. priced at Php 25 for 3 pcs of balls.

yummy di ba?

Miguelito's Ice cream is here now at SM Supercenter Molino Food court, the little ice cream top with marshmallows and choco hot fudge is priced at Php 10. It's cheap di ba? kids will love this and also couples who loves to share ice cream in a cup.

This section caught my eye, and I like to promote it as well here in my blog, breastfeeding station is very important for us mall goers and also it will benefit moms and babies. This is located at the Food court level here in SM Supercenter Molino.
SM Supercenter Molino, Barangay Molino IV, Bacoor, Cavite
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