TOY NEWS : Unleash your imagination with Jollibee Kids Meal’s new blockbuster toys : Johnny Test and Carp Captor Sakura

Jollibee brings cartoon action to life with the Johnny Test and Card Captor Sakura toy collectibles that come with every Jollibee Kids Meal.

Join Sakura in her quest to capture her magical cards with the Card Captor Sakura Gifts of Magic.

Featuring Kero, Sakura’s faithful adviser and the guardian of the magical cards, the Kero Magic Note Roll lets little girls have fun writing notes and secret letters. Take it with you wherever you go and watch Kero spin around as he reveals his magical sheets.

Girls can also glam themselves up with dazzling temporary tattoos using the colorful images and patterns of Mystic Tattoo Tape. Just don’t forget to ask for help cutting the tattoo strip!

Little boys who can’t get enough of Johnny Test’s out-of-this-world adventures and experiments will surely have a blast with the Johnny Test Amazing Chasers.

For some fast-paced heroics, there’s the Bobble Speed Kart that launches Johnny into action. Push the launcher trigger to see Johnny zoom out in blazing speeds. You can even push his head to make it bobble.

Start your own fun adventures with cool gadgets just like Johnny Test. Just strap the Flywheel Spinner on your wrist, press the launcher buttons and see your propeller spin away.

Watch Johnny Test glide with the Rocket Glider. Just slide the Glider over the launcher pad, and pull it back until it locks. A simple squeeze of the trigger launches Johnny into the air!

Start new and amazing quests together with your favorite cartoon heroes with the coolest toy collectibles only from Jollibee! Hurry to your nearest Jollibee store now and purchase any Jollibee Kids Meal for only P71 to P97 and collect all the amazing gadgets and magical toys. Available from June 1 to 30 only.