The extra charge in your credit card online app

Anyone here uses their credit card ?

Using your credit card is hassle free and its very convenient to use when shopping or going around the city. No longer do you need to stuff your man wallet with bills (like old folks do), all we need is a “swipe” or for my wife, she calls it “magical cards”, Because it contains money that we can borrow from a bank and use it to pay some bills of the food we eat in a restaurant, treat our friends in a meal, buy clothes from a store, book a hotel and even buy an airplane ticket. I’ve seen some horrors before about the problems of some people who use their cards in purchasing and buy some items, and the horror starts when they see the bank's statement and the amount of money that they should pay back. Others don't have any knowledge about credit cards and all I can hear is that they were automatically registered by their bank.. that's a weird gimik.

But in my case, I’m a little allergic to credit cards (and also to banks), I don’t even use one and I’m happy to use my on hand cash every time I go out, but I only use my BDO ATM and also got this China Trust debit card, but managing it with my bank is kinda hassle for my side with my busy schedules for my work (and I hate standing in a long line). But Then I realized that I needed one already due to that I’m going to travel outside the country and I’m sure credit cards are helpful and good companion when I’m away from my country and from my bank, I can use it in case of emergency and use it if ever I want to purchase something on the other side of the world. My sister will help me get that HSBC credit card, its a some sort of extension and I’ll just let her fix it and wait for some papers for me to sign in, it will be a brand new world for me if ever I own a credit card and reserve a time for me to pay a visit to my bank just to pay the credit card bills.

Its a great habit for credit card users to pay their credit card bill on time, because if we skipped paying the credit card bills, the amount of the finance charges/interest will be added and it will continue to increase. This is the time when credit cards become a financial burden. I also learned that from other people, I got scared in using a credit card, but I’m glad that there are tips online and blogs to read about how to save money and organize ourselves and how to use credit cards properly.

From the online networks I have and blogs to surf, I stumbled this cool credit card finance charge simulator and generator online, check : .

I learned from this site about paying my bills on time, I think I’m ready to own a credit card now.
After trying the site, Its funny, that you can calculate how much money you spent and a computation on the finance charge being given by our local banks, its kinda weird that I want to know a finance charge given by the bank that holds our card, but the bank is not listed. You can try it for free and see what's behind those magical cards and the extra charges given after the swipe. But for others just dont care about these finance charges, but I do know that we have this automatically updated on our bills whenever we use our credit cards.

what are your thoughts about credit cards? any sci fi story that you can share (or a horror story LOL) about these magical cards?