Flock browser will end this April 26

Here’s another end of service drama that hits all Flock browser user, and yes.. I’m one of them. This browser was introduced to me by my sis and after install it, I used it again after 4 months, because of my busy schedule and I forgot to use it and try it and misses a lot of the browser’s feature in cross posting status infos to 2 different social network like Twitter and Facebook, I can even monitor all status updates in real time by looking at the right side bar of my Flock browser..(more story below)

But then, Flock announced that they will stop updating and give support of service this coming April 26, the browser was bought by another company and looks like that all terms and services has been passed to this company. Oh well..another end of service drama… I’m now converting myself to Rockmelt browser. Even that the Flock browser died, but the technology behind it and as the supreme leader as a social media browser,might relaunch soon under Zynga and might use their Flock’s tech for their social media games.

For me, Flock is the best browser with social network monitoring and posting features.

Here’s a last look to my Flock browser

Here’s their email last week to all users

Flock Official End of Support Notice

Support for Flock browsers will be discontinued as of April 26th, 2011. We would like to thank our loyal users around the world for their support, and we encourage the Flock community to migrate in the coming weeks to one of the recommended web browsers listed below.
Our Recommendations

Since no further security updates will be provided to keep you safe on the web, we encourage all Flock users to upgrade to either Chrome or Firefox. Both are based on the same reliable technologies as Flock, and both are being actively maintained and improved. Also, each of these browsers has a broad selection of add-ons and extensions to customize and extend their capabilities.

For more information (including notes on how to migrate to other browsers), please see our FAQ.


The Flock Team