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Thursday, September 02, 2010

TECH: Apple announces new iPod shuffle, iPod nano with touch screen, iPod Touch dual camera, iOS 4.2, Airplay, Ping and many more

apple 4
I didn't expected that they will have a press con today and I just saw Steve Job's glowing face from their press con today and I prayed for a faster internet connection to watch their press con in live video stream. Steve looks more excited and he presented to us their new products and cool upgrades in their Apple line up. I'm going to list here some great news and time to update your Christmas wishlist, because all of these new ipods will be available next week in the USA.

Steve Jobs showed up on stage after that Beatles music on the background and tells everyone - ""we got really good stuff to show""

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apple 3
He showed first their 10 concept stores in different countries and he mentioned that will have a store in Paris and also opening the 2nd store in Shanghai, China. He showed the style and concept look of the store and it was amazing, its like a techy museum store. Also lets not forget some updates about their Bug fixes.

apple 4
After that he introduces the iOS4 that will be available next week and he introduces the HDR capability for the iPhone using the iOS4. Users can now use the app and convert images into HDR photos , combining 3 kinds of photos with different exposure level to create a much more detailed photo with balances of bright and dark. He showed samples and for my observation that was just 1 photo and converted into HDR, In photography, I know the images needed to taken 3 times, but sometimes it works better in one photo only and converted later on with Photoshop.

apple 8
The Game Center is the new hub for games for your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can now play multi player games and battle head to head with your friends, and this game requires always a multi player partner and if your friend refuses to play with you, it will being an auto search and auto match with other people.You can compare scores with your friends and compete for the top ranking.

apple 10
apple 11
apple 13
Then he showed a little tour and teaser for the iOS 4.2, wow! that was fast and after introducing iOS4 now comes its upgraded version. He showed the iPad that it can print wireless to another printing device and it shows a simple printing in a tap of the screen. Airplay was also introduced were you can stream photos, music and photos to other device, you can now do multi task stuff in your iPad while listening to music. iOS 4.2 will be available on November 2010.

and most interesting part of the press con is the introduction of the new series of iPods, Steve showed the old and new version of iPods and he said "every year, we try to improve our ipod and this year we gone wild....because we have new ipods, and all new ipods for every single model of ipods, really exciting and the biggest change of ipod line ever"

apple 15
iPod shuffle 4th generation
It is a combination of the 2nd and 3rd generation adding the new features from the 3rd gen like the voice overs commands. It will be much more easy to use and it has a clip at the back. The new iPod shuffle has a 15 hours of battery life and it will be sold for around $49.

apple 17
apple 18


iPod Nano 6th generation
They removed the click wheel and the new iPod Nano becomes so smaller and has no buttons in it. It has now a multi touch display and users can operate it by tapping or sliding their fingers on the screen. It has a 24 hours of battery life. It is a lot more lighter and has FM radio. Now in 4GB and 8GB.Perfect use for jogging or running,because it has a built in pedometer app.

iPod Touch 4th generation
There are a lot of upgrades here and the most juicy part is that it has 2 cameras in it, one in the rear and one in the front, the body of the iPod Touch is much more thinner or slim than the old versions.

It runs on iOs4 and you can play games too with the Game Center, and Steve Jobs mentioned that the iPod Touch is the number 1 game player in the US and it outsells the Nintendo and Sony combined.( I wonder what Nintendo and Sony's reaction about this). The front camera is much low res and it can do face time, while the rear camera can take great quality pics and HD videos..and it will be available next week. The Face time will now enable users to communicate each other via wifi and it acts just like a video conference call.

apple ping
iTunes 10
There are some updates about iTunes and most interesting part is that it comes now with its own social networking site for music called "Ping". Apple loves music and now they created a social networking site where you can follow and be updated on what kind of music your friend is into and be updated with your favorite artist. It is like Twitter and Facebook combined and this social site can play music too, a great ground for searching for new music. Ping is not available in our PC, it is exclusively available in iPod Touch and iPhones.

After this, Steve introduces the new Apple TV and the use of Airplay with an iPad and Apple TV, which you can stream a video from the iPad going to the Apple TV, and after the talk, Coldplay performed on stage and everyone wraps up after 3 songs. It was an awesome press con and I'm glad that I got updated on the latest tech from Apple.


iPod nano 6th gen

iPod Touch 4th gen

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