Trying this micromoisture technology of Dove Men+Care in my body

Dove Men+Care sent some stuff here at home for me to try it. I'm surprised that there's a Dove products for men. It took me months to try it and write a feature here, because I enjoy so much their Dove Men+Care bar soap.

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It's a personal choice for me to hand picked Dove products for my body, I recommended to the people who live here in the house to use it because it is mild to our skin and has moisturizer. I told them that it was recommended by my skin doctor years ago after my skin was badly damaged by the heat of the sun, and my skin doctor told me to use Dove to cure it and my skin became so sensitive and must avoid other soap that makes my skin dry.

Then few days ago, me and Ash went to see his doctor, we showed the skin rashes from Ash's back and then his doctor told us to stop using those baby shampoo and soaps that has fragrance or with perfume like smell, then his doctor recommended to replace all Ash's bathing stuff and use Dove white bar soap, because Ash's body needs a mild soap with moisturizer to cure and control the rashes in his back.

Its a funny moment to hear that and I just remembered my skin doctor 15 years ago, and then another choice to stick with Dove is to use their products for men, I'm glad that they have it after so many years of using it, now my friends and other family won't tease me that I use girly bathing products hehehe.

Dove Men+Care antiperspirant deodorant and body and face bar

Dove releases their skin and body products for men, its a long wait for me and finally they did it right this time to create a Dove product for men. I'm still amaze after seeing that Dove chocolate bar,and now here's the Dove Men+Care. I don't know why they include +Care but all I know is that their new line has the micromoisture technology that has an ultra light formula that can deliver refreshment with a cooling agent and then rinses off easily. The Dove Men+Care soap is different from a Dove regular soap, as everyone complains that the regular Dove soap is hard to rinse because of the moisturizer, but here the Dove Men+Care bar soap is easy to remove and has a cool feeling and smell of a real men!

Dove Men+Care has 3 kinds
- Clean Comfort - mild formula with subtle clean crisp scent
- Extra Fresh - with cooling agent and an invigorating scend
- Deep Clean - with purifying grains and a classic scent

for me, I like the Extra Fresh for my bar soap.

Dove Men+Care bar soap packaging front

Dove Men+Care bar soap packaging back

me taking a bath using the Dove Men+Care bar soap. Its like in the Dove regular that has an embossed logo of Dove, but here they have an embossed logo of Men+Care.

a canister of Dove Men+Care antiperspirant deodorant

It says that you can have 24 hour protection, and it has a 1/4 moisturizing cream to help guard against skin discomfort and irritation. It's my first time to use a deodorant that has moisturizer for my underarm.

I conducted a spray test and use it for my body. The powdery spray effect is so thick, and it fly all over in our room. So after my first test, I used it again on the other day and spray it quickly in my underarm. Too much spray will cloud your room due to its powdery like spray, this might be the mositurizing agent in the deodorant.

For the price ranges, I noticed that the Dove Men+Care is a bit expensive than the regular, but its okay, because the product is much heavier and compact compare to the regular version.

Dove Bar - size 100g @ P40
Dove Men Bar - size 120g @ P60

I'm happy that Dove Men+Care is here for us men, and now its time for me to switch and use one, but before that, I have to finish using all those Dove regular soaps that is in stock here at home.

What do you think of this Dove Men+Care ? have you tried one?
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