Sucker Punch movie review by a sucker blogger

I didn't read too much information about this Sucker Punch movie, all I know is that its a movie with girls carrying big guns and swords, and there's a dragon and lots of shooting action. I saw the trailer and I avoid too much info coming in my way, I waited for the movie to be released and see it first and mind boggled me after it. But after all the trailers, press releases, photos and production notes of the film being sent to us... all I can say is that the main story is well hidden and I'm surprised that there's magic in this film.
Zach Snyder's Sucker Punch is a complete failure to me, because I got hypnotized by Baby Doll and other sexy outfits of the characters, I just ohh wait! I didn't saw that, but then...I want to see Baby Doll do a dance and I want to get that Blu Ray DVD with interaction that will be released soon (as Zach Snyder said that it will be released), I wonder what kind of interaction that will be...could be 3D glasses? hmmm

I watched the film last night at a press screening in an IMAX Theater in SM Mall of Asia, I thought that the movie will be in Digital 3D with the glasses, but I'm surprised to see that the movie ticket guy didn't gave any glasses, so I became curious and happy that the movie will not be ruined by any 3D digital enhancement, I think this will rock, because I'll focus more on the story and not on the special effects. I advice that if you're going to watch this film, you need to remove yourself as a movie critic and focus more on the story of the film, I noticed that there are lots of Zach Snyder elements showed on the film, most of the elements are from 300 and Watchmen, I just can't remove that from my mind and looks like that the film patterns with other Snyder's trademark, but that's okay.. I love the film and the awesome soundtrack.

Here are some of my top 10 notes about the film

1. Watch it in a nice movie theater with a nice and big screen an awesome audio system, the effects will come to life if you watch it in a big screen, try IMAX

2. If you are familiar with an anime film, you will get reminded right away, I feel like there's an ANIMATRIX elements in this movie, if you know Matrix and some anime film like Akira or BLOOD, then you will enjoy this and I brand this as a live action anime film

3. There are short films floating at youtube, these are prologues of the film and they are free to watch it. If you watch this, you'll understand the story in between those fantasy projection by Baby Doll - watch -> Dragons, Trenches, and Distant Planet

4. I love Sweet Pea! (Abbie Cornish) among the girls, she's the bad ass one for me.. I like Baby Doll, as she do the action stunts and fights, but I like Sweet Pea more, I like girls with a strong personality and bad ass tiger eyes look..rawrrrr!

5. We can call it also a music video the movie

6. After watching this, I want to see Snyder direct a film about dragons and some fantasy films, I think this film is a big portfolio for him with lots of genres. anime-fantasy-war-sci fi-drama

7. They used too much soundtrack on this movie, but its okay, the soundtrack are sync well in different scenes.

8. I love the first scene of Baby Doll vs. giant kabuto warriors

9. A visually beautiful movie that embedded with a heavy emotion with lots of questionable conclusion.

10. Emily Browning is hot as Baby Doll
for my movie rating!!!
3 out of 5 dancing bananas!

as an anime fan
I give it a 4 dancing bananas