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Thursday, September 13, 2012

iPhone 5 end of rumors and leak tonight (launch event today in San Francisco )

(rumor and concept photo via latimes)

This Sept 12, 2012 is the official launch and unveiling of Apple's next generation mobile devices and one of the most popular item to be launched today is the iPhone 5 which they say that there will have more changes and add ons and also there are rumors about the iPad mini tablet and several others for the next generation iPod. I'm not sure what will be the next big thing for the iPhone 5, I don't have the interest in the past about these phones, but I need to be updated because it will help me to select what kind of mobile devices is perfect for me and also help people by recommending.

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Few months ago, I found myself scouting for an iPhone 3G, I decided that I should give Apple a chance to be added in my digital life, but then I accidentally acquired the new iPhone 4s and thanks  to SMART for that, because I won that from a lucky pick raffle game, My life changed in an instant because all the things that I need to do whenever I'm away from my laptop was accomplished perfectly and smoothly with this small iPhone 4s. I'm sad that my old Samsung S1 Android phone sleeps inside my bag along with the Nokia C3, yes I now have 3 phones with me and all of them can't be inserted in one pocket.

When I decided to make my iPhone 4s as my primary phone and also using SMART's Freedom plan which is a perfect post paid subscription for people like me don't spend too much on data and sms plans. Now that the iPhone 5 will be revealed tonight, I got excited and have more interest to know more the new tech of Apple.  I finally understand that many iPhone users complain on to something and having a big upgrade and change will definitely kick out Samsung S3 Android phone. Today, its one of the best smart phone in the planet, Samsung S3 changed the game here and now Apple is in the hot seat to give a big show off that they are still the best smart phone brand and the only tech brand that started this trend.

Apple changed our lives and now its time to follow and see and embrace the future.

I'm searching for a good coverage, and there's no live video feed of the keynote and launch event, but I'm glad that the best tech blogs are prepared and now throwing their own updates via live blog and podcast. You can start the coverage from a list provided by Huffingtonpost --

I'm watching the updates here at

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and also listening to

Myself as a late adapter and user of iPhone, I have lots of expectations based from the rumors that circulated, and thanks to Samsung and other brands that they opened up a free suggestion to people as they give the best features and tech that is only available to Android OS and their device.

Here are some upgrades that we should expect for the iPhone 5
1. Bigger screen
2. Thin body
3. Smaller charger slot
4. New UI and I hope you can do custom settings with the UI (like in Android)
5. LTE ready
6. NFC - they say that NFC won't be available for the iPhone 5 accdg to some rumors, but I know that Apple will work on something that will stay exclusive to Apple similar to NFC
7. New earphones
8. Long battery life

I'm a new user, and I'm not yet familiar with other important features, but if you follow the rumors and lots of leaks, you'll agree that Apple should upgrade more and leave the old iPhone design to obsolete.

Okay, the launch event will start after 30 minutes,  you can watch the recorded keynote after a few hours and after the end of the event. Just go to --

Check out also our local tech blogs as they will give also their comments and also feature of  Apple's new devices for 2012.
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